The long-lived ones, not some bloodsucking shits!”, Murphy sniggered. They found themselves out-wearing clothes at alarming rate these days. The sun did little harm to them given the protection they had, but they both agreed their nature and activities were more appropriately confined to the cloak of night.

“Because the Lord has spoken,” said a voice behind the closed door of the confessional, “His voice loud and clear. Felt like fucking cannibals although they had to constantly remind themselves that they were literally of another species merely masquerading as humans. Everywhere the brothers went it was practically the same scenario: the buildings burnt and destroyed, the streets littered with bodies piled up, the dead roaming the earth, hunting the few surviving humans. A look of understanding crossed their faces: the dark-colored liquid they had consumed was blood and they didn’t have to ask whose; they just knew. From the very threshold of death they came back, stronger than ever, and they were ready to begin their journey anew. “… so all that which is good may flourish,” Murphy finished, flawlessly, not missing a beat. Lưu ý 1: Hình KHÔNG phải của bạn Joel mà là download chủ yếu từ (dân Nhật có vẻ ghiền phim và cp này lắm) và một số blog cá nhân. This story contains graphic language & adult situations. Confused, they tried to crane their necks and looked up, yet it was so blinding that even with their enhanced vision, they saw nothing beside white.

“Aye, Rom,” Murphy replied, “we just had an all-you-can-eat buffet. With the perfectly prepared coffee and pastries she offered along with hard to find books, she soon gained success.

Connor and his brother refused to go and Rocco started a fight with the mobsters. They had seen the boys fool around, had witnessed they kill, but they had never looked at Connor and Murphy like this: solemn and faithful as they knelt in the presence of God, awaiting His command with their heads held high and their absolute belief illuminating their skin better than a thousand candles.

Take CharacTour's quiz to get recommendations for thousands of characters, movies, TV shows, books, and games that are high matches for YOUR unique personality. In that dark, damp cell reeking of moss and old-timed filth they saw more than they ever had under the hot, glaring sun. Two years after Doc – the twins had been counting so they could remember – the news hit them on a crispy dawn in a modest B&B that two of their few friends had departed from this world.

He had loved it and always asked for second.

Không có cốt truyện, chỉ có cảnh ghép giữa hai cặp anh em mà thôi. Only then were they allowed to mourn their old friends, sobbing their blood tears into each other’s shoulder in both sadness and relief that Smecker and Eunice would be welcomed to the Silver City and joined by Greenly, Duffy and Dolly. Share via Email Report Story Send. Connor drank from the grail and soon Murphy did too. “Barely, but we try. The Boondock Saints is a 1999 American vigilante action thriller film written and directed by Troy Duffy. Connor went and Murphy flowed. Lưu ý 4: Bạn Joel ship nhân vật chứ KHÔNG ship diễn viên. :).

“Destroy all that which is evil…” Connor began. Though neither of them said it out loud, it showed in their eyes that they’d rather go by themselves, just the two of them. And thus they faithfully heeded His command, picking up loaded guns and shedding blood in His name. The film stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus as fraternal twins, Connor and Murphy MacManus, who become vigilantes after killing two members of the Russian Mafia in self defense. “Vampires,” he corrected. See our top-ranked characters and read their profiles. They wouldn’t be in need of guns and bullets anyway, the priest informed them, and they knew without any experience that he was right. They had prayed to Him the very night the world turned upside down, beseeching His signs, His guidance. Connor and his fellow saints kill another group of Yakavetta’s mobsters, but then are ambushed by Ottilio Panza, who was the assassin hired to kill the priest. The TV was small and occasionally shown a static screen, and on top of it were the small, unphotogenic pictures of dear old Duffy and Dolly. Their faces had healed.

Connor reached into his pocket for his crumpled pack of cigarette. The church was never in possession of firearm; it was against the principle of God.

There will be a shifting timeline as well.

He could tell with astounding precision which brother by merely a touch of his shriveled skin, and his occasional seizures could be calmed by Connor and Murphy holding his hands.

Down the stone steps they descended into the earth, the light going weaker and weaker until the candle in the aged priest’s hand became the only source of light. Imagine our ash scattered in the wind.

