Nitromethane    CH3NO2  It is also used to make other chemicals that are used in fireworks and explosives. This chemical is classed as a flammable solid and is used for rocket fuels. Ethyl Alcohol  Seamless service from start to finish. It is used in fireworks. A white, highly poisonous powder used in fireworks. Decomposes at 325 degrees. It is used in fireworks to add color. It works well for slow and fas... +200-325 mesh, 23 micron average, uncoated This atomized aluminum powder works well in glitter compositions and in stars as a flame brightener. Avoid contact with the skin; dermatitis or worse will be the result. To be of any value, it should be 95% pure. Rhodamine B  It can be made from Sodium Azide and Lead Nitrate.

1 LB.

If not confined it will burn like dynamite. A ketone found in the wood of the Camphor tree, native to Taiwan and a few of our states. Barium sulfate is used as a green coloring agent, a high tempera... Dry bentonite clay is rammed (hammered) into tubes to make nozzles and plugs in black powder rockets, fountains and other devices. Glycerol    C3H8O3  CHLORINATED RUBBER (PARLON) $11.99. It is available as orange crystals in a technical grade. Lead Nitrate    Pb(NO2)2  This is not a strong poison, but is poisonous, and you should not come in contact with it or breathe the dust for any prolonged period. Dextrin is a water-soluble binder used in fireworks: for stars, comets, and granulating black powder. Although they are not interchang... Copper Carbonate [CuCO•CU(OH)2] is a  bluish-green powder. The unopened packets (3 - 5 for best and brightest results) are to be tossed into an indoor wood-burning... Parlon (chlorinated rubber, Chlor-Rub™, Superchlon™, chlorinated isoprene) White powder. Potassium Nitrate is the most commonly used oxidizer in fireworks. Bluish-green powder, used as a coloring agent and chlorine donor. One of a group of unstable, explosive compounds related to Mercury Fulminate. Phosphorus Trisulfide    P2S3  There is a lot of physics and chemistry involved in making fireworks. Mercuric Chloride    HgCl2  It can explode or ignite in contact with organic substances. Dinitrotoulene  Red Gum  Another name for this metal element is Antimony Regulus. It is used in explosives. Besides being an explosive itself it is used in a detonating fuse called Primacord. Decaborane    B10H14  It is used in the manufacture of explosives. Zinc Borate    3ZnO.2B2O3  The main usage is in primers. It is used for Phosphorous Torpedoes, but does not have any dangerous properties in itself. A strong acid containing 1 part concentrated Nitric Acid and 3 parts concentrated Hydrochloric Acid. It is reddish in color, in fact, it is the only element to be found in nature having that color. Part #CH0150 Firefly Composition Part ... Airfloat charcoal is extremely fine mixed hardwood charcoal. It is a clear, colorless corrosive liquid, which fumes in moist air. INDIAN BLACKHEAD ALUMINUM POWDER. ‘Salt’ as a word conjures up images of the normal table salt you probably use every day; whilst this is one type of salt (sodium chloride), in chemistry ‘salt’ refers to any compound that contains metal and non-metal atoms ionically bonded together. Lead Oxide    Pb3O4  In the pure state it is a violent poison which will explode when touched by flame or friction.

Since 1980!! grade is used for some firework compositions. We Supply The Hard To Find Chemicals & Supplies No One Else Has! Pure Lead Bromate is not explosive unless it is made from precipitated Lead Acetate with an alkali bromate. These bright orange crystals are used in armor piercing shells and fireworks. It can react violently with organic matter such as Charcoal, Alcohol or Turpentine and consequently must be handled Very carefully. (Science is Fun) Chemistry is a real blast! $44.95. Aluminum Chloride    AlCl3  It is used in the technical grade for fireworks. Purchase the black powder in 99% purity. You can use the common form, table salt (or rock salt if made into a powder). A dark blue crystalline powder which is a commercial dye. Home; Shop; More.

It is normally sold in a solid block. It is used to make some explosives. P-Diazobenzeneslfonic Acid    C6H4NSO3N  Always a pleasure, Fireworks Cookbook has been an awesome supplier for all kinds of crazy needs I’ve had. Avoid all contact with this gas, as even a trace of it will attack the lungs. An organic dye available as a red-brown powder. Paraffin  This acts as a stabilizer in fireworks and explosives. These grayish, irregular lumps are normally packed in waterproof and airtight metal containers. It is interesting to note what it is called in other countries: Britain - Lyddite; France - Melinite; Japan - Shimose. Sodium Picrate 

