It also comes with a handy switch puller for changing out the hot-swappable switches, a sturdy metal keycap puller, and extra feet if you want to prop the keyboard at a steeper angle.

That’s why I’m here today to give a review of the Filco MiniLa Air – the first Bluetooth-enabled Filco to be sold in Europe. The One 2 comes with a removable USB-C cable, a wire keycap puller, and a few extra keycaps, and it works on both Windows and Mac. Almost as soon as the tiny 60% size Filco Minila was first announced, mechanical keyboard afficienados started floating the idea of a Bluetooth version. The Varmilo VA108M is the full-size version of our top pick, but we don’t recommend it over the full-size Leopold FC900R because it has a different case than the VA87M, it lacks cable management, and it’s more expensive. Most favourite game is Herzog […], Filco MiniLa Air Bluetooth Keyboard Review, Almost as soon as the tiny 60% size Filco Minila was first announced, mechanical keyboard afficienados started floating the idea of a Bluetooth version. As of our 2019 research, none of the keyboards that offer this feature are consistently in stock. For budget models, it’s common for manufacturers to switch to the cheapest components they can get and not update their product pages, so we can’t recommend this keyboard. With that out of the way, I turned my attention to the feel and overall utility of the keyboard. Keycaps made of PBT, though less common, tend to be more durable, develop less shine, and have a grittier texture.

We found them in this Korean manual (JPG); F12 is volume up, F11 is volume down, F10 is mute, F9 is stop, F8 is next track, F7 is play/pause, and F6 is previous track. We don’t love this, but few people use those keys anyway, and they can’t be remapped on any of our picks. The FC900R takes up a lot more room on a desk and forces your mouse farther to the right, an arrangement that can cause neck and shoulder strain for some people. Although the Fnatic miniStreak is one of the best RGB gaming keyboards we’ve tested, its build quality doesn’t match that of our picks. That said, some features are more useful than others for certain tasks, and our picks in this guide are aimed at people who primarily type or code, but there’s no reason you couldn’t play games on them, too. As with the VA87M, the FC750R’s low-profile, mostly flat case is ideal for your wrists, but it does have feet in the back to raise that portion of the keyboard if you prefer. We also love its compact, minimalist design: At 14.02 by 5.28 by 1.3 inches, it doesn’t take up any unnecessary room on a desk, and its open layout looks stylish and makes the keyboard easier to clean. The problem is the shift keys. The Cooler Master CK530 is an excellent budget RGB gaming keyboard, but its build quality and ABS keycaps can’t match the quality of our other picks. If a keyboard does come with backlighting, we prefer it to be either a tasteful white or programmable RGB—though customizable backlighting almost always costs more. Since this plastic tool can damage the edges of keycaps, we recommend getting a wire keycap puller if you plan to swap keycaps, but the included one will do in a pinch. At around $170, it’s definitely not worth buying over our less expensive, higher-quality picks. It’s low-tech, but almost size-less and it works perfectly well. The Cooler Master MK730 is our pick for the best gaming keyboard, and it’s a great option if you play games and do some typing, too. At least five of the Halo switches we tested had visibly warped stems, which made the keycaps look like crooked teeth. The use of Bluetooth was certainly helpful on the train, where I’d previously relied on a series of tangled cables to hook my Filco to my phone – it was really nice to just slide the keyboard into my bag without having to worry about disconnecting the entire assembly. If you spend all day typing, it can be satisfying to customize the size, switches, keycaps, and layout to your exact needs. This is too many keyboards! We tested the restrained navy/blue style, and we also like many of the other options, including the plain black model, the loud (but fun) yellow/blue option, and the classic two-tone white model. If you can’t wait that long for a new keyboard, take a look at our other picks. It comes with a removable Mini-USB cable and a wire keycap puller, and it works on Windows and Mac. If you don’t already know what switches you like, we recommend Cherry MX Brown, because they offer a satisfying tactile bump without making too much noise for a shared space. It’s no surprise this tops our list for the best keyboard of 2020. At this writing, none of these FC705R models come with backlighting. Learn more.

