[42][43][44], The drow feature in a pre-written playable module called Demon Queen's Enclave which takes adventurers from levels 14 through 17 into the Underdark to battle the forces of Orcus and possibly ally with members of the treacherous dark elves and/or their minions.[45].

ing; …   English syllables, drown — index immerse (plunge into), overcome (overwhelm), stifle Burton s Legal Thesaurus. Female drow tend to fill many positions of great importance, with priests of the dark goddess Lolth holding a very high place in society. The six drow in the War of the Spider Queen series have also gained some renown since the novels have been published. Drow are highly resistant to magic, while all drow have the ability to use some inherent magical abilities even if they are not strictly spellcasters. Each isolated community had its own variant with a distinct accent. Lolth's role in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting was first detailed in Ed Greenwood's second edition AD&D sourcebook, Drow of the Underdark (1991). I need the enemies in the game to be able to say these anti drow things but I don’t know the words for it, he’s also an orphan. This usually makes them bitter, spiteful creatures. Driders develop a poisonous bite. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. "[10] There seems to be no work with this title.

The first chapter explains "The Nature of Dark Elves", augmenting the information in the Monstrous Compendium entry. Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content. Other works continuing the story of the drow in the Forgotten Realms include Elaine Cunningham's Starlight and Shadows series (1995–1996, 2003), the War of the Spider Queen series (2002–2005, various authors), and Lisa Smedman's The Lady Penitent series (2007–2008). [34] Some magic weapons, armor, and various other items of the drow disintegrate on contact with sunlight.[30]. Related: Drowsiness …   Etymology dictionary, drowsy — *sleepy, somnolent, slumberous Analogous words: comatose, *lethargic, sluggish, torpid Contrasted words: alert, vigilant, *watchful: *active, live, dynamic: animated, *lively, vivacious …   New Dictionary of Synonyms, drowsy — [adj] sleepy comatose, dazed, dopy, dozing, dozy, dreamy, drugged, half asleep, heavy, indolent, lackadaisical, languid, lazy, lethargic, lulling, napping, nodding, out of it*, restful, sluggish, slumberous, snoozy, somnolent, soothing, soporific …   New thesaurus, drowsy — ► ADJECTIVE (drowsier, drowsiest) ▪ sleepy and lethargic. Prior to the Spellplague descendants of the Miyeritar dark elves later succeed in reversing their transformation and are recreated as a distinct dark elf race.
if (e.which == 3) { Both definitions can be extended to phrases or sentences. Amongst the most infamous of drow are the members of House Baenre, whilst Abeir-Toril is also home to some famous benevolent drow including Drizzt Do'Urden and his deceased father Zaknafein (both of House Do' Urden), Liriel Baenre (formerly of Menzoberranzan's aforementioned House Baenre), and Qilué of the Seven Sisters. All of these alternative deities (except perhaps Ghaunadaur) were killed or forgotten in the last years before the Spellplague,[50][page needed][51][52] but they managed to return to life and regain their followers, about a century later, during the Sundering.[53][54][55].

[7] However, in the Prose Edda, Snorri Sturluson wrote about the black elves: "... the dark elves however live down below the ground.

While being just as long lived as their surface cousins, living as long as a thousand years, elderly Drow are rarely encountered. It is known that the drow mastered elemental binding before gnomes did- including a cultural group of fire-elemental binders called the Sulatar. THE CAMPAIGN G2 The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (TSR, 1978) mentions this guiding force again in its introduction. Half-drow are the result of crossbreeding between another race and a drow, and share characteristics of both. Compare TROLL. * Player Conduct Their society, as a whole, is seemingly nonviable. The only reason they do not murder themselves to extinction is by the will of Lolth, working primarily through her clergy. [35], The drow are presented as a player character race for 3rd edition in Expedition to the Demonweb Pits (2007)[36] and Drow of the Underdark (2007).

(Note that even Liriel Baenre was arguably of evil alignment for the first portion of her life, only shifting to a good alignment after close relationships with several good-aligned characters.) Last 10 years [13] The party continues to pursue the drow in D2 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa, meeting the kuo-toa and the deep gnomes (also known as the svirfneblin ). [29], The drow also appears in the revised Monster Manual for this edition (2003). When in doubt - don't buy. document.onmousedown=disableclick Likewise, Lolth's description from module D3 is reprinted in the Fiend Folio under the "Demon" heading. ��:���0�δ�.�'J�A����b��) ���1��0�1��j��h�T�R���c, ��p��1�YBQ�x�+�؉A��sXZ����7��h� �B`� �0@!��p�"�B���!Hë"J0l���BG7�!sh�*����'�lh���m�Z�j. I have a player in my campaign who is a drow. [37], The release of the Open Game License and the System Reference Document's inclusion of the drow race also led to a number of books related to drow being published by companies not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or TSR, such as The Quintessential Drow,[38] The Complete Guide to Drow,[39] and Encyclopaedia Arcane: Drow Magic. Drow appear as a playable race in Urban Arcana, which is a d20 Modern setting based on Dungeons & Dragons.

