"[Ed is staked to the floor, tied down with ropes.] Sorry fans of "The Grim Adventures of Ed, Edd, n Eddy", but I'm busy this summer but Grim-Eds will continue. Ed asked.

Current resider: Sarah. Ed's Room. heh heh works every time. What if Ed didn't apologize to Sarah? HE SEES ED EATING HIS FROG AND HIS FACE LOOKS ROTTED!!!

Beside this is a pet project I always wanted to work on since I've been reading "Marvel Zombies" and what if what happened to the marvel super heroes happened to the Eds...well this is the result! [Ed nods assent. Double D said, Eddy's eyes widened," You're actually OK WITH THIS SOCKHEAD?!" The three went to the door as it opened up for them.

Suddenly their eyes widened and large grins slowly formed on their faces and they suddenly laughed and cheered Eddy shouted,"HAHAAA! Ed frowned,"But it makes a funny sound Eddy." Ed ran to Eddy completely unaware that the large hand missed," I AM ED!" On august 20, 2009, the Kankers' fathers were released and on June 4, 2010, the remaining parents Ed, Edd n Eddy Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ed replied they went back to the skulls while giggling at the sound once again Ed looked up,"The make funny sounds heh heh." for no apppearant reason. Sarah: Sarah marries Jimmy for everyone else is taken and Rolf pass. Marie: She is married to double d and has a happy life. he said in a broken tone. The New Kid: An Ed, Edd 'n Eddy Fanfiction Fanfiction. Eddy: [his voice sounding as though it came from a speaker] "Paging Doctor Double D. Emergency.. Paging the Head of Surgery, with all the top d The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Ed, Edd n Eddy and Elder Scroll series crossover fanfiction archive with over 3 stories.

Eddy groaned," Are we there yet sock head my feet are killing me." ", End of of part one in the next part the eds get there jobs as new employees in the mystery shack while also meeting new faces but will they be preprared for what's coming? Eddy shouted. Hey I know that place!" It was once again night time and the bus stopped at the restaurant KFC, the Eds went off inside to eat while the driver was having his own lunch.

Ed suddenly ran like he was one of his sugar rush stages," HAPPY PLACE, HAPPY PLACE, HAPPY PLACE!" Eddy and Double D went inside and were surprised by all the decoration and toys in here, they were all meant for Halloween which of course was Eds favorite holiday so there's no surprise he would go inside. Ed was running all over the place making it a hard time for his friends to catch up to him, Edd yelled out,"Edward, come here this instant mister! (This ending is rated PG-13 for some mature themes). https://edfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Ed_Abuse?oldid=30475.

The roof with the "GIFT" sign also has a weather vane that has the letter W, H, A, T, instead of the the usual N, W, E, S. Eddy broke out of his trance,"HA! Ed was, however, running around the forest having fun; it's in his nature.

The only thing to make him stop is say 'shut up Sock Head!'

he said sarcastically Edd glared at Eddy. Double D is perfecting the art of dissecting a frog and Eddy is trying to cut off the legs of the frogs so he can start a frogs' leg scam and Double D then says "Eddy, I don't care if frogs' legs are a delicacy in France but what you are doing is not out of education reasons and well..it's just gross." His name was Eddy and he is seriously tired and mainly bummed because his parents were sending him away from peach creek since it was his summer vacation. And then Double D and Eddy see Ed with a paper bag over his head and walks to his table.

Eddy replies "Clam up Sockhead! Sam: Sam is double d and marie’s son he is like his father but with hair. Double D quickly replied "Eddy please calm your self we should be there shortly." Your review has been posted. "You wanna know why I have this bag?" Eddy shot up,"Man this stinks!

Ed then heard another one and when he looked up he saw an overweight man wearing a cap and shirt with a question mark on it doing the same thing. This is going to me my attempt at writing the longest work of fiction in human history, and my goal at the moment is 7 million words. Double D said nothing but merely pulled out a paper and his eyes were now the size of dinner plates. Ed perked up when he heard Eddy yell in the distance,"ED QUIT FOOLING AROUND C'MON!" Sarah then gets really angry and says "ED YOU STUPID LUMMOX!

