great article. I can only assume that some studio executive demanded that they add it or something. Close. Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut.

It was only a city. They are essentially the same story but I had to watch the matrix a few times to understand it all and the whole tone of Dark city made me want to keep watching even though i was very confused in the beginning. selfinflikted:: Is this what you're looking for? In so many ways these movies are similar. That film was brilliant. It ends with some lame "our souls are in our hearts" comment by the main character, and yet he goes on to imprint some fake memories in order to live the rest of his life with the dream girl he fabricated, Dollhouse-style. I felt like they were going for a completely different niche.


Archived. Really, no matter which one doesn't make it, we all win a little. The Matrix - A strong cast, again with Australian actors as filler, unfortunately it does have Keanu Reeves a the lead.

The camera work was better, especially the bullet-time sequences. In fact, I think I may watch it again today. It just states that the aliens are interested in the question. Now think at the most there may have been thousands, or a million of them. Directed by Alex Proyas. The spiral subject is a bigger issue in the DC. With Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt. I have just Hired a Laptop from [url=]Hire Laptops[/url] to watch both of them. Posted by. I really loved the atmosphere of Dark City. A bit of a stretch at times. I enjoy them both, but the trump card for me is Jennifer Connelly. Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Dick, Heinlein and other SF books. als m4a-Dateien Dabei landen wir beim Existenzialismus, beim Film Noir, beim Deutschen Expressionismus und über einen Umweg der Filmographie der Wachowskis bei der Frage, ob Regisseur*innen irgendwann ihr Mojo verlieren. Why are they looking for the human "soul"? Someone should make a video comparing Dark City to City of Lost Children.

I thought it was a great movie, then again, I think a lot of Cronenberg films are pretty great.

The Matrix - found this online and it does give a good display of the similarities. There's also no spoiler in the Matrix, but there is in Inception and 13th Floor. after all these years, i always want to shut it off right before the reveal. 39 comments.

I think Dark City is set up even better for a sequel than The Matrix. The relationship of Bumstead and Emma is distinctly enlarged. Four years after the success of "The Crow", Alex Proya's second big movie was released in movies theaters: "Dark City". Doch wer richtig cool sein wollte, wusste: Dark City hat das alles schon vorher gemach. There seemed to be nothing more to it than "Hey, what if we're all in some kind of constructed reality, where aliens experiment on us by injecting us with false memories and observing how we act in various situations." I'll take Alex Proyas over the Wachowski's anyday.

The ending was the worst though. Underrated movie. I tried to watch this a few days ago and thought it was terrible.

I personally like Dark City more, but not really as a comparison against the Matrix. Did they ever explain how or why? You'll never be able to list to 'Sway' the same way again. Completely blew me away as a kid.

Yeah, Carrie Anne Moss in latex is nice, but she's no Jennifer Connelly.

possibly for the second time . The Matrix - found this online and it does give a good display of the similarities. 4 stars. Ihr könnt uns Minuten, Elf Hitchcock-Filme, über die du nicht zu viel wissen kannst, SF221 – Dark City vs. it's a science-fiction film directed by Alex Proyas that is strangely similar to The Matrix

There's less emotion to his journey. This is strange, I'm sure my apostrophes showed up a few weeks ago, but now they've all become question marks.. dg:: Because I have it on VHS and not DVD, matrix was really hollywood and sequel were not inconparison to the original which was a shame,why dont use subtitles on your dvd to find that word "Kyuming", Oh yeah, and i also thought it was "Kyuming" untill i read the subtitles. (which is the only one the Matrix inspired in me). I meant to say "populace". So I think I'll go with Dark City. The Matrix vs. It is also far more serious and meaningful, compared to the action movie bells and whistles of the Matrix. This is a far superior movie to The Matrix as far as acting/story. I'm a sucker for a great murder mystery, which I had thought it was at a time. In Dark City you're more of a passive voyeur just observing as John finds out the truth. Why do they need it to avoid extinction?

