We’ve all wondered why our mixes don’t quite boast that professional-level sheen, particular those of us who aren’t adept at mastering. This provides near-seamless integration between the DSP hardware and your DAW, with no discernible difference between working with a regular plug-in or a UAD-2 plug-in. Antelope seems to come out with new versions much more often than other companies especially at that end of the market. The unit’s Synergy Core combines two DSP chips with a single FPGA processor to support the suite of 36 built-in effects.

Universal Audio Arrow £400. This dial serves chiefly as a monitor-volume controller but can also be used for setting input gain, and alternate monitor and headphone volumes. Zen Tour Synergy Core is to cost EUR 1995.00. Ok, I expect really good. Even their "Atomic" clocks are starting to fail now... not much of a half-life. The Antelope Discrete 4 is a 4-in/6-out Thunderbolt and USB audio interface – like many other interfaces, the I/O can be expanded via ADAT digital I/O. Store #0906712 Elec. The Apollo x4 represents a second intermediate stage between the Twin X and the flagship x8 and x8p, but this time in desktop format. As iZotope’s innovative audio repair and restoration suite receives its eighth update and a range of additions and improvements, we review its progress. Using The Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core Interface To Record A Band In The Studio, Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core Interface And DSP Solution Announced At NAMM 2020, Antelope Audio Announce Six New Plug-Ins For Their Synergy Core Range Of DSP Interfaces. Furthermore, a pair of Word Clock outputs let you distribute the interface’s highly stable clock signal across your studio.

Antelope Audio''s Discrete 4 Synergy Core represents a more affordable way to get into the company's world of top-grade audio recording and DSP FX. Discrete 4 Synergy Core experience I'm probably one of the first people from this community who have the new Discrete 4 Synergy Core and was thinking of doing a fairly detailed review about it soon. Contact Universal Audio.

© 2020 MusicTech is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. It looks like these audio interfaces could be the most powerful all-in-one units we’ve ever seen. Is this definitive? The Discrete 8 Synergy Core interface: more I/O than the Discrete 4 and packed with processing capability.

Standby for ignition. The unit itself has a simple and intuitive set of buttons and meters on its top surface, along with a large data-entry dial. As someone who travels a lot and has to record on the go and in various project studios, I like the flight case that the bundle comes in - the shock mount, pop screen, interface, mic, and all cables all fit neatly inside. Danny Trachtenberg Recording with Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Auto-Tune & Edge Solo Modeling Mic - Duration: 6:46. This and the Twin X’s limited connectivity can be dealt with by adding more Apollo interfaces and UAD-2 processors to your rig, with the Console and driver software supporting up to six UAD-2 devices in total, four of which can be Apollo audio interfaces. But in threads like this I remember why I don't trust this company. As well as running directly within Console, UAD-2 plug-ins all have ‘wrapped’ versions (VST, AU, etc) that you can load and work with in your DAW but whose processing is handed off to the Twin X’s DSP. ;-) #onewomanbandMic: Antelope Audio Edge emulation microphoneInterface: Antelope Audio Discrete 4DAW: Logic 9There are no effects on any of the tracks so that the sound of the equipment can be clearly heard - that means no delay, reverb, EQ, compression (except YouTube's compression), mastering or anything else. I have been a Universal Audio head since the early days. You can also clock to your wider studio with a Word Clock input and 3 outputs. I used a handful of emulations while recording this song and I feel like it made the raw track quite rich. Discrete 8 Synergy Core. The antelope synergy core and ua apollo x8. What makes these models so effective is that they modify the behaviour of the preamp’s analogue circuitry while also applying modelling algorithms in the digital domain, which results in some exceptionally accurate emulations of true-analogue mixing consoles and equipment. Antelope are also collaborating with some of the music industry’s leading software developers to give even more of what we need in a format which will allow us to work quickly and easily with no frustrating technological hold ups.

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I use the effects in the control panel which isn't really time consuming I don't understand why afx2daw is so needed.

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