An inspiring review, thank you. What you can’t do is flip the Alt and Win keys to become Option and Command keys, making the MiniLa useless for iPad users who are coming from the Mac. If you want the same experience as your typical full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard but just want to cut the cord, the Razer Black Widow V3 Pro is the best wireless gaming keyboard … Four switch types – Brown, Blue, Red, Black – will be available for each. This isn’t a dealbreaker, though, since you can always buy different keycaps (there’s a whole world of keycaps to choose from) and add them later. If you’ve typed on keyboards with mini shift keys before, or if you are a very accurate typist and don’t have to worry about hitting the arrow keys instead (or in tandem with) the shift key, then you should probably give this keyboard a try. Both of them are tiny, the same size as all the other keys.

If you don’t mind those vestigial keys, that is. Why not swap them? The Filco Double Shot keycaps also have a higher profile, a more rounded shape and a higher weight compared to standard Filco keycaps. Wirecutter is reader-supported. If you want a keyboard you can tinker with—but don’t want to go off the deep end of soldering—this is the keyboard to get. The FC750R typically costs around $120, though some switch options cost an additional $5.

After testing 10 ergonomic keyboards in 2019 with the help of a panel, we found that the Kinesis Freestyle Edge is the best split, ergonomic option. Others require two hands to activate the keys or (like the Leopold FC750R) don’t clearly label them on the keycaps—you have to memorize their location. We also love that the VA87M is available with a variety of fun keycap sets and matching cases; we tested the Moonlight model, but you can instead choose Sakura Pink, a white keyset designed for Macs, a straightforward black and gray set, or any number of options. We were able to borrow the actual keyboard and bring you a quick review. Otherwise, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll let you know when the Air arrives.

I found it unable to connect to Mavericks, it that true or it was just my incorrect configuration. If our picks aren’t available in the switches you want or with the keycaps you want, you can preorder at, keep an eye on that seller’s incoming-shipments page, or set availability alerts on Amazon using a price tracker such as CamelCamelCamel or Keepa. It’s called the Convertible because it can work like a traditional USB keyboard when a wire is plugged in, but it’ll just as happily connect to a phone, tablet or laptop over Bluetooth when you’re sitting on the couch or on the move. The Razer BlackWidow Lite has a removable cable but also comes with cheap-feeling ABS keycaps.

The tenkeyless VA87M has top-notch build quality and a tasteful, minimalist design. I took the Filco MiniLa Air Bluetooth keyboard with me on vacation this year to use with a MacBook Air propped up on the fantastic Roost stand. I use it with Mavericks without any problems at all. The Cherry switches in our other picks provide a satisfying tactile feedback, and the combination of a sturdy case and thick PBT keycaps gives each keystroke a solid, audible clack that makes you feel like you’re really getting some work done. It uses a standard full-size layout and will perfectly blend in with other pieces of office equipment. The VA87M typically costs around $130—about average for a great mechanical keyboard—though some switch types, keycap sets, and backlight options cost a bit extra. If the Varmilo VA87M isn’t available, we recommend the tenkeyless Leopold FC750R instead. The switches and build quality are top-notch, the key action and sound are beautiful (the sound is actually slightly quieter and denser than the full-size model) and the Bluetooth connection is strong and intelligent (it sleeps and wakes at just the right times). Please feel free to leave your feedback and questions below! Through its Bluetooth connection, you’ll be able to easily connect your Air to a wide range of mobile devices in addition to the standard Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. While testing for the 2019 update to this guide, I fell in love with a brand-new type of switch, and I now have plans to buy a ninth mechanical keyboard. We prefer the Varmilo VA87M’s helpful labels for these frequently used media keys to the Leopold model’s scavenger hunt and guessing game. Build quality: Cheap keyboards with plastic cases and backplates feel and sound hollow when you type, and they can flex when you press too hard on them. Surprisingly, the thing that didn’t cause a problem was the little spacebar.

On top of all that, compared with the Cherry-style stabilizers on all the other keyboards we tested, the Costar stabilizers make it a bit harder to swap keycaps. That opens up a ton of size, layout, switch, and programmability options beyond what our picks offer, but such keyboards are less readily available, tend to be more expensive, and require a lot of tinkering. Unfortunately, availability is an issue with most great mechanical keyboards.

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