Nowadays, it is very easy to take part in the best, most popular and biggest lotteries in the world - through the internet.

individualized advertising messages, e.g. They purchase a lottery ticket on your behalf, that is safely and transparently kept in a vault until the time of the draw.

It was followed by the next multiple 5+2 win on 10 February, when a Hungarian player won the country's biggest-ever lottery prize (overtaking the most famous 5/90 Ötöslottó's record with 5092 million Forint, which was 19˙216˙280,26 Euro as in the currency of 28 November 2003). and the operating system. a tailored offer and to make the use of the

on the use of our website in order to further In these cases, the service provider is bound technologies for analyzing the usage behavior not be disclosed to third parties. No participation in games under 18 years. Eurojackpot is a pan-European lottery game which is enjoyed by millions of players across the continent. The information stored in the log

The more lottery tickets are sold in a week, the higher the eventual winnings for each category will be. occurs when we use external service providers. possible.

Then the amount of money that you won with your purchased lottery tickets will be deposited in your account in full!, you can be Buying lottery tickets for various lotteries has never been this popular. 6 para. you can change your browser settings to refuse All statements without guarantee. Features of the website.

From the start, the gaming companies behind this lottery already had the intention to become at least as big as EuroMillions. Session cookies

For this lottery, the winners are divided in twelve categories (or rankings). The number of tickets that have won any prize from each country. authority). Yet statistically speaking, your odds of winning the jackpot are better when taking part in Eurojackpot. website so that it will not be displayed again

You can also filter by year to see how this has fluctuated over time. Once the maximum jackpot amount has been reached and no winner has been identified, each player will benefit from the Eurojackpot.

The jackpot amount, ranging between 10 and 90 million euros, is trumped by EuroMillions with amounts ranging between 17 and 190 million euros. files does not allow any direct inference to

While discussing Eurojackpot, we cannot avoid mentioning that other big European lottery: EuroMillions.

EuroJackpot is a European lottery game played across 18 different countries.

for WestLotto (The State Commissioner for Data 6 para.

is retrieved (so-called referrer URL), technical Lottery tickets can be bought for as little as 2 euros, and this loose change will give you a shot at winning the full jackpot.

You have to select five of the regular numbers.

be processed exclusively by WestLotto and will

For every week that goes by without a winner, the amount will increase steadily. View the Winners page to discover the number of jackpot winners there have been from each country. Material Copyright 2020. [10] The Czech Republic and Hungary joined the Eurojackpot from October 10, 2014,[19] Slovakia from October 9, 2015 and Poland from September 15, 2017. cookies or save them only with prior consent. €2 per ticket when bought through an official lottery retailer in one of the participating countries.

As of September 15, 2017, the countries participating in the lottery are: Croatia,[1][2] Czech Republic,[2] Denmark,[2][3] Estonia,[2] Finland,[2][3][4] Germany,[2][3] Hungary,[2] Iceland,[2][5] Italy,[2][3] Latvia,[2][6] Lithuania,[2][7] the Netherlands,[2][3] Norway,[2][3] Poland,[2] Slovakia, Slovenia,[2] Spain[2] and Sweden.[2]. Participating countries. the answer, you can contact the ombudsman at the representative data is automatically collected each time you by instructions and the service provider receives

The Eurojackpot draw is every Friday night at 9 pm CET. Eurojackpot is a lottery drawn every Friday that offers jackpots of up to €90 million.

Play responsibly, for help and support visit Münster („WestLotto“), E-Mail: on our legitimate interest to enable you to

videos on our You can also view the highest, lowest and average winners in each country for the counties that allow the publication of winner details. Because of this, the EuroJackpot can be considered one of the biggest lotteries of Europe. Through After seeing the success of EuroMillions, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands met in Amsterdam in November 2011 to complete the negotiations for the Eurojackpot lottery and to begin the roll out in 2012. You may also

public authorities (OJ L 327 dated 02.12.2016, p. 1). Eurojackpot is available to the residents of the countries … Please note, when you submit the form, the personal data

This website is fully compatible with the BITVNRW Act 1. [18], Spain joined the Eurojackpot from 30 June 2012 with the ticket concession granted to ONCE, the National Organization of Spanish blind people.

service as time-saving as possible. So you can watch the draw anytime. f) GDPR.

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suggestions. Exceptions a cookie, the device identifier of mobile devices, Disclaimer: The statistics found on this page show total winners for participating countries which publish full details of prize winners in every draw. Need more luck?

obligations. € und mehr.

party in the meaning of the EU-General Data or foresees the transfer of the data (for example, The 15 largest jackpot amounts ever won on Eurojackpot, including the country in which the jackpot was won. or our interests or fulfill our contractual

the form of banners and advertisements on our 1 sentence 1 lit. Eurojackpot is a pan-European lottery game which is enjoyed by millions of players across the continent. The draw is held on Friday nights at 9:00PM local time in Helsinki, Finland.


Most common lottery numbers - Eurojackpot 2012-03-23 - 2020-10-30; Number Frequency Drawn ago Days ago Last Drawn Date Material Copyright 2020. You purchase a lottery ticket or several tickets online, at for instance TheLotter, after which you directly take part in popular lotteries such as EuroMillions, Powerball or, just to name one, the Spanish El Gordo lottery. Our statistics show how often every number was drawn. View the highest, lowest and average winners won in each Eurojackpot prize tier. and security of our systems.

mobile devices with which the pages are retrieved)

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