I live right by the restaurant .

Read: protects them from other diners. My god, can’t you find good in anything? Look at the pic!

By repositioning the pods so they have the city-required either (8) feet of clearance we could all get safely by.

it was very convenient and at the same time ‘cute” For the people who complain, either you are jealous not to have them in your neiboro, or you are simply a negative person,Sorry for you.

“They feel cozy. “With everything going on in this world, eating in a bubble is about one of the best experiences we can have,” said Valerie Worthy, as she dined with two coworkers. “To survive the winter is very complicated,” Rousselot says. When temperatures drop below 45 degrees, the restaurant plans to reconsider how long to keep the bubbles open (they can’t be heated inside because of the clear, plastic material). “It’s like a camping tent that looks like a cap on the moon.”.

“Like she said, I’m waiting for my prince to get here.”, Reporting by Reuters TV; Writing by Richard Chang; Editing by Rosalba O’Brien. Restaurants can also reopen for indoor dining at 25% capacity on Wednesday.

They’re back.

They’re not specifically for COVID, they’re just regular bubbles.

Déjà vu!

The casual ambiance, exciting specials, themed French specialty nights and our Outside Bubble Table make Café du Soleil a popular New York City Bistro. And the sidewalks belong to the City, i.e. Maybe people in Beijing would prefer our quality of life.

this seems no different than eating inside. indoor dining. These businesses are fighting for their life and Fifteen bubbles saved Chevreux much toil and trouble. Café du Soleil installed 18 geodesic domes to help lure diners still wanting to dine outside. I am masked so what’s the problem?

Not so simple when you’re an elderly person with a walker or a cane (ask me how I know); a wheelchair user; a parent with a double stroller; a dog walker; a delivery person with a handcart; an EMT team answering an emergency. Full capacity . Ok what if you don’t have air or windows that open ? I even have a uv hepa filter in each and bought a fogger to sanitize everything in between seatings. At the time, the government hadn’t given the greenlight on indoor dining, so Rousselot wanted a way to extend al fresco dining a bit longer. Try another?

Popular menu items include a Provencal-style rotisserie chicken, grass-fed steak au poivre and a winter menu rolling out next week featuring a hearty cassoulet. there are so many comments from selfish, lazy whiners.

This is gonna hold us until it’s really cold.”.

Plenty of room to walk then…O but safety, forgetaboutit! Remember the igloo-like domes popping up everywhere last winter (including at Time Out Market New York)? My parent’s owned a pharmacy from 1968 – 2000 in Rockland County. Want to know what’s cool in the city before your friends do?Sign up to our newsletter for the latest and greatest from NYC and beyond.

I like this restaurant, eat here often. WABC was the first to use them and they became the big thing and very profitable for our customer. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays.

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