I guess my old library teachers were just to strict about how to treat books. This works for adults also as a fun wrapping for a gift card. an Instructable on How to Carve a Pumpkin That Replicates the Look of a Shaded Drawing. Fold the top corner of the page into the spine. I can’t resist buying them when they’re donated to the charity shop! Homemade gift ideas. I like to use a paper back book because there is something in me that just can't tear up a hard back book no matter what it is.

Keep folding and folding and folding. I’m using a copy of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to make mine so I can put in on my mantel this Christmas .

I made full Christmas trees and discarded the rest of the book that I didn’t need last year. Be sure to choose a book that has glue on the backing so the pages will stay together when you divide the pages. For this pattern you need a hardback book of 20 cm+ tall ,790+ pages What you get: 1) instruction + free heart pattern(45 folds) to practice ; 2) pattern for 395 folds The pattern will be download instantly after…, Welcome to my shop. I thought maybe I'd would be smart to fold all the pages first then go start marking them. If you are going to do a grouping than choose ones of different heights. I mean, we don’t have kids but my husband is a little leery of leaving me alone with sharp objects. Pattern is a PDF Instant Download Can be posted or emailed on request If you are new to Book Folding you can find me on facebook where we have full starter guides and friendly chat and advice - Crafty Hana's Book Folding Patterns & Papercrafts…, CHRISTMAS TREE - ONE PATTERN TWO LOOKS LOOK 1 - WITHOUT FOLDED BACKDROP (205 folds, 410 pages) LOOK 2 - WITH FOLDED BACKDROP (257 folds, 514 pages) Book height should 23cm plus (this allows for a 3cm margin top and bottom) Both patterns use the measure and fold method. Bend the cover pages back if needed to make it stable. It's very simple to create. Pattern in the files ... See MoreSee Less. No special skills or tools required! I love the way this turned out. You are now ready to start folding your tree. Carry on doing this for every page. Folded Book Art Pattern – Christmas Tree $ 3.99. The third fold is the most tricky. The addition of buttons and snowflakes makes it appear even more splendid. The second is the most important and a little more difficult. In the fold you just take the little point at the bottom that was created by the second fold and fold it back under toward the inside to finish the bottom of the tree. What an incredible piece of art can you create by just folding the pages of an old, unused book! Go ahead--just rip it off. I have used children's books and then hidden a gift card inside. It is based on a book of 21cms in height. The end result is so impressive to look at as well as … You are purchasing a pattern to allow you to fold your own book pattern. to help give you the best experience we can. A folded book Christmas tree makes fantastic holiday decor. This Folded Book Art Pattern forms the silhouette of a Christmas Tree. Find book folding patterns by Page number, Book height, Designer, Category and Fold method.

Place a dab of glue on the center of the top of your completed paperback book tree. Using the glitter glue, put dots of different colours all over the pages.

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