So I completely agree and I think it's something a lot of people are striving for.

NNAMDIHe worked on the Hill, as Dan has, in a variety of positions for 24 years. NNAMDIGot to take a short break.

And I'll give you a statistic that I think is more concerning than the low approval rating.

The manager was a creative type, and surrounded himself with a similar bunch. What do you think? I think there are a lot of sacrifices. I have started interning for a lobbyist group, and plan to intern in my local representative and senate offices. Let's go to Rena, in Washington, D.C. Rena, you're on the air. Maybe we need to put them on radio, it would be better. MCCANNELLAnd to the point on health care, I think the whole issue around the Affordable Care Act, no matter what the politicians felt and what position they were on, it's like now you've actually taken that and you've taken a political debate and you put it onto your employees.

And sort of taking an extreme position, but a lot of legislative assistants, they're researchers. But here's Henry in Arlington, VA. Henry, you're on the air, go ahead please. So, there's not any sort of less -- no interest has gone down, even though some of the benefits and culture have may be changing. It's just going to be the personal office. I would argue that Congress needs to get back to regular order and passing this appropriations bill, particularly here in northern Virginia where you have a huge audience that depend on the federal government.

GALEYou can bring on staff that will know, you know, the senator's style really well and can learn the issues and learn the state and they can get a casework team back in your state that has a lot more experience. Everything else pales in comparison to the complexity of discerning the value and potential of an individual who you may talk to for an hour and learn a bit about through references, but who can determine the success or failure of the legislative or communications agenda for a member of Congress. Congressional managers can be myopic in their hiring practices — looking at candidates through a small prism, missing creative candidates who may not fit into their preselected mold. NNAMDIFor some reason, that's the part of the series that everybody remembers best and the part that is least likely to occur. MR. DANIEL SCANDLINGSure, happy to do it. It didn't use to be that way.

NNAMDIIn a way, are you therefore preparing to go out of business? When I had an emergency out of the country and I realized my passport has expired, I called the Office of D.C.

There's transportation projects, there's a casework we mentioned earlier, there's highway funding. So, it feels like anger towards Washington is at or near historic highs. So to me it's less partisan. GALESo I know that when it happened a number of staffers had talked to Brad Fitch in CMF and they said this was going to -- this is it. And I think, in large part, it's because that the media has a built-in factor of looking for negative.

The staff gets discouraged that doesn't suggest hearings. But the reality is, Congress is still doing things, just not the things that everybody realizes so easily. You can give us a call at 800-433-8850. I had an opportunity to talk this with Dan Brokaw (sic) , a great news anchor.

In my time on Capitol Hill, we passed both the Farm Bill and the health care reform.

NNAMDIYou too can join the conversation. You can make your research and data more useful and informative for staff by synthesizing information into a succinct and easily accessible format. NNAMDIDaniel Scandling, what would be your response to that? I kind of tell everybody that my job is to make sure the trains run on time from everything to making sure the boss is where he needs to be, to making sure the staff does what it does and I handle the press. We do this by enhancing the performance of the institution, legislators and their staffs through research-based education and training, and by strengthening the bridge and understanding between Congress and the People it serves. And in that same survey, we asked, what were the reasons why they would leave service? I mean, people within the Capitol Hill community also read it and submit their queries, but in general it's the idea that Capitol Hill is a unique culture. It's a great topic. Sharing expertise is mutually beneficial.

( Log Out /  Both sides will play games and hold things hostage as they're trying to do things. Like, I'm looking for a job, this is it. And, you know, we got done of eight hours of indoctrination and their jaws were down. They're 43 pages long. Here are some tips for hiring that might help offices (both on and off Capitol Hill) avoid a disastrous hire. I've done 10 years on Capitol Hill. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Capitol Hill Club, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. GALEWell, Hill Navigator is a blog, it's a column that runs in Roll Call, which covers Capitol Hill.

The truth is, no matter what office or position you work in, there will be times of great success and deep disappointment. My representative cares what I think. And you sort of know what you're missing. NNAMDIWhat do, since you mentioned the person power, the manpower to do these things, exactly what do Congressional offices do? And that is -- not everybody can be a WAMU listener, unfortunately. And that's all dependent on the member. Changes wont be saved until you sign up for an Enhanced Profile subscription.

Creating a dynamic team — one that is more than the sum of its parts — is not beyond your reach if you remember these basic guidelines. MCCANNELLI think on another sense, too, and for our viewing audience and the folks who have worked on Capitol Hill is these are also small businesses in that you have a budget on the House side of about $1.4 million on average. And so the Congressional Management Foundation did a survey of senior managers around a variety of things that had happened, frozen salaries, the furloughs and of course this major shift in health care. I'm sure Brad can add. And secondly, it's about the chemistry. The members work hard. • And that sort of research, that homework, that data driven analysis and understanding, that takes a lot of time. I just spent the last two days, Thursday and Friday, training senior aides of members-elect. GALEAnd they are expecting thousands of resumes, and they got thousands the last cycle, and they got thousands before that. It's a great opportunity for a young person, for somebody who wants to go into public service. When asked whether they are very satisfied with that communication, only maybe 30 percent will say yes.

And are you ever tempted to go back? It has truly been a life changing experience for both of us, both personally and professionally. So for some staffers -- for a number of staffers this was a complicated process and it took away one of their great benefits, which is federal health care and the low premiums and the great health care that comes with that. I think a lot of it is the sense that if you've had it once before and you, like Daniel said, are working in a job where you're enjoying what you were doing most days, not even all days, but most days are good ones for you. This commentary originally appeared in Roll Call on February 17, 2015.

The junior staffers actually are paying a lower premium we're hearing, under the D.C. exchange. They're pretty much on a scale of first responders of the military in terms of how important their office culture is, how important their goals are, connecting their goals to a broader meaning.

Here's Daniel in Washington, D.C. Daniel, you're on the air. Democrat, Republican, it didn't matter, they were really depressed. Working on Capitol Hill involves a great deal of responsibility and power needed to address many of the problems and challenges that veterans, and our Nation, face on a day-to-day basis. Two recent Congressional research service reports indicate that real wages are declining for staffers. People who are just out of college. FITCHAnd frankly, in part, it's because it's boring.

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