Liberalism led to education of the native and the ascendancy of Spanish. Metrical Romances Early Comedia Metrical Romances Poetry At first the only reading matter approved by the friars was the life of Christ and the saints. Culture and traditions were passed on during community gathering through stories, songs, chants, music, and dance. Philippine Religious Imagery. 5TH REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES History The oldest human fossil found in the Philippines is the skull cap of a “Stone- age Filipino”, about 22,000 years old.

Manila: University of Santo Tomas Press, 1946. 2nd ed.

The twin dangers of fire and earthquake gave rise to another type of architecture. New York: Dover Publications Inc., 1967. During those times the Philippines already have an indigenous art tradition that is unique and rich. Manila: GCF Books, 1978. Trails, Rails, and Highways: How Trade Transformed the Art of Spanish New Mexico Through "Trails, Rails, and Highways: How Trade Transformed the Art of Spanish New Mexico," Curator Emerita Robin Farwell Gavin draws upon the museum’s extensive collection to trace the flow of people, art, culture and history along the historic trail routes that shaped New Mexico. Chinese influence are shown through red air-dried bricks which were produced from a mixture of coral lime and/or loam and sugar cane juice and lion figures made of granite apparent in front of San Agustin Church. The opening of Manila as a free port encouraged British, Germans, French, and other foreigners to set up businesses on the Escolta and adjacent streets, and the majestic Bahay na Bato buildings were built. COLONIAL ARCHITECTURE IN THE PHILIPPINES (2). Manila: C. Formoso Publishing, 1987. Here is a little bit about the Spanish reign over the Philippines and some interesting things that Spain introduced to the Filipino way of life.

Style may also vary by area. INTR... COLONIAL ARCHITECTURE IN THE PHILIPPINES (1). Thus created was a hybrid of Austronesian, Spanish, and Chinese architecture. The arrival of Spanish conquerors introduced the Antillean style of architecture.

With the development of tools, tent-like shelters and tree houses were also created to serve as their abode. The same architectural style was used for Philippines' Spanish-era convents, monasteries, schools, hotels, factories, and hospitals, and with some of the American-era Gabaldon school buildings, all with few adjustments. American architecture influence in the Philippines can be classified in two types; the so-called first generation Filipino architects who studied architecture and engineering in the United States who were sponsored by the colonial masters and the Second generation architects who emerged in the late 1920s and 1930s. With the massive walls, the volada disappeared in many residences and the kitchen became an extension in stone, with vents piercing the walls to let out smoke.

“The House With No Nails.” In Turn of the Century. This is due to the fact that mostly Filipinos are inexperienced with the construction of stone buildings. “First Voyage Around the World” (1525).

Shallow pilasters divide each story into three segments. Just by reviewing our history as a nation, the Philippines is a melting pot of various cultures not just from its Western colonizers but even from its neighbors in Asia even before the Spaniards came. Pigafetta, Antonio. Estado geografico, topografico, estadistico, historico-religioso de la santa y apostolica provincia de San Gregorio Magno. 1870), probably one of the earliest recorded painters in Philippine art history. Fudge Tajar works as a Content Writer for - the most advanced online tool that helps you search, buy, sell and rent properties in the Philippines. A triangular pediment crowns the solid, but not massive facade. The Spanish at first viewed the Philippines as a stepping-stone to the riches of the East Indies (Spice Islands), but, even after the Portuguese and Dutch had foreclosed that possibility, the Spanish still maintained their presence in the archipelago.. Spaniards used paintings as religious propaganda to spread Catholicism throughout the Philippines. New York: The MacMillan Company, 1951. Houses like the Vega Ancestral House that have almost fully wooden materials even to the first level walls are still considered Bahay na bato; the name Bahay na bato was applied to this architecture as generations passed by, as most of these houses use stone materials, contrary to the precolonial era that used no stones at all. Washington DC: Government Printing Press, 1900. pinnacles with a circular disc crowned by a balustrade and a Horses for carriages were housed in stables called caballerizas. Manila: MARA Inc., 1986, 7-26. Bahay na bato (Tagalog, literally "house of stone") is a type of building originating during the Philippines' Spanish Colonial Period.

