The small hand regular lettering of this tattoo on the upper part of the thigh is written in the French language. Friendship is that bond that has the strength of ten million worlds. Quote Grace tattoo is looking very beautiful on the wrist of the lady. The double style lettering tattoo in an elaborate cursive font talks about how the strongest of us can find the light even in misery.

Done with elaborate loops in a slanted font this self-perception quote tattoo on the side of the body says that we accept the love we think we deserve. Become what you fancy is the freeing message of the tattoo. Flowers in different colors and a peacock feather frame a quote tattoo on living life with 100% courage at all times. Inked in an intimate place just below her chest this woman has her free spirit tattoo speaking about the joy of wild things that are free.

If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hair Tattoos, Thug Life Tattoos, Tattoos For Guys and Bow Tattoos. Styled in the shape of a heart this tattoo talks about love and peace with these two words singled out in blue and red. Written by Richard O'Brien, "Rose Tint My World" is part of the three-part "Floor Show" suite consisting of this song, "Fanfare/Don't Dream It" and "Wild and Untamed Thing". The flowy elegantly shaped letters are done in an artistic way to highlight the quote by Sylvia Plath in this script tattoo. Don't dream it, be it [Verse 3 - Jonathan Adams] Ach! Another great Disney movie that had a lot of great lines in it was the Lion King. — Unknown. A pretty airplane flying through the air is inked right above the quote saying ‘…a perfect airplace’ in this arm quote tattoo design. Tattoo: The right side of the singer’s shoulder blade has a tattoo of an angel on it. This arm quote tattoo about accepting a person at their worst combines with a colorful design with multi-colored beads.

The magic of love flows in this Beatles quote inked across the arm. Self-care is really important, and this tattoo definitely reminds us to take care of ourselves when we need it most.

Quotes inked on your arm, your foot, or on your upper chest or inner wrist can become your guiding star to what you truly desire in life. I also love the hope quote.

What can be said about a tattoo inked on the skin that tells the story about a life exactly how it is, in which the life itself is its own message? Let us explore her inks and study their meanings. Remember Who You Are Lion King Simba Tattoo. This is why quotes from the best books and finest minds are great designs for a piece of tattoo art. This apparently dark message about devils and demons frees the mind from worry with the smoke rising showing the mess of confusion.

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