Partly because big data, there's so many ways to cut it, so many ways to look at it. So you really do need to know at least some of that stuff. 150K+ students per class: What it takes to design, operate, and run a MOOC at scale Nov 12, 2012. ACM. Wilkowski, J., Russell, D. M., Deutsch, A.

Because you can answer the and then we did, and then we learned, and then we did, and then we learned question. >> Yeah. So, not only anticipating the next questions that will come on, but also questions that you haven't even formulated yet. A Google Insider's Guide to Going Beyond the Basics. So for example, we have a lot of. Let’s say 50 minutes of data recording and analysis time/week.

Mobile is becoming increasingly prominent. It's very easy especially for young designers to put five point font, light grey, on a black background. How do you know what to look at? CHI 2008 Workshop on Sensemaking Workshop for the CHI conference 2008 on the topic of Sensemaking.

Eye tracking study - Beymer Russell Orton, As Director, Russell also worked alongside the Apple CEO Tim Cook and founder Steve Jobs in corporation on Network Computing. Russell, D. M. “Making the most of online searches” APS Observer, v 24, n 4 (April, 2011) also available as: Ma, L., Mease, D., Russell, D. M. “A Four Group Cross-Over Design for Measuring Irreversible Treatments on Web Search Tasks” Proceedings of Hawai’i International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS) 2011, Kauai, HI. So think about designing not for you and your twenty three year old friends, think about designing for your parents, think about it for somebody who is actually going to try to use it and not just look at the cool factor. >> Yeah. The goal in one sense is to make you happy where as an in situ study, the fancy word for being there- >> Yep. Then I have a cheap but super-reliable portable LCD alarm that does only that function. Interestingly, Europe crossed that boundary a little while ago, before us. It's just sticking to the goal. Author talks, book signings, lectures. Princeton Louis Clark Vanuxem Lecture. From e-commerce to digital libraries, good search design is central to human-computer interaction in the 21st century. And what's interesting is that, the way you interact with these different devices, cuz they're qualitatively different. Library Internet Search Skills presentation, How humans behave under high task interruption loads. They probably don't wanna spend that much time on your site. Why? Better yet, visit the Google Group sign-up page and click on the blue button that says "Apply to Join Group" and you'll get the once-weekly emails from SRS. (1/1/2014), A set of search Challenges (pulled from my blog) that are useful for teaching:, Web Search - aggregated search over web content, images, videos, news, books, Book Search - as many of the world's books as we have scanned, Video Search - find videos (more than just YouTube), YouTube Search - find videos just within YouTube, Dictionary - use [ define ?? ] (2014, April). Learning and knowing in the Age of the Internet, So you think you know how to search? 22 lectures.

He is sometimes called a search anthropologist. A list of the accepted papers can be found on the Accepted Papers for CHI 2009 Workshop on Sensemaking page. In 2013, Russell received the UC Irvine Bren School's 2013 Lauds & Laurels Distinguished Alumnus award. We're here today with Dan Russell who is an uber-tech lead and director of search quality and user happiness at Google. Think again.

Yeah, usability studies are really important. (And will not magically download 1Gb of data while I sleep in Europe and cost me two arms and a leg in data fees.). Welcome everyone. Each Wednesday I post a Search Challenge that tests your ability to search. More. "Can we look to science fiction for innovation in HCI?" >> That's how I end up reading Wikipedia for three hours straight without realizing it. "Understanding user behavior through log data and analysis." (2015). My Meyers-Briggs type is INTJ, which suggests I’m an introvert.

(eds.) >> And that's something that you would do by having a friend who also has the same tools installed. Yeah, I could use my phone as a flashlight, but try gripping that in your teeth while you fix a broken bicycle spoke with both hands at night in the rain! to define your term, Public Data Explorer - a large collection of public data sets you can search, Trends - search for trends in Google search queries worldwide, Earth - also available as a separate app you need to download, Finance - financial information on businesses, Flights - find the best / cheapest / fastest flight (and book them), Maps - Google's maps (including StreetView), Patent Search (but you probably want Advanced Patent Search), Scholar - access the scholarly literature (AND US legal documents), Alerts - set up an alert (a query that runs periodically and emails you the results), Custom Search Engines - lets you create specialized search engines that tailor the results, Play Music - search for music and stream it to your device, Arts and Cultural Search - an idiosyncratic collection of some art treasures of the world. "Search is not yet a solved problem" U. Washington DUB Seminar, Seattle, WA (Feb 1, 2017) Vimeo video of the talk.

Until 1991, he led a project called "Instructional Design Environment" (IDE) with Richard Burton and Thomas P. Moran to "develop a practical computer-aided design and analysis system for use in ill-structured design tasks". The Journal can take a bit longer (depends on the day); the Summary is around 15 minutes (but mostly because I’m switching between my work and personal Google calendars to look up individual events, and I update it only once/week).

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