You could have seen a traffic collision, crash or cars in a salvage yard. Alternatively, spare tires may reflect weight gain. Successfully doing what you want with little regard for morals or other people. Consider how smooth or rough the car ride is. It can also indicate passion in life. The first thing I will say is that cars are associated with control and empowering your own life.

I believe that if you dreamed of an automatic car being driven on its own then this dream can suggest that you feel that events are not on the right path. He also believed that our dreams are usually associated with events that happen in our daily life, for example, it could be that you have seen a car accident on the television thus, this has ultimately resulted in your dream. As all cars are connected to movement, driving in a dream is just that! Did you see any obstacles or challenges in the way? Controlled. You have a problem which is possibly quite awkward or difficult to resolve. Dream about receiving expensive gift symbolises a budding new love that is blossoming in your life. To dream of car tires represents your degree of confidence, self-esteem, and the condition of the ego as you pursue goals. If you or a loved one have been covering this ground at night, you may have questions about what it all might mean. Try to meditate on the answers.

If however, the red car was out of control in your dream it can suggest that things will eventually become visible that you have not been able to see the wood through the trees for some time. Alternatively the dream represents the carefree aspects of childhood where you did not have to worry about goals. Black indicates that you need to try to move away from difficult people and find a balance of communication. To dream that you are riding in a bumper car represents your resilience.

To see speeding cars can indicate success in love, work or financial matters. Feeling too tired or empty to even start doing something. Additionally, this dream can also symbolize that things are going to move in waking life at an accelerated rate. What I’ve tried to do in this dream interpretation is gather all meanings of the car dream, so I can help you better understand the meaning. To see a sports car in your dream refers to your desire to live life in the fast lane.

If one sees himself riding on a cargo vehicle in a dream, it means suffering from distress and sorrow. Perhaps life had taken you on a different direction that you had planned or intended. Your mood is changing for the positive as your outlook in life. White in spiritual terms indicates that we will learn the truth in life. To run a red light or if you speed past a traffic light in a dream this indicates you may have low energy at the moment. If you know the people that you are driving with your dream it indicates you are feeling in control of the situation. If you are in a broken down car and you see a car garage or rescue truck in a dream, this can indicate that other people are going to have to support you through a difficult situation in life. After about an hour I was able to find the car in a certain car park position that was very similar to where I thought I’d parked. Why are you feeling a loss of control? In control. If the mud appears to be thick and traps your car wheels then this dream can suggest that you are going to have some confusion about how to move forward in life. Decision making that is focused on winning or reaching a goal first. Whatever the car the spiritual meaning still stays the same.

It may also reflect your feeling that time is running out. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are going nowhere with your life. A car, after all, is all about how we are in control. Dreams about cars usually reflect the desires and lust for power. Worn and dirty earrings are a sign of business problems. This dream simply implies that something has reached the end of its cycle. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to others.

The spare tire around her waist may have reflected her feelings about the extra weight being important for the baby, but not being important for her. Therefore, if you crash the car in a dream this can indicate that there are going to be some changes or worries in the near future. For the ones who are in trouble, a car in dream strongly indicates that the bad time will cross at the speed of a car. If you see a pale blue car in your dream this can suggest that you are going to succeed in life. These challenged might not be the ones that you want but with foresight and logic, you can overcome anything. If you find yourself in darkness during the dream then this can imply that you are feeling a defensive opposition, most notably connected to work. To dream of your old car that you no longer own = material success. It can symbolize both positive and partly negative results of various affairs. If you are driving on a bumpy road in a dream this suggests that you are encountering sexual frustrations. What I’ve tried to do in this dream interpretation is gather all meanings of the car dream, so I can help you better understand the meaning. When I think about this dream, I often relive the moment in the Titanic film, where we could see the “steamy windows” and the buzz of sex in the car. This is connected to your own inner motivation in life. To dream that you are giving a gift signifies your generosity towards others. If you sell your own car in a dream this means that you don’t want the extra responsibilities at work. Your dream is a portent for justice, authority and absolute power. If you see an unknown red car in a dream this is basically the fear of losing something. There are many ways of renting a car can occur in a dream. To dream that you are driving a race car represents your fast paced lifestyle. To dream that you are almost hit or were ran over by a car suggests that your lifestyle, beliefs or goals may be in conflict with another's. In order to decode this dream further, we need to turn to the famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud. Seeing a caged tiger may mean that your repressed emotions that are on the border of emergency…. Dreaming of receiving a gift indicates upcoming success in the dreamer’s affairs, business, in sentimental aspects and family relationships. If we are driving the car alone, it indicates desire for independence. Car is the symbol of speed and luxury. If we turn The psychological view of a car accident can suggest your hidden behavior possible problems in life. Such a dream is trying to tell you that you must see other people’s viewpoints when it comes to movement and control matters.

To dream of a San Francisco cable car (streetcar) represents a journey or experience in life that is both pleasant and unstoppable. If you dream you’re driving the car, it means insecurity and lack of self-confidence.

When that dream is between lovers, is a sign of a breakup. Freud did believe that a car featured in a dream can indicate some maneuvers of our unconscious mind. Dreaming of being at a car dealership may be a sign that you are considering a new job.

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