Why couldn't Kim So-yeon be in Faith instead? Lee Beom-Soo and the gisaeng's love story even cut short because of death was more interesting to watch. mik May 27 2012 4:03 am Fighting.

Later, Jin-Hyuk is in anguish and stands on the rooftop of the hospital. Farish Apr 05 2015 10:41 pm I really like the storyline, it has a lot of research & twists to it, especially the ending!!!! My half sibling????? Sorry for those bushers but this is one of the good historical dramas I've watched. I don't like historicals but the casting is making me excited for this. ;) hey, what's dramaland without birth secrets. song seung hoon, park min young and jaejoong in this drama?? I like character development in this drama, the plot is interesting and the cast is perfect! Do you? maze Aug 04 2012 11:06 am I think it has an interesting story about time travel. I heard they broke up. wow!2 awesome main actors and now another 2 great actresses (rumoured) to join the cast? 감사합니다, riri Jul 06 2012 6:41 am Seriously. their acting are much more convincing, plus who could say no to beautiful kimonos,,, lp Oct 05 2015 5:40 pm fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); But I saw park min young coming that way, but didn't see kim so yeon! Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. It's only now that I realized that there's a warrior character and an assassin for hire character. I hope LBS plays Sakamoto Ryoma too.

She can't do any heavy lifting, but she's not gonna drop anything on someone else's toe, either. Japanese ver was much better. Watch Dr. Jin - Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode 1: Jin Hyuk wakes up in a foreign place and realizes that he is in the Chosun era. Woohoo!!!

Dr. Jo is an honors graduate of Purdue University where he …

Either she is incredibly lucky, incredibly smart, has a good staff advising her or a combo of all. But the whole drama is definetly worth watching. Thank you all stuff and cast for this beautiful dorama :), rib Jun 07 2013 12:37 pm Thida Jul 08 2012 9:10 am I won't give away what really happened, but I was expecting one of these: I see where this is going… OMG..! Those who have seen the script and the costumes and back ground information have praised the drama a lot. The aspects of a drama/movie, i.e. I'm waiting here at the PHIL. His face is so pure and show warm heart. I love the drama from Episode 1-21. “Dr Jin” tells the story of the top doctor in 2012 who travels to the Joseon Dynasty of 1860s and cures disease with medical knowledge and skills from the 21st century. Well I’d say. Guang Jin earned her Sc.D. I'm done. I have waited for this drama to come out but in the end I did feel disappointed when I watched it. Actually I watched the first episode of the Korean version, Dr. Jin, without knowing that it is actually based on the same manga as JIN x] I am still watching Dr. Jin now. The acting of the actors and actresses were first-class. //]]>, // I hope you will be an good actor. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; watch "Faith (The Good Doctor)" -- My first and one of my favorite historical kdramas. Suspendisse nec tincidunt velit. Don't get me wrong, the other actors are MUCH better than her in the acting department but I dunno, I liked her in SKKS and think she can do well in this drama, no?

I guess for the type of 'joseon' drama ... Dr.jin is a bit weak than others

Kim So Yeon and Lee Beom Soo are what I'm excited about. LBS-Uchino Masaki (Sakamoto Ryoma) what i like with korean drama besides the story are the actors and the actresses. what a fantastic drama. And she gets to do all this with, let's face it, some of the best eye candy in k-drama. Either PARK MIN YOUNG should be like a close little sister or else everything is just gonna be creepy and weird if he falls in love with his younger sister? updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Korea Jun 24 2012 3:31 pm But as it is I dun see the point a having a great and strong character as KT and made him pitiful till the end. JC Jul 19 2012 8:23 pm For me, she's just a pretty face (plastic I might add) and nothing more. 2012 PG-13 MBC, KOCOWA. She used to sit around without a single offer for years!!!

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