Perfect accents for smaller mantels & entryways. Thank you in advance for your business and have a happy holiday. Upon maturity, bark may become up to 1/2 inch thick, red-brown and broken into thin scales. Resin was sold in stores as a confection prior to the advent of chewing gum, and resinous fir knots were once used as torches. The top three factors to consider when making your tree merry and bright. As a Christmas tree, balsam fir has several desirable properties. A variety of balsam fir, phanerolepis, occurs as far south as West Virginia and Virginia (38 degrees north latitude). The presence of these short cone bracts is a distinguishing feature when balsam fir is compared Fraser fir. Use your own special lights on these unlit trees.

Ideal accents for mantels, doorways, and banisters. Description:First described in 1768, balsam fir is a medium-sized tree generally reaching 40-60 feet in height and 1-1 1/2 feet in diameter. Its nice and full! Two silvery bands of stomata (pores) are found on the lower surface. I would definitely purchase this item again. It is generally found in the Canadian and Hudsonian zones from sea level to about 5,000 feet in elevation. We ordered this tree and have been very impressed. Purchase a beautiful Balsam Fir Christmas Tree this year and we’re confident you will be back next year. Get ready for the holidays with this 7.5 Get ready for the holidays with this 7.5 ft. Mayfield Balsam Fir Artificial Christmas tree. They quickly become the evenly shaped, dense, conical trees that we recognize as Christmas trees, but they don’t stop there. With the tree still standing, un-fluff the branches and detach each section of the tree. Featuring distinct semi-flat needles and upward-sloping branches, our namesake tree is modeled after real balsam firs from a tree farm in Maine. All non-clearance trees are backed by our 3-year warranty, which covers: For more warranty information, please see our warranty faqs ». Our exclusive Color+Clear lighting system allows you to change from clear to multicolored lights effortlessly with our remote control. We were very impressed with the overall quality. Setup Video for Easy Plug Trees: Watch how easy it is to set up your new Balsam Hill Christmas tree with Easy Plug technology. Enjoy your Balsam Hill™ tree! Note: All Christmas Trees and Christmas Wreaths are shipped each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Balsam Fir Christmas Trees Online Note: All Christmas Trees and Christmas Wreaths are shipped each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Choose from several different heights and lighting options to find the perfect one for your home. Angle the tips furthest back on the branch and sideways out from the branch to resemble a peacock's fanned tail when shaped. One of the most popular Christmas trees of all time, the balsam fir is known for its beautiful fragrance, teardrop shape, and semi-flat needles. Prepared by Dr. Craig R. McKinley, North Carolina State University, © 2020 National Christmas Tree Association, Dreaming of a green Christmas: Make your holiday eco-friendly, Green myths debunked: Real trees are better for the environment, Popular products that originated from Christmas. The scientific name “balsamea” is an ancient word for the balsam tree, so named because of the many resinous blisters found in the bark. Light connections between sections are made automatically inside the tree's patented trunk design. We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products, and we stand behind their quality. The species thrives in cooler climates and demands abundant soil moisture and a humid atmosphere. The BH Balsam Fir® features a gorgeous teardrop silhouette and richly shaded foliage delicately molded from real balsam fir branches. May we notify you if we are able to make this item available in the future?

Organic silhouettes ideal for showcasing your ornaments. A branch from this tree is included in our branch sample kit. The species is tolerant of shade and may reach 150-200 years of age. Choose striking preset effects or customize your own show—right from the app. We will only use your email for this purpose unless you also request our newsletter. Balsam fir bark is thin, ash-gray, and smooth except for numerous blisters on young trees. copyright © 2020 Balsam Hill ® All Rights Reserved.

Shipping rates vary depending on the size of the Christmas tree you select and where you are located. Propagation:Most propagation is by seeds, although natural layering may occur from lower branches in contact with moist soil. Create a stunning display bathed in delightfully small energy-efficient LEDs. Comes with a dimmer function to adjust light brightness to your desired levels. View Our Compare Real Christmas Trees Page Our most popular choice for their lush profiles & sturdy branches.

Brown’s Tree Farm makes it easy to buy a Christmas tree online. Balsam Firs are also the most fragrant.

View our Tree Size Details page for more information about our available Christmas Tree Sizes.

We always do our best to ensure we are offering our customers the best shipping rates possible, but these additional fees are set by FedEx and we are not able to bypass these fees. Christmas trees make great gifts. Nothing brings back old holiday memories or plays such a large role in creating new ones as a Fresh Real Christmas Tree. Like traditional Christmas tree lights, the pre-strung strands plug into each other. Propagation via tissue culture has been attempted but not on a large scale. Secure the compressed sections with a cord or ribbon before placing them in the provided storage bag. Buy a Christmas Tree Online and have it home delivered to one of your loved ones.

This is a FedEx fee that will be included in your shipping total. Beautiful, pre-decorated foliage that adds sophisticated elegance to your home.

Trees with our innovative LED Color+Clear® light technology have 50% more lights than our standard clear lit trees. On older branches, the needles tend to be shorter and curved upward so as to cover the upper sides of the twigs. And with the incredible realism of our True Needle™ technology, our lifelike trees have become the instant favorite of set designers and professional interior decorators. Front door Christmas Tree Delivery, what could be easier? LEARN MORE ». Get the timeless look of traditional lights that stay lit for 3,000+ hours. Experience the next revolution in Christmas trees only with Balsam Hill. The spruce grouse uses fir forests for cover and obtains food from the needles. A few selected cultivated forms are commercially propagated by cuttings, and grafting has also been used for special purposes. Balsam Hill trees come in varied sizes to bring holiday cheer to any space. Enjoy the same warm glow as traditional lights with bulbs that won’t burn out.

It requires from 9 to 10 years in the field to produce a 6-7 foot tree. Subscribe to our newsletter for insider savings and new product announcements. Balsam fir has both male and female flowers (or strobili) on the same tree. Beautiful teardrop shape with beveled base, layered top, and upward-sloping branches perfect for your delicate ornaments. Also note that both FedEx and UPS now add additional Peak Season fees for all items shipping during the holiday season. Ideal for entryways, small spaces, and narrow doors. Crafted with weather-resistant materials and UV protection. Larger wreaths for mantels and larger doors. Balsam firs Abies balsamea (L.) Miller Description:First described in 1768, balsam fir is a medium-sized tree generally reaching 40-60 feet in height and 1-1 1/2 feet in diameter. Medium sized wreaths for standard single doors. An elegant solution to small spaces, studios & small apartments. Everything was included: gloves, storage bags, spare lights, etc. We will send you an email when yourBalsam Hill product is in stock. Our energy-efficient Candlelight™ LED lights with a warm glow reminiscent of a candle's flame. Realistic, affordable trees using a mix of True Needle™ foliage & Classic PVC needles. Our premium energy–saving multicolored LED lights that never burn out. It truly looks and kind of feels realistic. Unlike the cold light emitted from traditional LEDs, our energy-efficient Candlelight™ LEDs provide a warm glow reminiscent of a candle's flame. You only need to touch one light string during setup—the one you plug into the wall. Plantations BL Christmas Trees is located in an area that produces some of the most beautiful Balsam fir Christmas trees grown in North America. Needles have a broad circular base and are usually dark green on the upper surface, lighter on the lower surface. Abies fraseri. It exhibits a rel… We own and cultivate several hundred acres of plantations, often containing more than 100 acres of Balsam fir trees per plantation, which is a testament to the fertility and productivity of the area. Lush semi-flat tips with natural light-green needles, molded from natural cuttings and accented with light-brown stems to provide subtle warmth and depth.

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