Still, Connor and Murphy took the guns Smecker and Eunice had provided, meager as they were; otherwise their hands would feel empty without the cold, sleek metal. So he prayed for that every night before going to sleep, from that day to the day he left this realm. To wear Jesus’s blood on their hands while Judas’ was flowing in their veins, they thought it the biggest irony to ever happen in their life. He would not speak to them in this place so stained with human faults although the last time he had reached them inside a cell. “Perhaps he too wished for redemption,” the old priest whispered, probably to himself but Connor and Murphy heard him all the same.

It's a sin that no one of any belief should do: lay with blood. It was Connor who spoke, his voice bordering on fatigue. They had never told Romeo once that every time they sank their fangs into a human being’s vein, it was not only blood that they drew; it was the soul of that individual they drank, every flaw and every sin they had committed up until the moment of their death rolling on the brothers’ tastebuds – scrumptious if they were asked about the taste. Conner and Murphy fuck up their mission, separated and trapped by new enemies. Two and a half years into exile ... and one of their many fights over "nothing.". Being blood suckers had its perks like that. “Shitton of it an’ we still want more. Get entertainment recommendations for your unique personality and find out which of 5,500+ characters are most like you. We came ta this world intertwined, we’ll leave it the same, don’ ya think?”. Jun 9, 2013 - The Boondock Saints - Slash Pairing - Connor and Murphy MacManus. He still had a mission for them, His Methuselahs. And we obey.”, Connor and Murphy instantly reached for the guns hooked by their belts, given to them by their rescuers for self-defense. The brothers attended both funerals, lying about being the deceased’s old friends’ children coming to pay respect on behalf of their parents every time a curious person raised a question. Up until now, Connor and Murphy had never forgotten the moment they reached the end of the stairs and were graced with the blinding light from a thousand candles carefully arranged into a circle whose center was the statue of Jesus on the crucifix.

Please consider turning it on! Moonless, starless black. Summary: Pure Macmanus brother smut! His bronze skin was polished and glistened as if there was potent life moving underneath it. While assassinating Louie, Connor and his brother’s father dies of gunshot wounds. Images flashed like a film fast-forwarded: the supper, the crucifix, the crown of thorns, the unforgiving sun, flesh smoldering and the falling of bones, blood boiling… The final confirmation of what they just consumed. Major fucking.

Really miss them.”. Murphy, always the first to open his mouth while Connor was busy contemplating their new location, voiced their collective concern of where they were and why. Their last friend, no more. Connor is a calculating and detailed man, who prefers to plan out every action instead of rushing into things like his hotheaded brother would do. “Ya remind me the last time ya fought a horde of zombies fer a pack of cigarette.”, “Fuckin’ worth it. Romeo found himself uncomplaining about this arrangement; he wasn’t sure he was after having witnessed the boys hobble back to the threshold of the abandoned church, their faces red like the Devil’s. However, rather than working within the system, these Irish Americans decide to take swift retribution into their own hands. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson".

With Connor’s humming in this ears, Murphy was lulled into the familiar dream of lush green Irish field, where he and Connor used to run barefooted, sun beams dancing across their naked, sweat-glistening backs.

After their final assassination, Connor, along with his brother and father, moved back to their homeland in Ireland. The light felt like warm liquid, gently submerged them, cradled them. Day after day the brothers battled loneliness with their cool skin gliding smoothly against the other’ and with their cold, hard arms wrapped around each other’s lithe form until they were thoroughly washed and cleansed again and again by their powerful twin climaxes. He knew by then he would have already been long gone; not only him though, everyone they knew, Doc, Smecker, Eunice, Duffy and Dolly, would have been long gone and the boys would be left alone on their path.

Connor and his fraternal twin brother, Murphy, are Irish Americans who begin their days with Catholic Mass. Murphy MacManus is one of the two protagonists of the Boondock Saints series, the other being his twin brother Connor MacManus. Lưu ý 3: Một số là hình 16+ (hình 18+ bạn không up đâu). The media dubbed them “The Saints.”. Romeo stuck with them through and through despite the fear still inaudibly present in his dark pupils, at times feeble as a dying cigarette tip and at times a vivid torrent threatening to manifest into something unsightly that could break their bonds for good. On the other hand, they thrived on anonymity, drifting from one major city to another like shadows and keeping the lowest profile.

Their refuge in difficult time. That and the fact they were failing to contain their tears, red and shining as they drew stark crimson streaks on their pallid skin.

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