The first day of school often involves learning names too, so I thought a sunflower name and fingerprint craft would be great to along with introductions during the beginning of a new school year. I find it so difficult to relax at home. I also really enjoy reading, if I can manage to stay up late enough. You can purchase this product by clicking {. This includes themed centers for Initial Sounds, Middle Sounds, Ending Sounds, Blends, Digraphs, and Number Match-Ups. Do not forget to check out all the other teachers that are participating and grab their FREEBIE and a enter in their Raffelcopter for a chance to win their giveaway! I have not been able to read as much since having my girls, but I look forward to the day I can get lost in books again. Get an entire year of write the room activities by using our Write The Room For The Whole Year for only $10!! So usually in the classroom, I have 4 different  “themes” hanging up! bundle of all three of our Walk The Room activities!

As your students guess what is in each shaker, you will place the picture below the shaker.

For smell I start by putting together these jars. Apple Writing Center has everything that you need to include into your literacy rotations when learning about apples. Voice and choice empower our students. To see all literacy centers that are included click {, There are five math centers to add to your rotations during the month of October and November. When I think of back-to-school season I usually think of apples, but my favorite August and September symbol is the sunflower. Learning resources for early learning created with intent to make learning fun and engaging for kids, as well as fast to prepare and customize for teachers. You will be able to put together four sound shakers for your students to guess what is inside. Since this is changed monthly, do they do the same write the room activity for 4 weeks? I also know that we crave time to ourselves and our families.

Schedulin Sunday: Dinosaurs And Ten Frames! "https://secure." This linky will take place the first Wednesday of every month.

Here is an example of two of the bags. Article by A Dab of Glue Will Do. I was so honored that so many people participated last month. If you do not want to wait for the giveaway to be over and you want to purchase this product now, click {. My list is always there in my head or on my phone and I am not a fan of leaving things to be done. Your elementary age students will love this fun Christmas themed literacy center and math center! Students will complete a page for each lesson, each day. The picture on the right has the game Fill Up. Success! Just like new! Winner Wednesday: Popcorn Words Bundle: Dolch Primer, Winner Wednesday: Sight Word Practice Mat Bundle. There were some amazing products that TpTers were giving away and I am so excited to see who links-up today. This allows constant reinforcement of the vocabulary for that theme! This fun Penguin Puffy Paint Craft and Writing Prompt is a great way to bring crafts and literacy together in a hands-on way. There are so many fun hands-on activities that students can do in the classroom. My name is Jennifer. There are also other write the room options available that are thematic or unit based that are mixed in with the other write the rooms. It is time for Winner Wednesday! Community Helpers Write and Color the Room is the perfect addition to your community helper unit. var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? However, can you help me visualize how the rest of the really capable kids change it up week after week. The baskets allow me to differentiate the recording sheets! Really, really hard… and decided that. Thank you so much for being a part of the Primary Punchbowl Blog Hop. Question 2:  How do you organize your write the room? It made retrieving items so much easier and less chaotic. People also love these ideas Pinterest. It is honestly my favorite time of the year to teach. You will be able to put together bags filled with various objects for students to guess what it is that they feel. I use these baskets from the Dollar Tree. so you will be the first to know when Winner Wednesday has gone live each month. To connect the fall season with science I've created four November Science Experiments so our students can review science in an enjoyable hands-on way! This choice gives them a voice in their learning. Each group has their own pumpkin and will have a different activity each day. The best part of it all is that YOU will have a chance to win that product for FREE.

Howdy, I am Mr. Greg. Christmas will be here before we know it. It is time for the third round of Winner Wednesday.

4. These Write the Room Blends are guaranteed to be a hit. 5. I have been teaching for 11 years. Check out our Write The Room For Year creation! I also use write the room for letters at the beginning of the year. The first student to fill thier mat wins. I could not recommend this investment enough. It's a great move to bust out at a club or at a school dance. Question 5:  Who changes the write the room? Question 4:  What skills do you include in write the room? Similar to the other senses, you will have large pictures labeled for each jar. Space Science Lesson Unit | All About Space | Space Science Lesson | Planet Science Lesson | Star Science Lesson | Moon Science Lesson | Elementary Science Lessons | Space Theme Activity | #adabofgluewilldo #space #sciencelesson #elementaryscience #allaboutspace. What I love about this activity is that it is great for a variety of ages. Are the write the room pictures/cards color coded for each group? This activity is always fun because kids LOVE when they eat in the classroom. The velcro dots make changing out the cards easier. to help give you the best experience we can. In each group’s basket, there might be 3 or 4 different choices for them. At the front of the room you will have the four sound shaker labels up on the white board.

