No. However, on appeal, the RTC dismissed the complaint on the ground of prematurity because the conflict arising from the condition Contract of Sale and subsequent agreements relative thereto entered into between the parties should first be resolved and to determine whether or not a cause of action for ejectment exists. The first theory is that which has prevailed in the judgment below, as appears from the language in which the basis of the decision is expressed: "The court is of the opinion that the contract of lease was terminated by the notice given by the plaintiff on August 28 of last year . Our attention has been attracted to the discrepancies in the printed record on appeal.

Whether the second part of the written obligation, in which the obligors agreed and promised to deliver a mortgage over the parcel of land described therein, upon failure to pay the debt on a date specified in the preceding paragraph, is valid and binding and effective upon the plaintiff appellee, the creditor? Defendant has paid a total amount of 1,500 leaving a balance of 1,000. On May 18, 1962 appellant sent appellee a resume of fees due to the latter. In the event that the debtor fails to comply with any of its promises, the Debtor agrees without reservation that Creditor shall have the right to consider the Logging Agreement rescinded, without the necessity of any judicial suit…. It is not contrary to law or public morals or public policy, and notwithstanding the absence of any legal provision at the time it was entered into governing it, as the parties had freely and voluntarily entered into governing it, as the parties had freely and voluntarily entered into it, there is no ground why it should into be given effect. This an appeal from the decision of the Court of First Instance of Samar in its Civil Case No. Pending completion of Phase II of the Vermen Pines Condominiums, Vermen Realty delivered to Seneca Hardware units 601 and 602 at Phase I of the Vermen Pines Condominiums (Rollo, p. 28). 3. Hence, this appeal. Furthermore, the rule of indivisibility of mortgage cannot apply where there was failure of consideration on the part of respondent bank for the mismanagement of the affairs of petitioner corporation and where said bank is in default in complying with its obligation to release to petitioner corporation the amount of P710,000.00. On 28 November 1956 the Court rendered judgment as prayed for ordering defendant to pay the plaintiff within thirty days from receipt of notice of judgment the sum of P5,000 with legal interest from 8 December 1955 until fully paid and to pay the costs. Should Araneta be compelled to accept the payment? In Article 1250, it can be seen that the provision envisages contractual obligations where the parties selected specific currency as a medium of payment; hence it is not applicable to obligations arising from tort and not from contract as in the case at bar. After said payments, there remained a balance of P4,915.62, which the defendants had not paid up to the present time. Spouses Gimenez entered into a conditional contract of sale of a house and lot with Mercado for the price of Php 500,000 subject to the following conditions: A downpayment of the ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND (P100,000.00) PESOS in cash will be paid by Mr. Jose Mercado to Mr. Alfredo Gimenez upon signing of this agreement. The automobile was overturned and the plaintiffs pinned down under it. See more ideas about Newspaper front pages, War heroes, American history. the top of most pages, or via the "Related Topics" box in the sidebar. The loan agreements between petitioner and respondent Bank are reciprocal obligations (the obligation or promise of each party is the consideration for that of the other) The promise of petitioner to pay is the consideration for the obligation of respondent bank to furnish the loan. It was approved by the president of UP, which stipulated the following: 3. Ronquillo and another defendant Pilar Tan offered to pay their shares of the 55,000 already due. So, Inchausti and Company withdrew the claims pending against Fransisco, Manuel and Carmen but still continue the claims against Gregorio and Pedro sentencing them to pay the total amount of the obligation acknowledged by them in the August 12, 1909 instrument. 2. The other defendants were Offshore Catertrade, Inc., Johnny Tan and Pilar Tan. However, in the case, the security was not negligent. The prejudice and detriment to the rights and interest of petitioner stems from the continued existence of the contract between Zambales Chromite and private respondent Philzea Mining. In its decision three theories have been presented: One which makes the duration depend upon the will of the lessor, who, upon one month's notice given to the lessee, may terminate the lease so stipulated; another which, on the contrary, makes it dependent upon the will of the lessee, as stipulated; and the third, in accordance with which the right is reversed to the courts to fix the duration of the term. Art. Thus, said payment was valid and discharged the obligation, even if such payment was not authorized by Isasi or Aberri Inc., for which Galar had the right to demand reimbursement for the amount paid. On July 19,1965, UP informed ALUMCO that it had, as of that date, considered rescinded and of no further legal effect the logging agreement, and that UP had already taken steps to have another concessionaire take over the logging operation. At today’s health fair, the Belize Family Life Association was on hand to educate the public about the disease. On the basis of this allegation it is prayed, as a special defense, that the estate of said deceased Vicente L. Legarda be included as party-defendant. Can Luis Galar legally pay the debt without awaiting the demand on the part of Isasi?

Defendant-appellant Isabelo Fonacier was the owner and/or holder of 11 iron lode mineral claims, known as the Dawahan Group.

Passengers do not contract merely for transportation. The Court of First Instance ruled in favor of Gregorio, hence the firm appealed before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court agree with the observation of the plaintiffs-appellees to the effect that the terms of a contract must be interpreted against the party who drafted the same, especially where such interpretation will help effect justice to buyers who, after having invested a big amount of money, are now sought to be deprived of the same thru the prayed application of a contract clever in its phraseology, condemnable in its lopsidedness and injurious in its effect which, in essence, and its entirety is most unfair to the buyers. Yes. NEW PACIFIC TIMBER & SUPPLY CO. INC. The Director of Mines and Geo-Sciences in his order denying Philzea Mining's motion to dismiss the petition for cancellation of the operating agreement between Philzea Mining and Zambales Chromite stated: From the documentary evidence submitted by the petitioner, the Letter of Intent and Operating Agreement between Zambales Chromite and Earth Minerals, it may be gleaned that, at least, there appears some color of right on the part of petitioner to request for cancellation/rescission of the contract dated September 11, 1980 between Zambales Chromite and Philzea Mining.

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