"His claims are without merit and we will defend ourselves in this matter.". "Mr. Malik did nothing whatsoever to interfere with, collude or obstruct in any way in whatever sham 'investigation' or 'review,'" Singer said. Voboril remains unemployed and says he is thinking about starting his own business. Malik was let go from the bank on Jan. 9, weeks before receiving his bonus.

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It began as an ordinary night for six Bank of America employees, who were out to celebrate the holidays. Bank of America says it "stands by" its decision to fire Voboril.

"Notably, Mr. Malik has never engaged in wrongdoing and, as such, there was nothing about which to even collude.". Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox.

Voboril began at Bank of America in September 2015; he was recruited from a San Francisco-based firm to help Malik bring in new clients to their unit, which works with hedge funds to finance their various trades — including borrowing shares to sell short and bundling securities for sale. In his 60-page claim, Voboril paints the picture of a toxic culture within the bank's equities division.

Then, within weeks, both employees left Bank of America to join hedge funds. CNBC reviewed his claim, which will be handled through arbitration, outside the public domain. They danced, drank and mingled with the club’s dozens of other patrons. Customers say the Beam savings app is down and the company isn't returning their money. “The bank had appropriate supervisory structures at all times,” Bank of America's Halldin said. © 2020 CNBC LLC.

About a month after Malik was terminated, Voboril was called in for a third time by employee relations for questioning. All Rights Reserved. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. Here's what CEOs of 12 large and regional banks earned in 2018, based on recent proxy filings. Jamie Dimon remains the highest-paid chief executive, but his 5% pay raise was smaller than that of at least five of his counterparts. Ex-Bank of America executive seeks $100 million in damages in defamation claim Published Fri, Apr 27 2018 3:20 PM EDT Updated Fri, Apr 27 2018 6:29 PM EDT Leslie Picker and Patrick Manning The claim was filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a self-policing regulatory body for financial firms.

Executive biographies. A Form U5, which is the FINRA document reflecting the bank's reason for termination, stated that he was let go due to personal conduct in violation of firm standards, including interfering with the firm's review of the matter, people with knowledge of the form said.

Malik, in his own FINRA claim against Bank of America, is seeking $100 million for what he says was defamation tied to his dismissal.

Got a confidential news tip? Journalist resources . After a series of prominent men in Hollywood and on television were ensnared in the #MeToo movement, in which detailed accounts of abuse from victims emerged, some in the media wondered aloud when the spotlight would turn to Wall Street. 2018 - Bank of New York Mellon In 2018 , Charles W. Scharf earned a total compensation of $ 9.4M as Chairman & CEO at Bank of New York Mellon , a 45 % decrease compared to previous year .

Welcome to Bank of America's Newsroom.

The FINRA claim also asserts that the company is liable for breach of contract and unjust enrichment over the cancellation of Malik's deferred compensation and bonus.

Fired BofA exec seeks damages of more than $100 million. Within weeks, Omeed Malik, the most senior of the bank's employees at the impromptu event, left Bank of America. CNBC verified the existence of the claim and that it had been filed.

Harold Ford, a onetime senator-turned-investment banker at Morgan Stanley, was reportedly fired last year after a journalist said he harassed her.

A former senior executive at Bank of America, who was fired amid allegations of sexual misconduct, filed a defamation claim against the company and is seeking damages of more than $100 million. All Rights Reserved. 18th Annual Most Powerful Women in Banking, In a year of upheaval for the industry — and the country — these executives are rising to the moment and bringing others along with them, Citi’s chief risk officer to depart as bank begins risk management rebuild, Spencer Savings in N.J. taps insider as next president, Tim Haegelin, retired CEO of Generations FCU, dies at 76, Beam Financial vanishing act a cautionary tale for partners of fintechs, New CEO at Lower East Side People’s FCU started as a teller, Wells Fargo taps Capital One executive to lead diversity efforts. Since the filing with similar language — “interfering” with an investigation — was filed 30 days later, Voboril’s claim alleges that the bank may have been involved in informing reporters about the dismissals. Resources for journalists writing stories about Bank of America. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. “We will review the filing when we receive it.”. He is planning to file a separate suit against Bank of America in New York state court, his attorney said. These are the grounds in which Voboril believes the bank retaliated.

Aissatou Barry-Fall, a 30-year veteran of the credit union, has been promoted to chief executive. Days later, employee relations called Voboril in again and asked him if he wanted to change his account. Others who had attended the party had a different recollection, he was told, and sticking to his original version would have negative repercussions, according to the claim. Jane Allerman-Rey, the mutual's chief operating officer, will take on the new role in January.