Barandillas - railing or balustrade (usually wooden), Barrigones - "Buntis" (or bombere, pregnant) grillworks on windows, to accommodate planters, Batalan - Rear part of house used for washing and water storage, with a flooring often made of slatted bamboo; more a part of a bahay kubo (but may be present as well at the rear of a bahay na bato), Bentwood beech chairs and other furniture - Imported dark wood furniture, Brackets - Series of often diagonal braces placed in support of the volada on the second floor, Butaka - A version of silla perezosa with no leg rests, Caida - Landing on the upper entrance hall; foyer of the second floor; also called "antesala", Calado - Lace-style fretwork or latticework used to adorn room dividers and to allow air to circulate, Capilla - Long bench, a staple item in the caida, Capital - Topmost member of a column (or pilaster) mediating between the column and the load", Capiz window - (Often) sliding window made of capiz shells cut into squares, Caryatid - A sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head, Clerestory - Any high windows above eye level for the purpose of bringing outside light, fresh air, or both into the inner space, Cocina - Kitchen, which was typically built separately from the house, Colonette - A small, thin decorative column supporting a beam (horizontal timber) or lintel (beam spanning a door or window), Corbel - A projection jutting out from a wall to support a structure above it; also "braces", Cornice - A ledge or generally any horizontal decorative molding that crowns a building or furniture element, Court, courtyard - A space enclosed by walls and is open to the sky; has azotea or balconaje, Cuatro aguas - Hip roof, which has more corners and angles, making it stronger than the dos aguas (gable) or high-pitched roof due to stronger aerodynamics (i.e., more wind resistance); also has the advantage of providing an overhang, which is effective for protecting the house from rainwater and from direct sunlight, Dapugan - A platform in the kitchen where the kalan or clay stove is placed, Engaged column - Column in support of the roof above, Entresuelo - Mezzanine; literally meaning "between floors", this is the area where clients, tenants or estate managers (if the owner was a rich landowner) wait before being admitted to the oficina (office), Escritorio - A large chest of drawers, commonly adorned with inlay work, Estante - Dining room cabinet where chinaware and silverware are displayed, Finial - A usually foliated ornament forming an upper extremity, Fresquera - Storage room for salted food, etc.

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[3] Most of the buildings in Manila and Central Luzon were of adobe, a volcanic tuff quarried from the hills which is entirely different from the material of the same name found in Latin America (adobe in those Hispanic countries refers to mud and straw formed into rectangular blocks which are then dried in the sun). A metrical tale composed of octosyllabic verses called corrido, to be distinguished from the awit which is made pf dodcasyllabic However, the Metro Manila area still has one of the largest concentration of Bahay na Bato houses. The arrival of Spanish conquerors introduced the Antillean style of architecture. Combining Pre-colonial Ivatan style and Colonial Filipino style (Bahay na bato). Another prestigious master designer during that time was American architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham. SAN SEBASTIAN, THE ONLY METAL CHURCH IN ASIA. Bañas, Raymundo C. A Brief Sketch of Philippine Catholic Churches. [3], Under more than three centuries of Spanish initiative, buildings of wood, stone, and brick were constructed all over the archipelago, from the Batanes Islands in the north to Tawi-Tawi in the south, from Palawan in the west to Samar in the east.[3]. The Context of Hispanic Urbanism and Process of Morphogenesis. Manila: 1901. Gomez Piñol, Emilio. II. This type of architecture is European (but originated from Central America and not Spain) which was tweaked to suit the tropical climate of the Philippines and … vertical composition is echoed by the small design of the second However, it still remains faithful to the Nipa hut principle.

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