Great post. Backlunds, Bigleaf Maples in the Pacific Northwest can produce sap for 5 months This way I can minimize the size of the wound I leave.

produce syrup, the water must be evaporated off until the sugar concentration It's too soon to tell, but the benefits of tapping large bigleaf maples might be that greater numbers of trees are left standing and not logged off. It all adds up to a shrinking range for bigleaf maples. Bigleaf Maple Syrup Production Bigleaf maple syrup is a speciality food item that is harvested from Bigleaf Maples located in our traditional territory here on Vancouver Island, BC.

The bark has a greyish-brown to reddish-brown colour. One can collect sap from the time the leaves fall off the trees, until the leaves start budding in the spring.

impart (for better or worse) a smoky flavor on the sap.

The maple syrup that comes from a Bigleaf Maple tree goes through a long process from photosynthesis to ending up in an artisan bottle of Kleekhoot Gold Bigleaf Maple Syrup.

When I am ready for my final processing I thaw out my frozen sap and bring it back to a boil. base of the tree. My friend Carla of Wild Wines was just talking about tapping Big Leaf Maples in Southern Oregon!! These trees can also generally be found within hardwood forests or open coniferous and mixed evergreen forests.

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Our mission is to re-connect humanity with the natural systems that surround us. It's been frosty & sunny.

He says the goal is to plant a lot more trees on the farm and find new tapping ground. and network of hobbyists and businesses on Vancouver Island, Elise Krohn's Wild Foods and Medicines blog, Plants for a Future- Database of wild foods, Native American Ethnobotany- Moerman's searchable databse, My Foraging Library (Key-word searchable), Wild Food Books (ID, harvesting, processing, cooking), Seaweed and Seacritter ID Websites and Books, Ethnobiology Digital Resources (Museums & Archives), Ethnobiology Societies and Study Opportunities, Rules for foraging on public land in the Pacific Northwest, Mountain Berries: Huckleberries, Bilberries, and Blueberries (oh my!

Interested in getting some hands-on experience processing syrup as well as a myriad of other wild foods? Your sap has a much higher sugar content at this stage so you must keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t burn. "That's insane.

Once I have a few gallons of sap saved up I like to boil it down to fit into a much smaller container then put it in the freezer until I am ready to do my final processing. This forest-fairy web of tubing will feed the sap via gravity to a collection point along a forest road. Wild food experiments and personal foraging accounts from the Pacific Northwest centering on Northwest Washington and Southern Vancouver Island, Superb it is!Thanks for the sample ;)Thoroughly enjoyed your write up of the process too. The scientists seek to understand the ecology of the trees and demonstrate the profitability of the product. The sap runs up the tree carrying sugar and nutrients to buds and leaves, adding growth to the girth of a tree's rings. Bigleaf Maple Syrup. Is it worth it, taste, sap flow?

The ratio of sap to syrup ends up being about 43:1.

Anna King/Northwest News Network In early December, I tapped a few stems I therefore make sure I collect my sap every 2 or 3 days. The maple syrup that comes from a Bigleaf Maple is different to that of an eastern maple tree, which is also called a sugar maple. Williams dips a finger into the syrup and tastes: vanilla, caramel, smoke. Typically the leaves are 15-30cm wide and five-lobed. Early spring flowers of Red Flowering Currant Continuing my series of traditional food plants that are rarely eaten these days, I t... © 2011-2012 T. Abe Lloyd. I just drill a hole in the top of my container and slide it in. "You just want to serve the most-considered ingredients.".

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