This is my cover version of it. The townspeople will also find an item as they start fishing. You can use lightning on the rock to the north east of the lair to retrieve fire magic. It may also strike with lightning bolts from its spear, but each lightning attack can easily be anticipated by the blue glow on the tip of the spear. After sealing three Monster Lairs, the people will invent the Bridge to take out the fourth. Once the last lair is sealed, the second act is available. Actraiser's Fillmore cover completely remade and remastered using MixCraft 6.1 Build 217.

Each casting consumes a Source of Magic.

Get a couple of hits in before it jumps again, and then repeat the process. The flying axe can be avoided by jumping towards the Minotaurus, which will also bring you within striking range.

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. The Centaur's main attack is to charge with the spear, but this is easily anticipated because before charging it will always lower the spear.

Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Het spel werd op 16 december 1990 uitgebracht in Japan door Enix.In 2004 werd een versie voor de mobiele telefoon uitgebracht. ©Copyright 1995-2020 Newgrounds, Inc. All rights reserved. This is an excellent area for the Master to begin to foster his people. It is bordered on the south and east by ocean, with mountains to the north and forests to the west. If the Master guides the people to build a road westwards, this will eventually connect Fillmore to Bloodpool, auto-upgrading the corn fields in Fillmore to Wheat. Extend to the northwest. While there is little need to dodge attacks under professional mode, you should still avoid contact with the main body outside of its attack. This page has been accessed 23,083 times. It's a speedy spell that may hit large targets multiple times due to the fire stream. [Go to top]← Walkthrough | Fillmore | Bloodpool →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki,

This page was last edited on 9 July 2013, at 12:20. After landing, it swings its axe, which sends a ghostly axe flying across the screen. As the townsfolk seal the lair, you will collect a scroll of magic. The Master incarnates in a watery cave. Actraiser's Fillmore cover completely remade and remastered using MixCraft 6.1 Build 217. To avoid being hit, keep moving. The Centaur only really has two attacks. This is my cover version of it. Fillmore is the first available area in ActRaiser. This spell shoots an intertwining blast of fire in either direction away from the Master.

It's found in Fillmore after blasting a mound of rocks with Lightning. There are two methods of reaching the room of Minotaurus; the upper path is both easier and has more items. When the lightning is about to strike, simply move to the left to avoid being struck (although you are free to ignore the damage and strike whenever possible). Fillmore Act-1 is a forest area. Under professional mode, the tactic is the same, but you do not have access to the fire spell. This is a great area for the Master to practice his skills. Thank you mate :) Now that I have listened it couple hundred times, it has sort of Castlevania feel on it even though it's from Actraiser (SNES). While kneeling this way, keep striking the centaur with the sword. As it extends, your townsfolk will give you a bow that improves the strength of your angel. Extend to the north east to seal the lair. You will need to hit its head to extend the platform to the second half of the map. Awesome music for when you're inside an evil castle or something! The skeleton which guards the exit is much more agile than it seems. Nice job. The Minotaurus will jump up and disappear off the top of the screen, and then fall back down and attempt to land on the player. Under professional mode, you can also run past the centaur just after it made its charging attack. When this happens, just go near the cliff on the left and kneel to avoid being hit. Quickly, though, this leads into the ruins of a structure resembling a keep or fortified palace. Mid way through the map is an odd-looking tree.

Also remember that using the newly acquired Fire spell will make the player invulnerable while casting, so its good for a couple free hits on the boss.

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