He actually manages to bond with Billy quite a bit. We'll take care of Bill! Soon, the stench of the brownies spreads through the world and starts resurrecting dead people, animals, and even food, as zombies.

Likes: Boys, Pigs, Stickers, Sweaters, Art, her friends, and her family, Journeyed with his family to save Waddles from a Pterodactyl, Managed to fight off Bill Cipher in Stan's mindscape, Sung in a three part harmony with grunkle Stan which destroyed a whole horde of zombies, Help to find, fend off, and disband the "Blind Eye Society, Defeated Blendin in the futuristic combat games of "Globnar" and gained a "Time Wish", Retrieved the four elemental Gnome Gemulets and defeated the evil spirit Gremularth (Legend of the Gnome Gemulets), Fought through hoards of enemies in a video game version of Gravity Falls to eventually have a show down with/rematch with Rumble McSkirmish (Rumble's Revenge), Went on adventures through different time lines along with Blendin Blandin until they defeated the time pirates and obtained their treasure (Dipper and Mabel and the curse of the pirate's treasure), Assisted in bringing down Bill Cipher once and for all, Out witted a wax version of Sherlock Holmes, Saved Wendy and her friends from vengeful ghosts, Trained under the Manotaurs and defeated the Multi-Bear in combat, Survived a beating from Rumble McSkirmish, Managed to capture/subdue a Gremloblin for the Mystery Shack, Rescued his sister from Gideon (who was in a giant robot), Helped to outsmart and capture a shapeshifter, Saved Grunkle Ford from being carried off into space by an alien craft, Helped free Mabel from Bill Cipher's prison bubble, Rescued Dipper from being killed by a crazed Gideon Gleeful, Her silliness allowed her and Dipper to uncover the truth about the true founder of Gravity Falls: Quentin Trembley (Who then made her an official US Congresswoman shortly after), Helped get Mermando the Merman back home to the ocean, Freed the boyband "Sev'ral Timez" from their oppressive producer (As well as herself), Out smarted Bill Cipher when he took control of Dipper's body, Along with Stan and Grenda; Helped rescue Dipper and Great Uncle Ford from "Probabilitor", Along with her friends; Beat the snot out of some unicorns and took their mane hair and their treasure, Are still human children over all, regardless of their feats/abilities, Size altering crystals can be used against them both (as well as other weapons), Their nightmares/fears can be used against them in the mindscape/dream world (Though they can still fight back/fight through it), Bare handed strikes are weaker than Mabel's (Unless he has the battle cuffs equipped), Can panic if things go awry leaving him slightly less rationally (Though he can snap out of it), If he gets desperate enough, he can make bad decisions, When dealing with the super natural, he can rely too much on the journal for answers/solutions (Which it doesn't always contain), If he summons zombies, Things will go from bad to worse, Isn't nowhere near as intelligent as Dipper, Isn't much of a fighter (Though she will fight back/attack when pushed too far), Pets: Milkshakes, Mr. Snuggles, and Daisy, Occupation: Student at Endsville Elementary School, King of Asgard, and Superhero, Alias: Mandy, Lord Mandy, President Mandy, Classification: Human, An Immortality giant worm (In the Future), Brain eating meteor (She cannot transform but has the ability when a meteor sucks her brain), Occupation: A Student at Endsville Elementary, Ruler of the world (In the Future as a giant worm), The Supreme leader of the Kids Next Door (Temporarily), A Napkin Collector (Only in the episode Dream Mutt), President of the United States (Underfist: Halloween Bash), Stop the Boogeyman from taking over the world with horror's hand.

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