Questions have been raised over aspects of the government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak so far, for example the communication strategy, the timing of measures put in place to protect public health, and whether NHS workers are adequately protected. ‘As it was, we believe the introduction we broadcast did not meet our standards of due impartiality. Confusion at BBC as boss says staff can attend Pride marches after all, BBC 'no bias' rules prevent staff joining LGBT pride marches, BBC journalists told not to 'virtue signal' in social media crackdown, Rishi Sunak's ex-Goldman Sachs boss emerges as next possible BBC chair, Naga Munchetty takes BBC Radio 5 live slot alongside Breakfast role, Veteran presenter Harry Gration to leave BBC's Look North, David Dimbleby considering bid to become next BBC chair, Charles Moore rules himself out of running to be BBC chairman. By email. He pointed out there was a two-week lag between the UK and France and Italy and emphasised the need to be careful when comparing such statistics and emphasised that different countries compile them in different ways. The lead Newsnight presenter was due to host that night’s programme but was replaced at the last minute by UK editor Katie Razzall, with Maitlis later insisting that it was her personal choice to pull out of the show.

BBC News Special: Coronavirus Update, BBC One & BBC News Channel, 31 October 2020, Executive Complaints Unit archived reports. Complained to BBC about its biased approach. ‘He made those who struggled to keep to the rules feel like fools, and has allowed many more to assume they can now flout them. ‘He should understand that public mood now. We received complaints from viewers who felt Emily Maitlis was biased against the government when discussing the number of deaths in the UK relating to COVID-19. This figure was undisputed and it was reported as such across different media outlets. Why the BBC saw fit to report this other than an anti brexit bias is beyond me I couldn’t believe what I was watching.. And kept wondering why it was on!!. Channel: BBC1Programme Date: 13/09/2018Author: ChrisCwmbranI wish to complain about the alarmist, clearly anti-Brexit reporting done by Laura Kuenssberg in the News today. These are recent public responses we have made to issues of wide audience concern which have either generated significant numbers of complaints or raised significant issues (we do not respond publicly to all complaints we reply to). Just do everyone a favour and change the record, Channel: BBC OnlineProgramme Date: 18/09/2018Author: DrBloorLaura Kussenberg article in which she describes a no-deal Brexit as “armageddon”, and a “catastrophe” that will create “turmoil”. The BBC in general are totally out of control in their bias against brexit. how we presented the Covid-19 death rates.

Channel: BBC1Programme Date: 17/09/2018Author: Disgusted with BBC Bias on BrexitI cannot put all the dates down because you ask for one specific date, I am sick and tired as are everyone else with continuous anti Brexit broadcasting from Monday 17th September 2019 and continuing through the rest of the week. The BBC has received tens of thousands of complaints relating to Emily Maitlis’ Newsnight monologue on Dominic Cummings, both from opponents and supporters of the presenter’s comments. Instead of polite questions the BBC now seems to revel in presenters speaking over the guests, interrupting them with rude and repetitive questions, personalised biased leading questions or rather statements, that show so clearly they are not impartial and time something was done . DL3 0UR. In statement on Thursday, the BBC stood by its original ruling on Maitlis’ opening remarks. There is no hint of shame about it. The BBC has dismissed complaints that Newsnight altered a photo of Jeremy Corbyn to make him look more Russian. It’s a In last night’s program Andrea Ledson did well to keep calm and was not even allowed to ask the presenter why the broadcasters were not patriotic, which many feel they are not. Channel: Other (please give details in main complaint box)Programme Date: 16/09/2018Author: MooredoReport on a computer game where post brexit Europeans are held in concentration camps and only allowed to do menial jobs. It was in reference to Cummings making a 260-mile trip to County Durham in March sparking a row over whether he broke lockdown rules.

Newsnight will continue to give extensive coverage to this rapidly developing story over the coming weeks, and scrutinise its many implications, reflecting opinion from scientific and medical experts, and across the political spectrum. Channel: BBC1; Programme Date: 13/05/2016; Author: S Ferguson; The constant running of pro EU reports across the bottom of the screen whilst the news is being shown is becoming so obviously biased towards the stay campaign it is becoming embarrassing. Evan Harold Davis on Newsnight very cleverly used his questions to push his views, he refused as he regularly does to allow a voice to an opinion he might disagree with.

Channel: BBC1Programme Date: 17/09/2018Author: L CrouchThe female presenter today was trying to persuade Lib-dem MP to vote with his party to remain in EU instead of voting as his constituents did in the brexit referendum. PO Box 1922, All rights reserved. There are also concerns that the BBC’s complaints process is more likely to be used by right-wing members of the public, in the belief they are more likely to take the time to write in about programmes. During Prime Minister’s Questions the Prime Minister remarked that he was proud of his government’s record. As usual the BBC presenter takes a highly aggressive and rude stance, so obviously biased against Brexit and the government . It was legitimate for Emily to address these issues with our guests. Our staff have been reminded of the guidelines.’.

A big thank you from us all at Newsnight.’. The introduction to Newsnight was intended as a summary of the issues that would be explored, with all the supporting facts and evidence, in the programme.

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