Yule – June 21st, All times for the Northern Hemisphere are given in Chicago, Illinois, USA USA Central Time Zone (CST) from, March 9 12:47 pm CT  (Chicago, Illinois, USA). Litha – June 21/22

21/22 Found in Africa , the elephant shrew is a hardworking animal … Mabon – March 21st Animal Spirit: 1927: 1/1: 1/19: Komodo Dragon: 1927: 1/20: 2/1: Panther: 1927: 2/2: 2/19: Sloth: 1927: 2/20: 3/20: Silkworm: 1927: 3/21: 4/19: Llama: 1927: 4/20: 5/20: Hedgehog: 1927: 5/21: 6/21: Toucan: 1927: 6/22: 7/21: Turtle: 1927: 7/22: 8/22: Angora Rabbit: 1927: 8/23: 9/22: Earthworm: 1927: 9/23: 10/23: Butterfly: 1927: 10/24: 11/21: Koala: 1927: 11/22: 12/21: Sugar Glider: 1927: 12/22: 12/31: Weaver Finch


30/May 1

Beltane – Oct 31st/Nov 1st March 2 1:57 pm CT (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 3 March 6:57 am AEDT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), 10 March 4:47 am AEDT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), March 16 4:34 am CT (Chicago, Illinois, USA), March 16 8:34 pm AEDT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), New Moon Ostara – September 21st/22nd Beltane – Apr. Your donations help keep the WOTC & Coven Life meet their daily operating expenses and most importantly spreading the word of our Goddess. Your Daily Witches Rune for December 11 & December 12, Computers Froze up, So We Had to Skip A Few Things But……, Ah, What The Heck, One More for Those Bothersome Neighbors - Another Revenge Spell, Welcome To  Witches Of The Craft®   We are ho…, Calling In Of The Four Directions (Printable Spell Page), Hair Growth Magick Chant (Printable Spell Page), Simple Spell to Find What is Lost (Printable Spell Pages), A Spell To Dream of Your Soulmate (Printable Spell Pages), Follow Witches Of The Craft® on WordPress.com, Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio for the Birthday Horoscope Of People Born On November 3, 3 November Southern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions, 2 November Southwestern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions, November 2 Northwestern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions. Samhain – April 30th/May 1st People born under the zodiac sign of the Ram are said to embrace courage, activity, adventure, joyfulness and passion. Small but mighty, the spirit animal for someone born between December 22 to January 19 is the elephant shrew.

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This sign’s zodiac animal is a Ram, which is a fire sign ruled by Mars.

Mabon – Sept. 21/22 Litha – Dec 21st/22nd Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Yule – Dec. 21/22

March 24 2:28 am CT (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 24 March 8:24 pm AEDT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), Imbolc – Feb. 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~, Imbolc – August 1st

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Your Animal Spirit Guide for December 11 Your Animal Spirit Guide for December 12

1 Samhain – Oct. 31 Ostara – Mar. Lammas – Jul.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Lammas – Feb 1st/2nd

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