It seems to me that you are assuming quite a bit of improvement on PSU's OL with less improvement on UM's OL. Penn State dropped its home opener to Ohio State, falling to 0-2 on the season. - Bob Shoop. They were as close to a ten win team as they were to a 4 win team. If Johnson is 100% healthy I'd probably rate the run games pretty equal. It also doesn't mean PSU is a powerhouse but right now PSU and UM are essentially peers in terms of football level.

Great write up, by the way. A defense led by Anthont Zettel and Mike Hull was generally excellent despite the inept offense, and the kicking game was solid with Sam Ficken 24/29 in FGs incl 8/9 from 40-49 yards out. James Franklin's second recruiting class got out of the gate early with seven highly touted commits last February and hasn't slowed down since. I think this game will be much the same as last year. Stands at 6-4, 212 pounds with the combination of size, speed and strength to develop into an imposing wideout at the next level. Meet Penn State football class of 2015 recruits. He's got a full package of speed, size and hands. PSU returns two sterling DTs off the 3rd best rush defense in the nation last year. A combination of Halloween, a literal blue moon, and a fanless Beaver Stadium means things are bound to get weird. There are a lot of "cumong man we beat them in 2014 with Hoke - 2015 is going to be a UM win!! Olaniyan) graduating, and another question at MLB where all everything Mike Hull (140 !!! I would list PSU, UW, MSU, OSU and UM in the same tier. The 2015 group has hovered among the top ten classes nationally throughout and boasts a slew of four-star prospects. FWIW, one note on the 2014 game ---- Penn State did not have a 17-point lead, it was Ohio State that had a 17-point lead (17-0 at the half). Yes we had a 3rd year starter ourselves last year (sort of) but we were the exception to the rule where having one was a boon. I'm sure many U-M folk disagree with my assessment of Penn State, but fair enough. Former Ohio State football quarterback Cardale Jones is sick and tired of the officiating going on during the Penn State game. Most of the games are won by OSU, but either by comeback wins or by less than 14 points. Two good defenses square off in an ugly low scoring affair. Hard to go down from those depths.

Penn State’s kicker, Brian Franco, missed four field goals in a game that was decided by just three points. In reply to You must be "bitter by his delusions or something" :-) by NittanyFan. This game PSU did perform pretty well (vs. expectations). The secondary returns 3 starters and most publications are very high on quite a few of these players - especially Marcus Allen who started 7 games as a true freshman last year and "played as well as any safety in college football the second half of the year." i thought we'd hit 6-6, 7-5 or so last year...which we sort of did, but it was a LOT uglier than i expected. Robinson's blue-collar approach has gotten big results, and it should translate nicely to the college level. Honestly, I'm very far from hating PSU. So hopefully our DL gives them enough trouble up front that Peppers can wreak havoc and the LBs can run free. I expect the 2015 PSU OL to be 2014 UMlike and Hack to have more time and be in the top 3 in Big 10 QBs and be a scary foe. Potential NFL 1st round QB with pair of top end WRs against a back 7 that has a lot of questions to answer in the passing game. PSU pass off v UM pass def - Adv: PSU. Ok I think directionally we agree. He ranks among the nation's elite players at his position, doing his job with a blend of quickness and instincts. (!!) Maybe I look at 2 of the last 3 meetings and see an unranked PSU team making a close game agaisnt the #1 and #3 team in the nation.

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