"Jimmy: "We were Wee Roaches till we got our badges, see?" NO WEE ROACH! "Nazz: "You gonna hold my hand? ], Eddy: [dressed normally, eating cherries] "No big deal. ]Ed: "Cool! He tears off Edd's neckerchief, and then moves on to Ed and rips it off. Eddy: [to a clothed Edd] "Okay, Double D, cough 'em up." Plank is then seen decked out in full Urban Ranger regalia; even he, it seems, was able to complete tasks and earn badges. This one is easy! "Rolf: "Next badge. [8] Terrence Briggs of Animation World Magazine considered every second of the show "filler" and lamented that the main characters are drawn as "products from the school of acid-trip caricature. [He points to the patches on his uniform.] I am a hotshot.'" [He jumps. Like the time Ed sleepwalked into people's houses and ate everything in their fridges. Once there, the Kankers make the Eds feel right at home by letting them wear their fathers' robes and serving them lunch while the Eds enjoy a movie. [2] A journalist in Tallahassee, Florida wrote a column in his local newspaper about his search for the huge jawbreakers his children saw on Ed, Edd n Eddy. ", [Edd and Eddy are being lowered into the hammock by ropes. [6] According to Cartoon Network executive Linda Simensky, the first season did "remarkably well" in ratings following its premiere, becoming one of the top-rated series on the network, prompting Cartoon Network to quickly order-up a second season for a November 1999 premiere,[2] and later a third and fourth. Eddy: [to a clothed Edd] "Okay, Double D, cough 'em up." [The Eds realize the task just got much harder. Title: Rolf then comes over, and while he does congratulate Eddy on his form, he also notes that Ed is not Nazz, and refuses to give them a badge. 12-112b "[Rolf becomes furious at this suggestion. "Eddy: "Bing! "Edd: "Not good! ]Ed: "Look! The Eds then try to complete the deeds of the Urban Rangers in order to get the official uniforms. "Eddy: "I'm into easy! ]Eddy: "AAAAHHHH! ]Edd: "Now remember, Ed, equal weight is the key. ]Rolf: "And here's your lard-bringing badge." But you did good. Despite giving the Edifying Ed-Ventures DVD a negative review, IGN's Mike Drucker praised the show, saying: "Every bit of the show is played for the maximum comic effect, and the interactions between the characters are usually very fun,"[8] and particularly praised the season finale, "Avast Ye Eds", saying that it is a "good example of how the animators developed a clever, surreal environment that most kids could probably relate to. [The Eds are behind painted wood. "Rolf: [annoyed] "Yes. ]Edd: "EDDY!

Rolf has taken a candied beet and is eating it to calm his nerves when Eddy arrives and begs for one last chance. ]Edd: [pulled skyward] "Not good. Piece of cake. He goes to Eddy, who seems to be taking it well; he takes his neckerchief off himself and offers it to Rolf. ]Rolf: "The 'Trimming of the Hedge' badge is important. "Jimmy: "We were Wee Roaches till we got our badges, see?" Enjoy your new badge, Jimmy! Now we're talking! "Eddy: [crawling] "I said, FOLLOW ME! Ed and Eddy get out of their clothes. Looking for something to watch?

[Losing HIS patience now] 

]Eddy: "Rolf wait hold–" [the door hits him] "–it. : ]Eddy: "Hello, neighbor. "Edd: "Please! The Eds enjoy this hospitality at first, but slowly the sisters reveal that they each have a crush on the three boys. So, whassa matter? "Eddy: "Yeah, right." Ed Oh, happy day!" Really. "Eddy: "Okay."

Their new clothes aren't exactly durable. Fed up, Rolf storms away, declaring that they will never get a badge.

[Jimmy and Jonny rush Edd to the infirmary. Jimmy and Jonny have on full regalia; the Eds only have neckerchiefs. ]Edd: "Now remember, Ed, equal weight is the key.

]Eddy: "The hammock badge is in the bag. During the run of the first season, a number of fansites were already being set up. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. You have spoiled the wonderful food product! [mockingly]  ]Rolf: [dressed in a strange uniform, going over to Jimmy and Jonny, who don the same clothes] "And that is how to save the helpless kitty from a tree.

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