[34] The deepwyrm drow is presented as a player character race in Dragon Magic (2006). * Denizens Or is it? The drow and kuo-toa trade with each other openly, but the kuo-toa hate and fear the drow, resulting in frequent skirmishes between the two peoples. Drow infravision is described as so intense that their eyes actually radiate heat; therefore, a character viewing a drow through infravision would see two burning eyes atop a normally glowing torso. * Locales [56] These modules were later reprinted as part of the Queen of the Spiders collection in 1986. Sometimes, the two foremost pair of her spider-legs are actually humanoid arms. Don't worry about two names sharing the same meaning or having two definitions for one name. [72], Lolth was named as one of the greatest villains in D&D history by the final issue of Dragon.[68]. [58] Her role in the cosmology of the Planescape campaign setting was described in On Hallowed Ground (1996). Exceptions exist, the most notable being Drizzt Do'Urden, Jarlaxle Baenre, and Liriel Baenre, but these are highly unusual. They were transformed into drow by the Seldarine and were cast down and driven underground by the light-skinned elves because of the Ilythiirian's savagery during the Crown Wars. The existence of drow in Golarion is virtually unknown to non-elves. Drow society is based upon violence, murder, cunning, and the philosophy that only the strong survive (though in Drow tongue, a quirk of the language creates a reversal of cause-and-effect; more correctly, it can be translated as "those who survive are strong"). Drow definition: a gust of wind and rain ; squall | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Keep in mind that we are associated in no way with these websites; all we do is offer up the info for our readers to gain easy access to further information, and offer some of the other sites out there a little free advertising. If you prefer, it is also possible to pick a set of definitions you like and assemble a name that matches them. [24], 1991's The Drow of the Underdark, a 128-page sourcebook all about the drow, expanded the drow significantly for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons second edition version of the Forgotten Realms setting. ... while the dark elves are blacker than pitch. * Religion One of the quirks of this constant infighting is the relatively short lifespan of the average Drow. They are created by the unholy union between an ascending high priestess of the drow goddess Lolth and a glabrezu. * Join us Beginning with 3rd edition D&D, drow are usually neutral evil. I was feeling drowsy and so decided to make a cup of coffee to try to wake myself up. The drow are also discussed in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide and in the Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes supplements, including write-ups for their pantheon updated to the 5e status-quo (Eilistraee, Ghaunadaur, Keptolo, Kiaransalee, Lolth, Malyk, Vhaeraun, and Zinzerena). The third module in the series, G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King, again mentions the party's need to find out whatever is behind the giants' alliance, and this time mentions the drow specifically by name. Drow males are commonly wizards or fighters.

Her game statistics were reprinted in the Fiend Folio (1981). * Origins In the adventure, the player characters can discover the first hint of drow involvement in the fire giant king's council room, on a scroll which promises "powerful help from the Drow", signed by Eclavdra. [24] Drow deities Lolth, Kiaransalee, Vhaeraun, and Zinzerena are described in Monster Mythology (1992). You can randomly generate a drow name by rolling on Table 1. The text is a slightly abridged version of the text originally found in modules G3 and D3. They can also levitate for short periods of time. The dark elves who became the drow were originally simply elves who held more with the tenets of might than those of justice, and as they quested for power they became corrupted and turned against their fairer brethren. if (document.all) Some drow, especially of the House of Eilserv, worship a nameless Elder Elemental God (said to have ties to Tharizdun) instead of Lolth.

In the Mystara / "Known World" setting, shadow elves are a race of subterranean elves who have been mutated via magic. In the case of a three-fragment name, try dropping one or more of the definitions.
It was a warm, drowsy summer afternoon …   Wiktionary, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. [56] Lolth usually appears in two forms: drow and arachnid. He is a monk who hasn’t experienced the outside world and with that the racism towards drows. Drown definition, to die under water or other liquid of suffocation. There they eventually adapted to their surroundings, especially by attracting the attention of the goddess Lolth, "Queen of Spiders". Dark elves rarely produce half-elves, as they would slaughter any fool who trusts them. We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots!

Drow possess natural magical abilities which enables them to summon globes of darkness, outline targets in faerie fire which causes no harm but makes the target brightly visible to everyone who sees them, and create magical balls of light. [4], The word "drow" is from the Orcadian and Shetland dialects of Scots,[5] an alternative form of "trow",[6] which is a cognate with "troll". They are shown as very fashionable, often setting new trends. View usage for: The arcane guard drow, the dark sniper drow, the drow priestess, the Lolth's sting, and the Lolth-touched drow ranger appear in Monster Manual IV (2006). Derogatory words/slang for drows? In drow form, the Spider Queen appears as an "exquisitely beautiful" female dark elf, sometimes covered in clinging spiders. * Cast Some hunt for magic powerful enough to undo the transformation. } [23] According to The Complete Book of Elves, drow are not welcome in Evermeet and are turned away.[24]. Last 100 years

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