For math, students will work in small groups to investigate their pumpkins. How is it already October?! All of us have been thinking about  good ways in which to treat our readers and followers.

This is what the sound shakers looked like once they are put together. I use velcro dots to put the words on the wall. I was so honored that so many people participated last month. The first thing I always do when I get home is put on some pajamas. January 2019. Students find the picture and write the word! This is such a fun way to spread some holiday cheer and get faculty and staff at your school involved; a great way to encourage community. I love this time of the year. They love it and it keeps them from looking inside the bags. 2. It includes cards and a recording sheet for monthly thematic vocabulary! Just follow the directions you will be entered in to a $25 for anything TpT! Pirate Kindergarten Activity: Going On A Letter... Schedulin’ Sunday: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Keep reading to find out how I use it in my room and how easy it is to implement in your classroom starting TODAY! 1. As students guess what they think they are feeling inside the bag, I place those pictures underneath the given label card. Students can choose any of the “themes” from their basket! Write the room is great for thematic vocabulary. we can treat you to our best ideas to work smarter rather than harder… at school and home! Because of this they were unable to store any of their books, notebooks, folders, etc. For this activity I typically blindfold my students with a bandanna. THE KIDS! Also check out our research projects for thematic write the room activities! They will taste the different foods and decide which one is bitter, sweet, sour, or salty. All you will have to do is enter your name to be entered into the Rafflecopter. Since this is an event that only happens every four years, it is so important to introduce the concept to even the littlest of learners. Here are some pictures of this product in action.

Students get up and walk around the room finding words and writing those words down. Preschoolers will find it fascinating and kindergarten and first graders will be just as equally enthralled. My students always loved when we did this on election day and it helps teach the importance of voting a young age. Now it is time for the giveaway! I bought the jars from Dollar Spot in Target, but you can also purchase some affordable jars on Amazon by clicking {. I am a former teacher turned stay at home mom who has continued her passion for making learning resources for the littlest of learners. Do students have choices for the write the room? Our organization is quite simple:  it’s color-coded just like our center wheel! Afterwards, there is a worksheet that can go inside their interactive science journal. This allows constant reinforcement of the vocabulary for that theme! For example, each time we do a new theme or research project, we put up a “write the room” for that theme. My four featured products in my store are set for, To see this product more in depth click {. There are two different mats: to 20 and to 50.

There was an error submitting your subscription. The picture on the left shows a beginning sound match. I also use write the room for letters at the beginning of the year. This linky party will take place on the first Wednesday of every month. This pack contains one week of hands-on science activities and lessons to do with your kindergarten or first students. It is honestly my favorite time of the year to teach. The second picture requires students to complete the indiviudal number puzzles. With the way that the school year is flying by it will be here before we know it.

Included in each basket are the recording sheets for write the room. The Presidential Election will be here before we know it. Click the image to grab your bundle! That’s a year’s worth of walk the room activities for $15! I know that some kids can differentiate and work their way up to the writing part. I will pick a popular product from my store and explain it in detail, with pictures. This Space Science Lesson Unit will have your little learners shooting for the stars with excitement! Poor thing had been sitting in my scrap room, collecting dust for some time now, begging for a makeover. Link up by clicking the 'add your link' button {or you can email me your permalink prior to the link-up going live}. Teach them all about space with this printable lesson! The best part of it all is that YOU will have a chance to win that product for FREE. These people will put together a Halloween treat of some sort, along with printing out the necessary papers to inform the chosen ones how it works. Using these Groundhog CVC Puzzles helps our students to build their phonemic awareness using single syllable words in an enjoyable way. Like with the other activities, I have large label cards at the front of the room.

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