Double D took out a map from his case and responded,"Well...according to this we are in a town called Gravity Falls." Ed Abuse is a fanfiction by TEd711, in which Ed has had enough of Sarah and everyone who's had his ways with him. Eddy looked at Ed,"Shut up Ed.". and so the two run as fast as they can but they bump into their unseen history teacher Mr. Romero. Double D then says "Normally we would affect you so you can enjoy the embrace if living death like the rest of us but we need food and now we finally have our source..." Jimmy then says "We'll get the others later but as for right now... hee hee hee..." And Ed yells out "WHERE'S MY CAKE!" Ed: He is married to May with 5 kids all idiots but one of them is a little normal. Double D then jumps in front of Sarah as he pushes her aside and struggles with Ed. The other two eds ran after him with Eddy yelling,"ED YOU IDIOT WAIT! His Old Room, actually. As the Eds exited the store they followed the direction of where Soos told them to go, it was a very long and Double D was worried they may have gotten lost while Eddy was getting angry thinking he's been tricked by the guy. Nazz: Nazz is kevin ‘s wife it appears that Johnny is jealous from kevin for marrying Nazz because they have no problem.

Eddy sighed irritably. Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,780 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published. Inspired by Marvel Zombies. But Eddy still complained,"CALM MYSELF?! he asked, Eddy looked at Ed's suitcase and merely sighed,"I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that your folks are sending you away too right lumpy?" The squirrel chirped Ed said," Acorn for the beaver!"

He is married to Sarah. And Double D takes of his sockhat and reveals that the top half of his scalp was eaten and Ed was continuing to chew Double D's scalp as if it was bubble gum. It was currently 8:00 in the morning and there sitting on the curb at the bus stop with a large suitcase was a 16 year old boy with spiky black hair, a black and white T-shirt with the sleeves being white while his shirt is black, dark jeans, and black shoes. He is married to marie and has three children two boys and one girl. Eddy turned around stomping to another direction Edd looked back at Eddy,"Eddy wait where are you going?!" He was sleepwalking again." https://edfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Ed_Edd_n_Eddy_Future?oldid=58943. The man looked and said,"They make funny sounds right dude?" Jimmy: Jimmy works in a bar that sells magazines and pizzas. Eddy: [twanging a rope] "Bingo! Double D continued,"Come now Eddy, it will only be for one year, and a 'few dents'? Ed was still excited,"But it's so cool!"

The answer goes like this: me and the boys were having so many adventures that some of them almost destroyed peach creek. Based on a few clues given, fanart was made showing Ed, Edd and Eddy's parents on July 5, 2009, including the Kankers' mother. Trust us, we've seen ALOT of crazy and weird over the years from getting sucked into Ed's video games to Double D opening a portal and letting out a monster from another dimension. Eddy said," Hey what's with you?"

and has many relationship problems. Everyone then laughs at Eddy and Kevin then says "Yeah right dork! We're in the middle of a forest going who knows what direction and my arms are killing me from dragging my suit case ARRGGHH!"

The next day was early in the morning Ed was playing 'I spy' until Eddy made him stop (bless his soul). The Eds finally made it they found the Mystery Shack, the Mystery Shack has no less than four exits. Not only that but this stupid trip will waste our summer vacation!" This episode shows how the Eds got married. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You may also request the next featured article here. As they were nearing the town the Eds were singing along with the song Eddy was playing All star-Smash Mouth. Jenny: Jenny is Jimmy and Sarah’s daughter she is found as a little girl. the eds get married and now their children have thier own adventures and when its about the adults it's always about relationship problems and other stuff like that. I'M TELLING MOM YOU BIT JIMMY!" The bus stopped to wait for the train to pass and as it did the bus kept going. The go to the mysterious town of Gravity Falls there they will meet lots of new friends and also get involved in new adventures. Double D's eyes widened,"Why, this ABSURD! he said as he went back to the skulls. Ed Edd n Eddy Future is a fan fiction written by : Lordmakeup it’s about when the eds get married how there life will be. Minutes passed as Eddy finally lost it," ARRGGH THAT'S IT I'VE HAD IT!" "This oughta hold ya. The fanfic's theme songs are the theme to the movie "Creepshow" and "Move your Dead Bones" by Dr. Reanimator. he yelled back the hand retracted when suddenly two large piercing red eyes narrowed at Ed's retreating form. The setting is Peach Creek Junior High and everyone is in Science Class.

Ed Abuse is a fanfiction by TEd711, in which Ed has had enough of Sarah and everyone who's had his ways with him. Ed smiled widely and hugged Eddy as he hugged back Eddy looked at Double D who was strangely looking at the bus with wide eyes.

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