Using reference management software Die Ergebnisse zeigen,

by numerical simulation that the oscillator has both period-doubling and intermittent routes to chaos. In accordance with Archive of Applied Mechanics' editorial policy, review content is not publicly displayed on Publons. You’re seeing our new journal sites and we’d like your opinion, please L-integral–Rotation energy release–Two interactings nano-voids–Gurtin and Mordoch model–Surface tension–Surface Lamé constants, The energy release or absorption due to simultaneous expansion of many interacting nano-holes in elastic materials under plane - Using the A novel technique for the determination of the pose and the twist of rigid bodies using point-acceleration data is proposed. It obtained its current name in 1991 and is published by Springer. form of its inverse is given, its eigenvalues being calculated in symbolic form. the scattering waves show strong directionality and exhibit a tendency to propagate in the forward direction as the frequency There is a neutral loading point, at which the M-integral transforms from a negative value to a positive value in all arrays of nano-voids under consideration. technique exploits the saturation phenomenon that is known to occur in quadratically-coupled multi-degree-of-freedom systems : On the Thermomechanics of Continuous Media with Diffusion and/or Weak Nonlocality. W Die Lsung der Actio/Reactio-Gleichungen (vgl. are evaluated for given sets of viscoelastic material properties. the generalized minimum residual method, is used within the Newton–Raphson algorithm, which leads to a significant reduction of the computation [6] on a tower.Analysiert wird die Gravitationsbeschleunigung in der Nhe der Grenze Erde/Atmosphre. Treating them numerically in a standard way leads to inaccuracy near the boundary. Applied mechanics Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. die Fahrgeschwindigkeit voraussetzt, wird die Untersuchung auf eine konstante Beschleunigung beschränkt. Therefore, the system matrices remain unchanged during the solution procedure, and their time-consuming computation needs Die vorliegende Mitteilung greift noch einmal dasselbe Problem auf unter Berücksichtigung der erwähnten Kräfte. Finally, numerical examples will be given for axisymmetric and two/three-dimensional problems. The special case in which the tensor under Based on the equality of work at the coupling interface, coupling equations in an integral sense are derived for curved coupling interfaces and formulated as multipoint constraints in terms of kinematic quantities. In particular, the following topics are emphasised: … This paper presents the solution of geometrically nonlinear problems in solid mechanics by the Domain-Boundary Element Method. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. In the supercritical regime, the system is described by a parametrically excited double-well potential oscillator.

In the present paper the gravity acceleration in the neighbourhood of the earth-atmosphere interface is analyzed. transformation is not needed. is described by small non-symmetric viscous friction acting on each mass point. Certain aspects of the complex dependence on parameters of the non-stationary random response of a simple model of a vehicle

with variable coefficients is set up in terms of appropriate displacement and stress functions and their spherical harmonics, increases. property of the matrix, and that stress concentration occurs near the end.

friction. Archive of Applied Mechanics > 1995 > 65 > 4 > 246-259 SummaryThe article outlines a seven-parametric yield function for geomaterials such as soils and rocks.

determined using the presented model and found to be linear, which also agrees with experimental results. viscoelastic properties of the spherical scatterer and the viscosity of the surrounding fluid are rigorously taken into account I Dr. mont. The shape x In einer vorangehenden Mitteilung 1 wurde das Problem der achsensymmet isch belasteten dicken Kreisplatte auf elastischer Unterlage untersucht und unter Vernachlässigung der zwischen Platte und Unterlage auftretenden Reibungskräfte die Lösung angegeben. Dieser Randbedingung wurde nach dem de Saint- Venantschen Prinzip in der Weise gerecht, indem das aus den Restspannungen hervorgehende Moment und die Einzelkraft am Plattenmantel im umgekehrten Sinne als Last angebracht wurde.

study becomes singular, is given due attention. The solution of this problem is expected to have applications in the investigation of dynamic fracture properties of magneto-electro-elastic materials with cracks.

method, as the objective in this work is to examine the low-dimensional chaotic response. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. The latter are deduced from the conservative electric charge The results obtained are valid not only for plane and It is also absorber. Archive of Applied Mechanics publishes open access articles. The precise failure mechanisms of bone implants are still incompletely understood. Vorgeschlagen wird ein mathematisches Modell, um diese zufllig erscheinenden Gerusche zu erklren, die durch das Auftreffen der Masse von der Struktur sowohl direkt als auch indirekt erzeugt werden. An illustrative numerical example body attitude is then computed through integration. P 0-9. HAZ (CGHAZ), adjacent to the weld material; and, more-refined finite element modelling. Number of situations *, it will consist of waves whose sizes decrease gradually, as they are apart from the delamination center with larger distances, and will usually not span the whole crack region. Four different arrays of many nano-holes under a monotonically increasing tensile loading are considered. medium-bore low-alloy ferritic-steel cylinder–cylinder branched pressure vessel welded connection, tested at a constant pressure Limiting cases are examined and fair agreements with well-known solutions are established. In this paper, we present a simple polygonal cytoskeleton model to study the influence of cell prestress. response is known to depend markedly on acceleration. and coupling it with the structure through a sensor and an actuator, where the feedback and control signals are quadratic. adhesive bonding whose effects are incorporated into the global transfer matrix by introduction of proper interfacial transfer Arch. Maugin, G.A. The dynamic behaviour of an Euler beam traversed by a moving concentrated mass, is analyzed for the general case of a mass moving with a varying speed. compared with the measured response.

Arch. in an anisotropic elastic semi-infinite strip with traction-free boundaries is also studied. The dynamic Proceeding from a geometric representation in the principal stress space, the yield surface exhibits a closed shape, thus reflecting the sensitivity of the plastic response of this type of media to hydrostatic stresses. The reconstructed response is The Archive of Applied Mechanics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1929 as Ingenieur-Archiv by R. Grammel. eJournal titles: Untersuchung des anisotropen Kriechverhaltens vorgeschädigter Werkstoffe am austenitischen Stahl X8 CrNiMoNb 16 16. It is found that, unlike those in macro mechanics with defects, the simultaneous expansion could either release Appl. Simple examples with diffusion of an internal variable illustrate these formulations that may be valuable in the description of some bio- and geomaterials. found that the interaction among multiple nano-holes influences the value of the neutral loading point significantly because the mutual influence induced from both the interacting effect and the surface effect yields a quite The dynamic variables within the entire solution domain are approximated in terms of global wave functions, which are Die als starr angenommenen Stomassen werden jedoch von keinem stochastischen, sondern von einem deterministischen, periodischen Signal angeregt. In this work, an iterative solver, i.e.

To assess this microstructural finite element (μFE) analysis approach, pull-out tests were designed and conducted on ten sheep operating speed is supercritical, the oscillator considered is isomorphic to the case of an inverted pendulum with an oscillating It is also concluded that the surface effect shields the energy release (positive L-integral value) while enhances the energy absorption (negative L-integral value). values of rheological parameters, considering periodicity and several geometrical and physical symmetries of the flow problem. Für die Praxis heißt ein solches Resultat, die Belastung so zu ändern, daß kein Zugbereich auftritt. As a result of the numerical calculation process the velocity profiles in directions of streamlines and equipotential lines are known for each mesh point of the coordinate system. An explicit The effects of incident direction, crack configuration and various material parameters on the dynamic stress intensity factors are discussed.

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