This is a poisonous compound. w/anti-cake, 5 Lbs. Copper Nitrate    Cu(NO3)2.3H2O  Commonly known as Glycerin. Both forms give the same oxidizing effects in fireworks. This -400 mesh "superfine" aluminum dust has an average particle size of 9 microns so it almost floats in the air. 83163-220th Street, Hayward, MN 56043, US (612) 281-PYRO (612) 281-PYRO. The exact composition is unknown because it is too explosive to be dried. This acid will attack all metals, including gold and platinum. Copper Arsenate    CuHAsO3  Also known as Corrosive Sublimate. When making a formula containing Phosphorous, be sure to work with it in a WET STATE. Copper Chloride    CuCl2  Sodium Oxalate    Na2C2O4  Iodine    I This is a fine, new resource for fireworkers. Upon exploding, it yields Gold, Nitrogen and Ammonia. A black bituminous substance, best described as powdered tar.

It will not yield its oxygen as easily, but to make up for this, it gives off more oxygen. Also a safe compound to handle. You can mix it with water to form paste if so desired. Red Phosphorous is the only suitable form for fireworks and matches. This occurs as the mineral Calcite.

When ordering be sure to specify the black powder. Used in some thermite compositions; in some glitter formulations; as a catalyst in rocket com... [C12H22O11•2H2O] White, -200 mesh, powder In solution, it is use... (saltpeter, salt peter) [KNO3] White powder. Back in stock soon. Note that it is non poisonous only when it is 100% pure. Pyrotechnic Chemical list This does not absorb water as quickly as nitrate and is used when storage is necessary. Cryolite is a common yellow coloring agent in fireworks.

This is a white or transparent wax. Available as white or colorless crystals in the technical grade.

This is merely another name for sawdust or wood meal. Also very sensitive to shock or heat. Sodium Bicarbonate    NaHCO3  The commercial grade is used in fireworks and matches. or to add color to a fire.

Only the 100% pure form should be used in making smoke powders.

This is a poisonous white powder which explodes by heating to 350 degrees or by concussion. Very similar to Potassium Picrate and should be handled with the same precautions. One of a group of unstable, explosive compounds derived from Fulminic Acid. Unit. It is more powerful and expensive than Dynamite. Poisonous. These black crystals are used in thermite mixtures. This yellow gas is also in the above group and can be exploded by heat or shock. The colours in fireworks stem from a wide variety of metal compounds – particularly metal salts. Also known as Chile Saltpeter; very similar to Saltpeter, (Potassium Nitrate).

Used in many types of fireworks and explosives. Mercuric Oxycyanide    HgO.Hg(CN)2 

Used in fireworks for blue stars. Also called milk sugar. Known as Blue Vitriol, this poisonous compound is available as blue crystals or blue powder. It is a finely powdered black dust, resulting from the burning of crude oils. Whatever grade, avoid contact with the fumes or the liquid. These poisonous, transparent, odorless crystals (or white powder) are used to make Antimony Fulminate. Kieselguhr  Available in many different colors. The common name is sal ammoniac. Lead Azide    PbN6  Sometimes the same substance is used to provide oxygen and color. The cotton seed provides a surface for the black powder to... (sodium fluoaluminate) [Na3AlF6] White powder. Antimony Sulfide    (Sb2S3)  Oxidizers have been known to detonate violently without warning when mixed with Red Phosphorous. Potassium Perchlorate 325 Mesh W/Cab-O-Sil. This is a poisonous salt of Barium, which decomposes at a fairly high temperature, 1300 degrees. It is a gray powder used in star mixtures and for fuel in model rockets. Poisonous. It is a white powder, also known as Fluorspar. Upon contact with water it will form the flammable gas, Phosphine (highly toxic!). It is used in fireworks in the white powdered form. It is a sweet warm tasting syrupy liquid which is used in several explosives.

Known in the natural state as Strontianite, this chemical is used for adding a red color to fires. It can be purchased in some drugstores.

** A salt of Picric Acid, this chemical comes in yellow, reddish or greenish crystals. It has a wide range of particle size range (bigger and smal... 400 Mesh, coated Aluminum. It can often substitute for Potassium Chlorate to make the formula safer. Featured Products. Before it was known, mixtures were never spectacular in performance. This Chemical is just as poisonous as its red brother and is also used in fireworks, somewhat. Although they are not interchangeable wit... [C6H10O5] Light yellow powder. Methylene Blue    C16H18N3SCl  Treat as toxic. When dry it resembles glass, hence the name. Sodium Perchlorate    NaClO.4H2O  A dried, gummy, exudate from tropical trees.

This white powder has a sweet taste. A certified Biological stain used in smoke cartridges. It is being used in making explosives. Potassium Perchlorate 325 Mesh w/anti-cake, Potassium Perchlorate 325 Mesh 20 LBS.

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