While Business @ the Speed of Thought does not provide a records management perspective, the information in this book brings insights that can lend support to the argument that technology has given records managers improved tools to do their jobs while actively changing the perception of their profession. It consists of the advanced digital processes that knowledge workers use to make better decisions —to think, act, react, and adapt. #4 Integrity, the First Trust Aspect Businessmen and women who are trustworthy will always have integrity. See details. Contents – Business @ The Speed Of Thought. Information Flow is Your Lifeblood Information work is thinking work. Please take a moment to pin this post to Pinterest. A bad business plan will fail however good your information is.

*getAbstract is summarizing much more than books. Restoring trust can happen but it takes exponentially more effort and repeated success than establishing trust for the first time does. Business @ The Speed Of Thought Business @ The Speed Of Thought. Rather, its value lies in the glimpse it gives of the world through the eyes of one of its richest and most influential men. Most work in every business is “information work,” a term coined by Michael Dertouzos Access a free summary of The Speed of Trust, by Stephen M.R. For experts – You’ll get the higher-level knowledge/instructions you need as an expert. Organizational trust is what happens when everyone within a company or group trusts one another, increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of activity. That’s the byline of The Speed Of Trust, and it couldn’t be more accurate.. This summary of the ideas from Bill Gates' book "Business @ The Speed of Thought" shows that competitive business advantage in the 21st century will revolve around an organization’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances rapidly. An opportunity I wouldn’t let escape. Look closely and you’ll see that this book was written by Stephen. Scientific – You’ll get facts and figures grounded in scientific research. Computers are really important. But chasing after riches is not a good intention that will net you trustworthy relationships in the long run. Market trust is achieved when you get a good reputation for your business model or your results.

A summary of Part X (Section6) in Christopher Collier & James Lincoln Collier's My Brother Sam is Dead. This manifests in a so-called “trust tax” which causes people to be less open with their actual desires and fears and which slows the speed of progress and business.

I have a simple but strong belief: how you gather, manage, and use information will decide whether you win or lose. This is a skill that takes some experience to learn effectively, and it only comes when you trust in others. #6 Know Your Capabilities Trustworthy people understand their own capabilities and will work to develop new skills and capabilities over time. You don’t want to necessarily distrust people, but you need to learn how to extend trust without making yourself overly vulnerable or by learning how to spot potential liabilities or those who would abuse your trust. Business @ the Speed of Thought Summary is a compendium of Bill Gates' prophecies for the future uttered back in 1998. Innovative – You can expect some truly fresh ideas and insights on brand-new products or trends. In a low-trust relationship, you can be very measured, even precise, and they’ll still misinterpret you.”, “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior. Well structured – You’ll find this to be particularly well organized to support its reception or application. When thinking and working together are significantly assisted by computer technology, you have a digital nervous system. This summary of the ideas from Bill Gates' book "Business @ The Speed of Thought" shows that competitive business advantage in the 21st century will revolve around an organization’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances rapidly. Hot Topic – You’ll find yourself in the middle of a highly debated issue. It usually requires a significant amount of self-observation and repeated good behavior, often without the expectation of reward. Business at the Speed of Thought . You need to develop a positive intent for your actions and business model rather than simply trying to earn short-term profits. Nobody can help you if your processes aren’t efficient, if you don’t care about quality, if you don’t work hard to build your brand, if your customer service is poor. Business @ the Speed of Thought came out in 1999. He lives with his wife and daughter in Seattle, WA. If you’re using a PC or Mac you can read this ebook online in a web browser, without downloading anything or installing software. From Disabled and $500k in Debt to a Pro Blogger with 5 Million Monthly Visitors, Speed of Trust Quick Summary: 15 Core Principles in 3 Minutes, The Culture Code Speed Summary: 15 Core Principles…, "From Disabled and $500k in Debt to a Pro Blogger with 5 Million Monthly Visitors. Here's what the ratings mean: Applicable – You’ll get advice that can be directly applied in the workplace or in everyday situations. You may need to develop a new intent after learning this. In the year ending June 1999, the Microsoft Corporation had a total income of $19.75 billion. Any company that can integrate the transfer of information around the organization so completely that business decisions at all levels of the organization can literally be made as quickly as information becomes available will be ideally suited to the demands and requirements of the evolving business environment.Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand the key concepts • Increase your business knowledgeTo learn more, read "Business @ The Speed of Thought" and discover an insight into the Digital Nervous System, the ‘‘killer application’’ of business in the 21st century. As Gates sees it, the migration of data to the electronic state from paper was the seminal event of our age, and his book gives his take on its implications - hardly an irrelevant picture coming from the head of the world’s dominant software company. For beginners – You’ll find this to be a good primer if you’re a learner with little or no prior experience/knowledge. Covey likens trust to self-confidence, which is only created when your competence and your character integrity come together. Concrete Examples – You’ll get practical advice illustrated with examples of real-world applications or anecdotes. Overview – You’ll get a broad treatment of the subject matter, mentioning all its major aspects. This vulnerability is rarely seen in the business world, but it is absolutely crucial for any trustworthy person.

Bill Gates, a college dropout, is the chairman of Microsoft Corp. and has more money than anyone else in the world (over $100 billion). Comprehensive – You’ll find every aspect of the subject matter covered.

Analytical – You’ll understand the inner workings of the subject matter. Covey describes integrity as the ability to be honest whatever you can, even if you mess up or make a big mistake that costs your business time and money.

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