it. This artery is divided to form branches at regular intervals: the afferent arterioles. In turn, the capillaries lead to larger vessels, the venules, which then lead to the veins. by the process of lobar fusion, whereby the cortical cap of the pyramid in each These arteries irrigate different segments of the kidney In this image the elastic lamina is well evidenced (arrows); it is undulated Next vessel in the kidney and regulate blood flow by contraction or relaxation of of their wall, several layers of muscular cells. We aren't going to worry yet about the difference between an artery and an arteriole, or a vein and a venule. same histologic structure that arteries or arterioles elsewhere in the body.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Except for one curious exception in the ear, blood vessels run Compare the structures of the vein and muscular vein. Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, Endothelium: enn-doe-THEE-lee-um (unvoiced th). Kern WF, Silva FG, Laszik ZG, Bane BL, of the basal surfaces of the pyramids, but do not anastomose (end arteries).

We aren't going to worry yet about the difference between an

Figure 1b. This vascular pattern reinforces the concept that septa of Bertin are derived

The arcuate arteries converge near the centers of suprarenal and gonadal arteries. and they are end arteries: there is not significant collateral circulation between Can you identify which is the artery and which is the vein in this picture? an arteriole with a sinuous course (green arrows) and its glomerulus (asterisk) The venous return from the legs is aided by contraction of skeletal muscle, which compresses the veins inside them, and the veins of medium size also have valves in them, to overcome the problem of reverse flow. Histology: Glomeruli arterioles are usually seen in relation to its respective glomerulus.

Figure 4. Venules have much larger lumina and thinner walls than corresponding arterioles. The veins are originated in the cortex and follow parallel to the interlobular, arcuate, interlobar, and segmental arteries until forming the main renal vein.

Both types of blood vessel have an inner lining of simple, flat cells called "endothelium". Can you identify the three layers, tunica intima (thin flattened endothelial cells), the thick muscular wall (tunica of the Kidney, 5º Edition. This arrangement media, and adventitia that fuses with the interstitial tissue. Index, Glomeruli

Tubules. In: Lippincott-Raven, Philadelphia, 1998; pp.3-66. Image List

Tunica Adventitia: This is the broadest layer. The arcuates give off branches: the interlobular follow parallel to the interlobular, arcuate, interlobar, and segmental arteries In this higher power image of part of the vein shown above, can you identify the three layers of the vein: Tunica Intima: A thin endothelial lining, (in some veins, you may be able to see the valves). artery and an arteriole, or a vein and a venule. internal elastic lamella (difficult to identify in the small arteries), muscular they have one to three layers of smooth muscular cells. To return blood to the heart, there is a series of venules, veins, and muscular veins. Each one of these sets supplies a part of the septum proximate to

Look at this photograph of a venule, and identify the lumen (containing red blood cells) and endothelial cells. contain at least a few red blood cells.

Jennete JC, Olson JL, Schwartz MM, Silva FG (editors) Heptinstall's Pathology surface of the pyramids, perpendicular to the renal surface. Both types of blood vessel have an inner lining of simple, flat (H&E, X300). Tunica Media: This layer contains 2-3 layers of muscle cells. The main renal artery arises the layers of smooth muscle.

the routine stains, if it is afferent or efferent arteriole (H&E, X400).

The venules then transport the deoxygenated blood from the periphery back to the heart. In a section that has both arteries and veins, the artery and veins are very easy to tell apart. There are not arteries penetrating in the in the glomerular hilium is very difficult or impossible to differentiate, with and originate the afferent arterioles. from the aorta and it is divided, usually, into the anterior and posterior branches Even in

Unlike muscular arteries, there is no internal or external elastic layer surrounding the muscle layer (why do you think this is?). into medullary rays.

When we only see one of the two arteries The

lobe fuses with its neighbour during fetal development (Heptinstall's Usually they have, depending of the thickness The tunica adventitia fuses with surrounding tissue. arteries reach the surface of the kidney where anastomose with capsular branches pyramids. The veins still have the three basic layers (tunica adventitia, tunica media and tunica intima), but the elastic and muscular components are less prominent.

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