Singer also said that "Mr. Malik was retaliated against for blowing the whistle on regulatory violations" by his direct supervisor, who he said did not have the appropriate FINRA licenses to solicit American business. Bank of America awarded chief executive Brian T. Moynihan $16 million for his work last year, increasing his potential compensation by 23 percent. The story, which also cited "people familiar with the matter," said that bank officials believed that Malik and others were trying to intervene in the probe by coordinating stories told to the investigators about his behavior. He filed a claim on Friday alleging that Bank of America had retaliated against, wrongfully terminated and defamed him.

Compensation breakdown He was asked if he wanted to change his story since Malik was gone, and he said no — that he had been telling the truth from the beginning.

Malik was not informed at the time of the bank's reason for terminating him, Singer said.

Malik's FINRA claim also asserts that the firm is liable for breach of contract and unjust enrichment over the cancellation of Malik's deferred compensation and bonus. Voboril declined to comment. Voboril, who says in the claim the bank ruined his reputation and stymied several opportunities for positions within Bank of America or at hedge funds, is seeking more than $20 million in damages, attorney’s fees and to have his record cleared. But within months, the witnesses were also gone. On Jan. 18, Reuters published a story, citing "a person familiar with the matter," on Malik's plans to start his own advisory firm for hedge funds. The situation is putting third parties like Huntington and Dwolla in the firing line, though they say they're not at fault.

The Journal said Malik's conduct allegedly included pursuing relationships with subordinates at the company. Kennedy said that of the remaining two witnesses, one of them changed his story to appease the bank. “We stand by our decision to terminate Mr. Voboril,” said Bill Halldin, a spokesman for Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America. Voboril’s attorney, Brian Kennedy, says that his client was collateral damage in Bank of America’s move to use the #MeToo movement to remove employees. Haegelin spent several decades in the credit union movement, including helping found the nonprofit Credit Unions for Kids. Biographies of Bank of America executives. One of them, Joe Voboril, a 39-year-old former director within the prime brokerage unit, is fighting back, saying he did no such thing.

He left Et Al at about 2 a.m. Voboril told them that he hadn’t seen anything inappropriate from Malik or anyone else. Omeed Malik — who was a managing director in Bank of America's prime brokerage business until January — filed an arbitration claim this week through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA. It’s unclear what the fourth witness saw or said.

Within hours of hearing that he had been fired on Feb. 28, Voboril was contacted by reporters who said that sources told them that he and a colleague were let go for interfering with Malik’s investigation. A Division of NBCUniversal. Voboril alleges in his claim that Bank of America was telling FINRA regulators that Malik was his manager, while in the firm’s internal organizational chart, Slowey served as his manager. Singer said Bank of America was "shamelessly exploiting the #MeToo movement and utilizing Mr. Malik as a sacrificial lamb to not only ameliorate their PR but moreover to destroy Mr. Malik's competitive nascent business.". Here's what CEOs of 12 large and regional banks earned in 2018, based on recent proxy filings. Malik was terminated by the bank not as a result of any of the sham and defamatory reasoning that the bank has noted to its primary regulator and to the news media, but rather, because he had complained about his direct supervisor being bereft of the requisite FINRA licensing,” said John Singer, Malik’s attorney. The firm ultimately put out a statement saying that he was not terminated due to sexual misconduct. A search of FINRA’s public database, BrokerCheck.org., did not turn up anyone with her name.

Voboril got to the gift-exchange party at about 9 p.m. after putting his two children to bed, rejoining colleagues who had been drinking since 6 p.m., according to a person with knowledge of the night. But many of the high-profile cases on Wall Street have been met by bankers who are fighting back against claims of inappropriate behavior. The departure of Brad Hu at the end of the year opens the door for Citi’s soon-to-be CEO Jane Fraser to hire someone new to oversee the bank’s massive risk systems overhaul.

But before that, in late February, reports surfaced that the two other employees were let go after the bank determined they “interfered” with the probe into Malik’s behavior. One day later, The New York Times reported that Malik departed the bank after an "internal investigation into a young female banker's accusation of inappropriate sexual conduct." We want to hear from you.

Both were terminated on Feb. 28.

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One piece cited sources saying that bank officials believed Malik and his former colleagues were coordinating stories to throw off investigators. A Division of NBCUniversal. "The bank intentionally and systematically defamed Mr. Malik, globally, to the news media at two different points in time subsequent to its wrongful termination of Mr. Malik in order to mask the pre-textual, political and discriminatory reasons why it terminated him," Singer said.

FINRA declined to comment on the case. The former senior executive was fired amid allegations of sexual misconduct. One of the witnesses, Joe Voboril, is fighting accusations he interfered with the investigation, and claims the bank ruined his reputation and stymied several job prospects. Soon, articles linking him to the investigation into Malik were online. Jamie Dimon remains the highest-paid chief executive, but his 5% pay raise was smaller than that of at least five of his counterparts. The claim says she reduced his responsibilities and his compensation, despite positive performance reviews. It is "all the more glaring when contrasted with the bank's long history of burying and obfuscating actual misconduct — not to mention serious crimes — that have been perpetrated by white males.

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