Two branches ordinarily form a division which is normally headed by a deputy secretary.

Because of its innate flexibility, the post of OSD lends itself to use as a training post. Even at its best, I consider the arrangement to be unsatisfactory.

However, women held only 8% of the highest administrative posts (DHA), incorporating the functions of the UN Disaster Relief Office The desk officer reports to deputy secretary/director and the desk attaches sends paper to undersecretary or directly to the deputy secretary/director. Content Guidelines 2. It is also referred to as the office. Image Guidelines 5.

A small ministry has at least one joint secretary, whereas a large ministry, may have three or more joint secretaries. Deputy secretary was not to report to the director but would refer the file direct to the joint secretary. It was The discontinuation of recruitment to this pool after 1946 and depleting of the strength caused by retirement of British officers, transfers arising out of partition and routine retire­ments necessitated a re-examination of the entire question of manning superior secretariat posts.

The large and frequent interchange of personnel between the Centre and the states has increasingly tended to dry up. and Development; Statistics; Sustainable Development; and Financing for Many large ministries like defence, external affairs, … monitoring. On return from the secretariat, the civil servants are not welcome to their state and field agencies and are put to ‘sidelines’.

It further stipulated that the individual should serve only one The Fifth Pay Commission pleaded for the strengthening of the system. The term “ministry” came into vague only after independence in 1947. This arrangement facilitates coordination, and imparts a sense of importance and urgency to that work. inter-agency appeals for humanitarian assistance seeking some Staff recruitment, in general, various member countries of the UN and, when serving out-side their own The Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary or Director level is called the Middle Level Management. status of women within the organization's own secretariat. distribution limits. The Department of Public Information (DPI). Development Support and Management Services. staggered terms. Lord Curzon who had a special love for the man working in the districts introduced this practice called tenure system in 1905 with a belief that India may be governed from Simla to Calcutta but has to be administered from the plains.

The Translation steps to encourage more active inter-agency cooperation, and streamlined The joint secretary of a department/ministry is a key adminis­trative functionary and his imprint on policy and decision-making in government is immense. Secretariat, the organ that administers and coordinates the activities of the United Nations. The senior positions were manned by provincial officers borrowed on deputation. The General Assembly stipulated that The Organisation and Procedure Committee referred to the new levels of joint/additional/ special secretaries. Posts in the secretariat are limited and aspirants drawn from various all-India and central services are too many. part of the UN system. Copyright 10. The Cabinet Secretary is generally the senior-most officer of the Indian Administrative Service. His biographer, Lovat Fraser writes that “the Viceroy had a vision of keeping the district and provincial officers at the top echelons of national hierarchy. This led to the formation of the Finance Commerce Pool of officers of the Indian Civil Service and other superior services and the Indian Audit and Accounts Service and the Customs Service in 1938. has even been seriously considered for the position of The Secretariat - Structure and composition of the secretariat The Secretariat services the other organs of the UN and administers the programs and policies laid down by them. Security Council. It was also proposed that persons with specialised qualifications would be directly recruited from outside the services from higher age levels. appointments, such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, are subject US$ UN--HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, Composition of the Secretariat. It made a positive recommendation that the tenure system be rigidly enforced and “officers must go back to the parent departments or state governments as the case may be for a substantial length of time – not less than the period spent outside the department/ state before being considered for another assignment”. [8][9], This article is about the Cabinet Secretariat in India. secretary-general who reports directly to the Secretary-General.

The discipline has become weak and those who had early deputation are reaping the fruits. high level posts, and had received 40.3% of promotions within the last The OLA also provides a range of advice and assistance on issues In fact, the concept of All India Services and their provincial or state basing implies that these officials should work in both the administrations at an inter changing basis. This department has a number of offices and divisions, including: the The field to draw upon is already small and the lengthening of the tenure of office might result in the contraction of this field. restructuring process upon his entry into office in January 1992. It goes as a landmark in the reorganisation of the structure of the secretariat. The designation OSD has distinctiveness in the hierarchy, which has an attraction. There is a Senior Selection Board and a Central Establishment Board which are consulted before filling the higher positions. In some cases, a department may be as autonomous as a ministry and equivalent to it in rank. This department was originally established in 1982, and continued until The ‘tenure system’ has its difficulties in a federal polity with autonomous states. Population; Public Economics and Public Administration; Social Policy number had been reduced to 21 under secretary-generals and 15 assistant Formerly, such secretaries were designated as the secretary-general or the principal secretary. Most of the cases which deal with policy matters in a ministry are submitted by the under secretary to the higher officers for consideration. matters. The Central government, thus, continues to depend to a large extent on officers taken on deputation for a tenure for manning the senior administrative posts in the secretariat. The lowest unit is the section under a section officer and it consists of a number of assistants, clerks, ‘daftaries’, typists and peons. Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna in June 1993.

service (nonprofessional) posts are filled by women, until the 1990s, (director level, including assistant secretary-general and In 1987 there were 48 The nature of their responsibilities differs little from that of a deputy secretary.”. The Secretariat Procedure Committee also known as Llewellyan Smith Committee of 1919 pleaded for the extension of the tenure period from three to four years. But the cabinet secretariat is a ministry comprising more than one department. The constitution of the Interim Government in September 1946 brought a change in the name, though little in functions, of this Office. created: the Complex Emergencies Branch and the Inter-Agency Support related to the International Criminal Tribunals for the former In a ministry there may be as many secretaries as the number of departments. But for the some reason it hesitated to accept committee recommen­dation, because each year spent by an officer in the secretariat weakens that contact. Reversion to departments/states is just to complete a formality. Those who opt for the secretariat should spend the rest of their career in the secretariat.

First, when the government is convinced that the officer will prove economical. When the volume of work in a ministry exceeds the manageable charge of a secretary, one or more wings are established with a joint secretary in charge of each wing. of an international civil service based on the highest standards of US Most of the policy measures are initiated and submitted by a deputy secretary for the approval of the joint secretary or of higher officials. As the scope and range of UN activities have widened, the staff of the Secretariat has increased in number and its organizational pattern has increased in complexity. In 1985, at the end of the It further recommended Normally, a division comprises two branches, each under an undersecretary. The post of OSD is not necessarily indicative of any status, particularly if the incumbent belongs to the middle management level. few women were appointed to the highest levels of management. Imbalance of salary structures, amenities available at the capital, proximity to the centre, greater opportunities for travels abroad, better educational and career opportunities for children have proved too powerful incentives for officers to stay on in New Delhi. The lower division clerk is recruited directly through a competitive examination by the Staff Services Commission since 1976. The Simon Commission also commended the continuance of this practice of rotation of officers between the secretariat and the field. Development. international human rights agreements. The secretary-general is the chief spokesman for the UN and is that body’s most visible and authoritative figure in the arena of world affairs. Recognizing The Composition of the Secretariat

It serves as a ‘think-tank’ and ‘brain-trust’ of the state government. It may be desirable to enlarge the category of officers who has experience of secretariat work.

Another feature of the building is a dome-like structure known as the Chatri, a design unique to India, used in ancient times to give relief to travellers by providing shade from the hot Indian sun. and Editorial Division is responsible for translating all official professional posts to be filled by women by the year 2000. Report of the Secretary-General on the Composition of the Secretariat. In both cases their correct function is to relieve the secretary of a block of work and to deal direct with the member so far as that work is concerned.

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