font-style: normal; font-weight: 400;line-height:20px; margin-right: -4px; overflow: hidden; This page is for information regarding events and activities at the Clark County Fair. } border: 2px solid #05b3c6 !important; background: transparent;

div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.layout-filter div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area [class*="lcp-col"]{ .tooltipster-sidetip.sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224style.tooltipster-top .tooltipster-arrow-border { border-bottom-color: #000000;

div.sp-logo-section-id-5fa00eb95f224.nav_position_bottom_left, div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .sp-lcp-item:hover.sp-lcp-item-border{ margin: 0; ... Clarke County Fairgrounds … } div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .sp-lcp-item .sp-lcp-item-border, border-top-color: #000000; div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224 [class*="lcp-col"]{ color: #ffffff; } div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.layout-carousel div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224 .sp-lcp-item { div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_vertical_center div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next, Your Window of … border-radius: 0; background: #05b3c6; Add your 4-H event to the upcoming events – Contact US! padding-bottom: 10px; }

border: 2px solid #000000; Committees; 4H Resources . margin-top: -33px; Indiana's 4-H Youth Development program provides youth the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational opportunities intended to develop life skills. 1882. border-left-color: #000000; Eight days of 4-H shows, entertainment, food, rides and lots and lots of family fun. div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .sp-lcp-item.sp-lcp-item-border{

3. border-color: #dddddd; Sponsors. padding-bottom: 8px; .tooltipster-sidetip.sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224style.tooltipster-right .tooltipster-arrow-border { padding-left: 4px; div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_bottom_right div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next{ Our staff and facilities are flexible, versatile, adaptable, and affordable. 2019 Clark County 4-H Fair; 2020 Project Handbook; Become a Sponsor; Membership Info; 4H Clubs; 2019 Indiana State Fair Results; Get Involved; 2019 4-H Fair Winners; 4-H Workshops; Helpful Links; Contact Us Edit or delete it, then start writing! Filled with community, family legacies, animal shows, and some great barbecue chicken, you won’t want to miss being a part of the great things our fair has to offer. color: #ffffff; } } div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.sp-logo-section-id-5fa00eb95f224.nav_position_bottom_right, Get active in the 4H program.

div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_bottom_left div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-prev, Horse Show . margin-right: -4px; div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_vertical_center div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fa00eb95f224.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-prev,

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