This is an ideal place to park if you are biking the trails. The Cheakamus River trails and the Interpretive Forest don't have any facilities such as outhouses or picnic tables. If you are hiking, however, you might want to drive a couple hundred metres past and then turn left onto Cheakamus Lake Road. On its journey the river passes through Cheakamus Lake, before exiting and flowing northwest until it turns south and enters Daisy Lake. On the left you’ll see the entrance to the short Interpretive forest trail. Most people start on Riverside Trail, cross the suspension bridge and come back on Farside Trail to this point (above). Hiking and biking trails have sprung up over the years making the area a wonderful place to explore. It costs the same as it does to camp at Garibaldi Lake, Taylor Meadows, Helm Creek, Cheakamus Lake, Singing Creek, Russet Lake, Wedgemount Lake, Elfin Lakes & Rampart Ponds. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); The lake sits in an almost cartoonish looking, volcano-shaped bowl, with one side of the bowl a crumbling array of truck sized boulders leading down to the lake.

Turn left at the Function Junction/Cheakamus crossing. Every time we come here we see something new, like these holes in this tree. Check out our Whistler hiking guide for September! The Riverside trail and the Farside trail run on either side of Cheakamus River and connect at both ends by bridges. Unfortunately, the Interpretive Forest is day-use only, no camping is permitted. Check out our Whistler hiking guide for September! These areas consist of the Riverside Trail, Farside Trail, Discovery Loop, Ridge Trail, Riparian Interpretive Trail, Crater Rim Trail, Craterview Loop, Plantation Loop, Biogeoclimatic Loop and Crater Lookout. The main highlights of the Interpretive Forest are the Cheakamus River trails, and the extraordinary Logger's Lake. Logger's Lake, just a short hike from the Cheakamus River suspension bridge, sits within a 10000 year old, extinct volcano and is a hiking destination on its own. Local knowledge: Farside Trail and Riverside Trail are collectively known to locals as the “Riverside Loop” because they join up via a suspension bridge about 2 km up river. This is an ideal place to park if you are biking the trails. It doesn’t take long for something to be turned into a work of art in Whistler – in this case, “yarn bombing” has given the bridge a flash of colour. As a result makes it the warmest lake for swimming in Whistler. Driving to Cheakamus River from Village Gate Boulevard in Whistler Village, drive south toward Vancouver for 7.9km. The HI Whistler Hostel is a huge hostel and looks inside and out like a hotel. Walking along the Cheakamus River and Lake was a joy. Or, continue past the bridge to connect with the Sea to Sky trail.

They also meet two kilometres upriver at the suspension bridge. Trash trail hugs the river all the way to the beautiful bridge to Whistler Train Wreck. This beautiful forest surrounds the Cheakamus River and has been cut and replanted in several areas in the past decades. Located next to the vehicle/pedestrian bridge over the river, this is where the Farside and Riverside trails meet. After turning off the highway at the sign for Whistler Bungee and Cal-Cheak, you will almost immediately see the campsite on your right, and further along on your left. As it turns out, time and local effort has transformed this mess into a wonderful work of art, an extraordinary bike park, and a great place to hike. At the suspension bridge you will find parking areas on either side of the river. If you are after a very scenic 4 kilometre(1 hour) hike through the beautiful forest along the river to the Cheakamus River suspension bridge, then back along the other side of the river, parking near this junction is possibly the best place to do it. The view looking up-river from the suspension bridge into Garibaldi Provincial Park. The Whistler Interpretive Forest trailhead parking just off the Sea to Sky Highway is large, easy to find and adjacent to the Sea to Sky Trail.

Continuing strait takes you along the left side of Cheakamus River and taking the right fork follows the opposite side. Eight kilometres south of Whistler Village and surrounding the recently constructed neighbourhood of Cheakamus Crossing is Whistler Interpretive Forest. Sloquet Hot Springs is a wonderfully wild set of shallow, man-made pools fed by a small, all natural, and very hot, waterfall. This trail actually cuts through the Interpretive Forest's parking lot.

Cheakamus Lake is another beautiful hiking trail near the Cheakamus River trails. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There are several excellent places to park to begin hiking or biking around the Cheakamus River. Once the woodpecker has abandoned its nest holes they become shelter for many species including swifts, owls, bats, and pine martens. s.async = true; No motorised vehicles on the trails either. The Flank Trail is one of these. There are several excellent vantage points to see the river and the amazing Cheakamus River suspension bridge is one of the best. Trail is not strenuous and there are many rewards - river, lake, forest and snow capped mountains. Logger's Lake is an amazing little lake hidden up in the deep forest above Cheakamus River. The Cheakamus River trails consist of two trails that link via the suspension bridge at one end and the vehicle bridge in Cheakamus Crossing. For the most part, however, if you are talking about the Cheakamus River trails you are likely talking about the Farside and Riverside trails in Whistler's Interpretive Forest. The Cheakamus River trails centre around two core trails that link via the Cheakamus Bridge at one end and the Cheakamus Crossing Bridge at the other. There are excellent road and trail signs at this junction and the ones further along.

The portion of the river that can be accessed easily from Whistler has a network of dual-use hiking and biking trails running along either side of its banks – making it the perfect place for a sunny afternoon wander. Alexander Falls Maps  Ancient Cedars Maps  Black Tusk Maps  Blackcomb Maps  Brandywine Falls Maps  Brandywine Meadows Maps  Brew Lake Maps  Callaghan Lake Maps  Cheakamus Lake Maps  Cheakamus River Maps  Cirque Lake Maps  Garibaldi Lake Maps  Helm Creek Maps  Joffre Lakes Maps  Keyhole Maps  Logger’s Lake Maps  Madeley Lake Map Meager Hot Springs Maps  Nairn Falls Maps  Panorama Ridge Maps  Parkhurst Maps  Rainbow Falls Maps  Rainbow Lake Maps  Ring Lake Maps  Russet Lake Maps  Skookumchuck Maps  Sloquet Hot Springs Maps  Sproatt Maps  Taylor Meadows Maps  Train Wreck Maps  Wedgemount Lake Maps  Whistler Mountain Maps, Alexander Falls  Ancient Cedars  Black Tusk  Blackcomb Mountain  Brandywine Falls  Brandywine Meadows  Brew Lake  Callaghan Lake  Cheakamus Lake  Cheakamus River  Cirque Lake  Flank Trail  Garibaldi Lake  Garibaldi Park  Helm Creek  Joffre Lakes  Keyhole Hot Springs  Logger’s Lake  Madeley Lake  Meager Hot Springs Nairn Falls  Newt Lake  Panorama Ridge  Parkhurst Ghost Town  Rainbow Falls  Rainbow Lake  Ring Lake  Russet Lake  Sea to Sky Trail  Skookumchuck Hot Springs  Sloquet Hot Springs  Mount Sproatt  Taylor Meadows  Train Wreck  Wedgemount Lake  Whistler Mountain, January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December. These areas consist of the Riverside trail, Farside trail, Discovery Loop, Ridge trail, Riparian Interpretive trail, Crater Rim trail, Craterview Loop, Plantation Loop, Biogeoclimatic Loop, Crater Lookout and more.

})(document, 'script', '//'); Mount Meager erupted here 2400 years ago and filled the valley with debris that cemented into rock that blocked Lillooet River.

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