Position near the driveway or to frame the front entry. Blue Point Juniper Spacing. Blue Point is drought tolerant but cannot thrive in standing water. This juniper makes a great privacy hedge or wind barrier. Do not allow the mulch to touch the trunk as this increases the chances of pests and disease. Increase the frequency you water the juniper in fall before the first frost. When planting be sure to mix the fertilizer into the ground soil well before placing your new plant in the hole to prevent fertilizer burn. Start the mulch layer about 3 inches from the juniper's trunk and end it at the outer edge of the juniper's canopy. They do like a neutral to acidic soil so if you know you have an alkaline soil choose an acidic fertilizer (most fertilizers for evergreens are acidic). Junipers are drought tolerant after establishing and even moreso after being in the ground about two years. Ordered 6 blue point junipers, 18" to 2' tall. Once winter arrives with a frost, decrease watering to about once each month. Looks great... Introduction Gorgeous Cherry Red Blooms over Deep Purple Leaves Blooms from summer into fall! *Orders ship in 1-3 days.

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This evergreen can be used in a variety of areas throughout the yard. It's a great Juniper for making topiaries! -- Juniper (Cupressaceae), Fine Gardening: Genus Juniperus (Juniper).

After planting, adding a layer of 2 to 3 inches of mulch will help keep the soil moist. Design Ideas Pyramidal form and massive size makes it a popular specimen for lawns, which accentuate its blue coloring. Simply avoid pruning during … Tolerates temps below 0 with proper care Planting zones 5 to 11! Pruning: The Blue Point Juniper doesn’t need a lot of manicured care, but if you’d like to shape your tree as a topiary, prune it annually. Easy to care for...plant it and enjoy it.

Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point' is a uniform-growing dwarf conical selection of Chinese juniper with dense branching holding prickly blue-gray foliage. Add some Flowering Cherry trees in the front and you'll have a super colorful privacy screen. Are you looking to get creative? Ensure that no part of the burlap touches the juniper. How to Care for a Decorative Juniper Spiral, How to Care for a Cedar of Lebanon Bonsai, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service: Juniperus Silicicola, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service: Winter Protection for Landscape Plants, University of Rhode Island Landscape Horticulture Program: Pruning Evergreens, Ohio State University: Juniperus Spp. For additional options, be sure to browse our Thuja Green Giant as well as our Privacy hedge, Privacy tree and Evergreen collections. Looking for something taller and blue? It's great for on each side of a window to soften up the appearance of your house and add height to your landscape. As long as you avoid extreme temperatures you can plant your Juniper almost any time of the year.

Juniper Tree Care in the Winter. Plants are very healthy and the big surprise was that they are about 34" tall. Once it has acclimated to your landscape, reduce your frequency of watering. For severe infections the pesticide Bonide is recommended. Never Bareroot... All plants come rooted into a container with soil. *some images are of mature trees and shrubs. Blue Point Juniper Care. Will definitely purchase from Planting Tree again and will recommend to family and friends! Make each cut straight and right outside the branch collar. Introduction Most Popular New Maple Variety Fast Growing - 3 to 5 feet per year under ideal conditions Reaches heights of 40-50 feet Great tree fo... IntroductionA Dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce that is Perfect for Smaller Yards! Look no further with the Blue Point Juniper. Fertilize when planting and in early spring yearly with a slow release fertilizer. After the first 12 months, you can consider your "Blue Point" juniper shrub fully established. Our Horticulturist's and landscape experts are here to help with planting and landscaping ideas. Plants were received in just days and were in great condition! Pigmy Barberry and Loropetalum are both great choices for red.

Junipers are great "street shrubs" as they tolerate pollution and salt well. Watering Blue Point Juniper. A branch collar is where one branch grows from another branch or the trunk; it is slightly raised. Junipers thrive in full sun to part sun and adapt to any soil that is well drained. After your plants are established, they only need watered during hot, dry spells. Plants arrived in excellent condition. Plants need water, but the watering amount varies in different plants. Avoid saturated soils to prevent fungal issues in Junipers. Water your Juniper deeply a couple times a week for the first month or two. 3. Summer Plants does not need much watering but some Vegetables plant does need lots of water. Install frost and wind protection measures for a young juniper or one exposed to weather. Gorgeous blue color and rich ... Introduction Add Tropical Flare Even in Cold Climates! Fertilizing: Feed your Blue Point with a slow-release fertilizer before new growth begins in the spring. Plant each Juniper about 6-8 feet apart for a privacy. Water the plant deeply, and wait until the top 2 inches of soil dry before watering the plant again. Give a juniper the best chance of surviving winter by planting a variety that is hardy in your region and by placing it in a spot where it can grow well. Drive four stakes, which are taller than the plant, into the ground so their tops are slightly taller than the plant.

Our family owned nursery takes great pride in the quality of each plant.

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