But while fibreboard is made from reconstituted wood and makes a typically expensive commodity like furniture more accessible, there’s an apparent downside to its use. It’s time for businesses to acknowledge fibreboard’s harsh environmental impact and for us, as consumers, to make smarter, more ethical choices. That usage in turn allows for more affordable wares. “It was [about] filling that gap,” says Nathan.

The result is an assortment that offers an unbeatable combination of comfort, versatility, and durability. “A client wanted a huge desk, and he said he was renting, so I talked him down into getting a small desk, or two desks,” says Nathan. This heritage now plays out across a timeless—yet distinctly modern—collection. Heimur also takes an individualised approach to furniture making. www.built-to-last.com Another critical part of our recent work and growth has centered on reimagining the Feather brand. Annelie Sjöqvist, Senior Communications Specialist at IKEA, tells Matters, “One of our commitments is to become a circular business, which means that we, among other things, will only use recycled or renewable materials and design all new products from the very beginning to be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold and recycled – generating as little waste as possible.” The scale of impact that big players like IKEA can have when they start to adopt sustainability measures is colossal. “That’s part of our job: educating.” In fact, renters make up a solid chunk of Heimur’s target demographic. Photos by Stephen Kent Johnson; Limen is a handcrafted heirloom teapot—nuanced by the centuries-old tradition of Swiss folk ceramics. This isn’t a sweeping solution to this issue, and fibreboard is still rotting away in landfills. Studio Seitz named in the annual selection of the best in Swiss design. It’s taken a lot of focus and hard work getting to this point, and we still have a long way to go until we’ve achieved our long-term vision.

Thoughtful design meets heirloom quality. “It’s not something that can just rot away in the ground,” says Nathan Lawrence, designer and founder of Melbourne-based furniture label Heimur. So, while choosing the cheaper option is understandable, a product that breaks easily or is purchased with the intention of being thrown out is not sustainable. Our stable bench is a modern interpretation of a Swiss classic. One of my favorite things about our new assortment is that these designs were inspired by direct feedback from our customers. The introduction of these 200+ exclusive Feather items is extremely exciting for so many reasons. “Regardless of what timber species you use, the sustainable thing is [that] you’re buying furniture to last,” Nathan stresses. per page . 2 years in the making: I'm so very proud to be introducing furniture designed and manufactured by Feather. The Seitz family is one of many early craftspeople whose work influenced the handicrafts industry across northern Switzerland—dating back to 1795. Time and again, we’ve heard from our customers that our service feels like magic, a way to instantly transform any four walls into a place of restoration, comfort, and retreat. The Feather archway is a universal symbol of passage and of welcome, a fitting embodiment of what many people feel as they retreat from the commotion of everyday life and enter a sanctuary of their own making. 2.9K likes.

The “Ralph Stool and the “Study Desk” by Heimur. Today we have new brand colors, new fonts, a new photography style, and a new mark. Along the way, we thought critically about the value our service provides, and gained an even deeper appreciation of what home means to busy city renters.

Mason, infuriated by the wastefulness and the subsequent loss of revenue, set out to find a way to use these undesirable materials. So we can assume the market for fibreboard goods is heavily populated with young renters opting for an affordable and practical alternative to timber furniture. Custom FURNITURE. Built To Last: Introducing Furniture Designed & Manufactured By Feather Published on June 24, 2020 June 24, 2020 • 373 Likes • 46 Comments

We strive to build upon these traditions that precede us—upholding modernist principles with tactile simplicity. Now more than ever, Feather is committed to helping customers find  joy, comfort, flexibility, and magic in their homes. Engineered with a focus on component parts, this furniture is meant to live multiple lives in multiple homes and is specifically designed to be refurbished and redeployed over and over.

Heritage brought to the modern home. The heritage of our family’s past has greatly inspired the collection we have designed for today. We heard from the Feather community that people loved the furniture we were offering, but they wanted more variety and more selection. IKEA is committed to creating a circular business model. And while Mason’s discovery wasn’t the first instance of wood fibre being used to create a material, this instance represented another opportunity to repurpose materials deemed useless, and a step forward in wood products being utilised more in craftsmanship. As a furniture company, we’re thrilled to offer a product that we believe in so deeply.

Our Modern living room furniture is built with a steel frame, high resilience foam and durable fabrics. For example, IKEA has made pledges to be more sustainable by 2020 and to use entirely renewable and recycled materials by 2030.

We needed a more expansive look and feel to reflect the evolution of our business. Built to Last Our Frames However good looking your furniture, whether it’s a traditional leather Chesterfield sofa or something more modern, its quality and durability depends largely on what you can't see - namely the frame around which the armchair, sofa or footstool is constructed. We’re witnessing a moment in history when people rely on their living spaces to work, eat, dream, play, and connect. But businesses aren’t entirely to blame – some are trying to mitigate the issue.

From day one we wanted Feather to be more joyful, more flexible, and ultimately more sustainable than the fast furniture options that have dominated the market. These brand changes reflect all the resilience, determination, and multifaceted potential that we see in this new generation of renters. The process of refreshing our brand began many months ago in a pre-COVID world. The Napfständer is a raised feeder for the family hound. The mission of brands like Heimur is to fill the gap between bespoke, expensive furniture and cheaper fibreboard options. It’s just adding to the problem.”. Extraordinary teamwork leads to anything-but-ordinary results. Words by Sam Nichols Photos courtesy of Heimur.

Although this doesn’t address concerns about fibreboard’s longevity, it does address wastage. “[It’s a product] you need to wear masks for, and they’re just being thrown out [and] left on the street. It's not just the use of recycled and ethically sourced timber that makes Heimur a sustainable brand - their steadfast approach to making high quality, long-lasting product ensures their furniture won't end up ditched by the roadside. Nathan Lawrence from Heimur showing his confidence in the structural integrity of his multi-functional bed-base by sitting underneath it. Fibreboard, in all of its densities, is less durable than timber – particleboard, the weakest form, lasts five years on average. Built to Last Outdoor Furniture, Moyock, North Carolina. Feather furniture is built to last. We were able to apply all that we’ve learned about furniture performance and the unique challenges of city living in the way we constructed this furniture. Built To Last, Inc. was established in May of 2000. Site Development by Erin Zobitz. Because of this strong history in craft, it’s important for us to carry the tradition through the preservation and modern interpretation of local Swiss techniques. Furniture / Tables & seating / Sofas; Filters. Meet the collection.

This, above all else, is core to our brand and we wanted to express that. Double up and spread the light with these reversible brass candleholders. Since launching Feather in 2017, my team and I have been obsessed with designing a better furniture experience for a new generation of renters—one that truly fits the way people live today. All rights reserved. Bringing this vision to life involved countless hours of teamwork, multiple trips to our manufacturing facilities, conversations about durable design, and a relentless dedication to choosing the best materials.

Delivering specialised advice, economical prices, lifelong repairs and multifunctional pieces like beds with storage components, Heimur’s goal is to make long-lasting furniture more appealing, functional and practical. Furthermore, the presence of the toxic chemical formaldehyde not only presents concerns from occupational exposure, it also means that, unlike timber, fibreboard is typically non-recyclable. Learn more about our furniture making process.

The rebranding process challenged our team to look inward, to explore the themes and beliefs that distinguish Feather from everyone else. We pride ourselves on our superior quality products while maintaining fantastic turn around time. market editor Madeline O’Malley and AD PRO associate editor Mel Studach sit down to recap the latest industry news.

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