Former conservative radio host David Oldfield told an Indigenous leader to his face he has no respect for Aboriginal language, Far north Queensland community leader Dion Creek as he listened to Oldfield. We’re going to smell different.”. David Oldfield Baffled By His First Contact With Intelligence By theunaustralianblog on 30/11/2016 • ( 0). You need to look that up in the dictionary”). Former One Nation senator David Oldfield makes our reviewer angry and appalled at some of his comments on SBS show First Contact. Community leader Dion Creek in Cape York, far north Queensland, had been explaining the importance of maintaining Aboriginal culture and heritage when Oldfield made his remarks - for which he has been slammed. ', Creek told him: 'Language and our peoples moving forward can coexist. He initially spurns a request to have his face painted in ochre during a welcome ceremony in a tiny Aboriginal community (“My skin is sensitive”), and he refuses to join the group as they catch fish for dinner (“There’s no necessity for me to do so”). Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. Last time I looked, Sydney had a rubbish collection every week and I doubt that happens for the 10 houses in Elliott – halfway between Darwin and Alice Springs – where people live in appalling conditions.

Oldfield has been widely panned for his behaviour and comments. The second series of the show, hosted by journalist Ray Martin, takes a group of six “prominent Australians” around the country to learn more about the First Australians. Copyright © 2020 The New Daily.

', Oldfield told Creek he had no respect for Aboriginal language - while the other man was trying to explain to him the importance of it, 'We're just seeing it differently, that's the thing, Dion.

Of course, that’s why the producers (Blackfellas – a company founded by two amazing Aboriginal producers) have cast him and he clearly relishes his role, regardless of the offence he causes. First Contact: One Nation’s David Oldfield shocks and appalls in TV appearance. Here we go again! And how will this one finish? People like you, right, who don't know anything about it. The cast of the SBS program had only been in the home in Elliot, Northern Territory, for minutes, when Oldfield was told to 'get out' when he began criticising the family. It was a fiery start to the second episode of the season, which challenges white Australians to 'face their fears' and experience day-to-day life for Aboriginal people.

What balance is there when there is only one voice?'. Controversial former politician David Oldfield was kicked out of an Aboriginal family home during the dramatic start of the second episode of First Contact. I can’t remember the last time I shouted out loud at someone I was watching in a television series, but I yelled at David Oldfield – former One Nation politician – while watching SBS’s First Contact, which airs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Ian 'Dicko' Dickson reveals his fears on First Contact... as he clashes with David Oldfield over Aboriginals, 'Poverty porn': Social media slams SBS First Contact for using Aborigines as 'entertainment for white people' - as others say the show makes them 'embarrassed to be Australian'. 'If the Australian government built these people another 50 houses, all they'd do is bring in more people, spread them out a bit more, have a few less in each house, and it'd all still look the same, just more trashed homes.'. Did they take offence because they felt so bad about it? Later, he dismisses the obviously painful stories told by two men from the Stolen Generation – saying they can’t tell him why they were taken and he doesn’t accept the “stolen” terminology anyway. Please try again. Former conservative radio host David Oldfield has defended his behaviour in an Aboriginal home when he asked why there was rubbish outside. We haven't done a tour of the house and David was on them. First Contact will air again on Thursday at 8.30pm on SBS and NITV. 'Because if all you're going to do is have a heart and feel sorry you're not going to change a freaking thing, not one thing.'. ', After a being told it was an issue respect, Oldfield again disagreed, before saying directly: 'I have no regard for it [Aboriginal language].

David Oldfield was kicked out of an Aboriginal family home within minutes of being welcomed after he began attacking the family, His host, Suzanne Kenny 'SK' Jackson (pictured) who along with another woman ran the home with many children told him to leave, Ian 'Dicko' Dickson attempted to step in and defuse the situation. He says Aboriginal culture is “not relevant” and “should have died out with the Stone Age”.

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