Star Trek, Battlestar, Star Wars, etc. Cyberpunk has had its ups (Blade Runner) and downs (Johnny Mnemonic, Hackers). and it did have great effects and action.

131. Thanks ironwolf56, if only I had a time machine I think all of my articles would be a little different ^^; Kryptoknightmare:: I agree that the opener does give it away-- then again, if they havn't seen it and they're reading my article, I give it away as well. Personally, I think Dark City had a stronger story driving it, and more interesting characters, and I'm a real sucker for noir. But Dark City I can watch over and over.

it's a science-fiction film directed by Alex Proyas that is strangely similar to The MatrixDark City on Blu-Ray the other night . Dark City is a philosophical movie with some action scenes. Having trouble thinking of good comparisons? The similarities between these films are uncanny, I doubt anyone who’s seen both movies would have been oblivious to this. My biggest gripe was the reveal of the antagonists.

But some of the stuff in this video could be from a dozen or more different movies. Movie Comparison: Dark City (1998) vs. That effects the quality of the sets, the ability to do retakes, add effects and polish, hire better actors (not that Keanu Reaves really brought much to the table there), and so much more. they are all very similar but they are also all good movies.

I watched Dark City for the first time in a long while, and came to the same conclusion as I had so long ago. I like them both.

It really ruined the mystery and story for me.

u/apdx262. I noticed that when I first watched Dark City after having seen the Matrix. Cookies help us deliver our Services. oops, that should say Mister Hand is injected with Murdoch's memories, not Mister Wall, drakkhenkc you could be right, I didn't exactly look it up, but that's what it sounded like to me. I mean I should have seen it coming but because the oracle said he wasn't and because my brain was so fried by the end, when it was revealed that he was the one I was just blown away. For those who haven't seen it, give it a chance and rent it! They seemed pretty populous on that ship to me. Nehmt die rote Pille und habt schöne Träume! What a rush. I also loved the way they approached the protagonist. SF movies and TV shows. Dark City. I loved Dark City but hadn't seen it recently enough to clue in on the similarities with The Matrix.

Laser guns, space ships, and time travel. He sneaks into the cabin and follows the conversation between Schreber and Mr. Hand. The Matrix (mit Yugen), SF201 – Star Wars – Episode VIII: Die letzten Jedi (mit Kinderaugen).

Science Fiction, or Speculative Fiction if you prefer. Dark City is one of my all time favorite movies. I will make contest about better film within [url=]my company[/url] soon. In the DC, the scene with Schreber, who is being visited by Mr. Hand in the public bath, pops up after he talked to Bumstead. "The Matrix" is highly overrated, i only found the first movie to be interesting. I didn't see him being the one at all.

I would have to say, one of the reasons the sequels felt off is because that very Philosophical nature of the first one didn't come through as clearly or mysteriously. But I prefer "The Matrix" because of greater philosophy behind. Marshals (1998), The Man in the Iron Mask (1998), Grease (1978). . Dark City was gritty and realistic, but the Matrix was more fun to watch. Of course the Matrix wins out in the effects department though. more people need to see the City of Lost Children. Während meines Studiums war Matrix das große Ding.

Although the Matrix had far more special effects crammed into its two hour Trilogy starter, and stars Keanu Reeves, Dark City still wins me over as the better of the two. 6 years ago. level 2 Watching it at least once more is almost required, and I've found that repeated viewings reveal more and more about the strange city and the plot of Dark City. Pretty much no information about the aliens or their experiments is given.

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Note: A theatrical engagement is defined as the movie playing in a single theater for one week. However having said that I feel that Dark City approached the idea of subjective reality in a more creative way than The Matrix did. That being said I believe The Matrix (the first film being the only one worth considering here) was a better film as a whole. The Matrix (1999) Add a movie to the comparison: Similar movies to first movie (click to add): Let Me In (2010), Shut … Namely the concept of spoiler They exist in Inception, but not in the Matrix. I do like it better then the first matrix,i'm not sure if it's because the sequels ruined the whole mythology of it or not.

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