Goofy and low-budget, but likable (in a poverty row kind of way anyway). We meet him at the start of the film as he's about to complete an assignment; he's been ordered to murder an old, blind politician/environmentalist. : Mission of Justice (1992). Watch Queue Queue. Strangely, I was never bored for a moment as every scene was at least as screwed up as the next. The blu-ray supplemental features go into even greater heartbreaking detail, but in short Cassinelli died while shooting one of the helicopter action sequences. You get all sorts of glorious trashy and even a few classic genre films for hardly any money. I mean, look at it! But considering this picture’s budget, it’s all passable and it works. Snipers on the balcony. In this sense, the film also predates James Cameron’s Terminator 2, with Paco representing the sympathetic “machine of death.”. You'll laugh. I’m still waiting for car dissolving acid rain and cumbersome personal laser rifles. Hands of Steel aka Atomic Cyborg is about a half man, half cyborg named Paco Queruak. In fact, the scene where the cyborg repairs his arm is pretty impressive. Daniel Greene (he’s in all the Farrelly Brother movies) is Paco, a cyborg that is programmed to kill a blind scientist that holds some sort of secret that can stop the destruction of man-kind for it is the “near future” where acid rain, bikers, and homeless people run rampant. Paco appears to complete his mission and goes on the run. All this happens while the bad guys try to find their broken toy in order to get rid of the evidence before the FBI gets on their track. Anyone accustomed to Italian trash will not be surprised by this. In fact, to put it rather bluntly, "Fists of Steel" is a movie for guys, and preferably guys that like their heroes invincible, their women docile, their action & violence graphic & plentiful and their dialogs and story lines rudimentary. To make this look like the future, they really just put a bunch of ventilation ducks and tubing all over the walls of whatever room they might be in, like in. Janet Agren, John Saxon, George Eastman and Donald O'Brien show up for support and are all fine. Weird name, I know. Checking here at the IMDb, he played the Dad in KINGPIN and the meathead in ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK.
Look, it's not high art, it's a silly B movie about a cyborg punching the bad guys. Vids I Dig 505: Cartoonist Kayfabe: Slasher Superhero Comics! RobinsTaste. Jeremy is using Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists with friends. I have to give him credit - he always does his best, Just being a workmanlike performer as he is, in comparison with the poor acting of every single other person in the film, makes him look like Sir Laurence Olivier or Richard Burton. 0 Comments, Blu-ray Distributed By: Code Red DVD / February 7, 2017. He finds shelter with innkeeper Linda (Janet Agren) at her little highway outpost, a quiet place with the exception of the constant prostitute traffic and nightly truck driver arm-wrestling competitions. Read movie and film review for Hands of Steel (1986) - Sergio Martino, Martin Dolman on AllMovie - Though the cyborg theme suggests a Terminator… And don't forget John Saxon! | the guy is a huge hulk of a man, and 2.) That's my next present to myself.:). Vids I Dig 504: Yesterworld: The Troubled History of Epcot’s Abandoned World Showcase (In 2 Parts), Film Review: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), Video Game Review: Splatterhouse 2 (Sega Genesis), Vids I Dig 503: Hats Off Entertainment: Abbott & Costello Meet the Monsters – A Docu-Mini, Film Review: Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb (1971), Vids I Dig 502: Razörfist: ‘Silent Hill’ Retrospective (In 3 Parts), TV Review: The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020- ), Vids I Dig 501: Whang! Having Hands of Steel is also useful for a simultaneous reverse bitch-slap, which I can’t say I’ve ever seen before. It has pretty good, albeit hokey effects. Terrific electronic score from Claudio Simoneti and a cool special fx sequence where Paco is … Because we all know arm wrestling is the sport of the future. So I will say, the poster is a little misleading, but not by much.
Release Date: March 26th, 1986 (France) So I strongly encourage you to do so! So this not only anticipated Over the Top, it also predicted what the majority of computers are used for in the future. | I have rarely witnessed a scene more affecting than the torn-off head of the female cyborg grating out "THEY WILL DEE STROY YEW" in her atrocious accent, an even worse accent than that of Paco's nemesis Raoul. A middling Italian cash-in which takes much too long to get to the good stuff. I actually saw this movie many years ago. Giorgio Moroder's Metropolis (1984) finally hittin... Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray. 334 views; 6 years ago; 4:26. But he doesn't finish the job when a bit of his human heart takes over. No major actors or actresses in here that I noticed but that didn't matter because the plot and the action carried the movie 100 percent of the time, I was not disappointed in anything at all really,, all of the fight sequences were choreographed brilliantly, and the female lead was nice to look at. A ruthless businessman, Francis Turner(John Saxon) attempts to assassinate a political revolutionary using a human cybernetic killing machine but doesn't expect that his creation would recall his humanity, softening the blows of his hands of steel leaving the target alive. Another great moment is John Saxon wielding a ridicoulously huge laser gun and keeping a straight face. One thing that does stand out right from the beginning is the music. Hands of Steel" , or "Man with the Golden Pistol" or "The Man Who Came to Kill" or "El Pistolero De Oro" results to be a so-so tortilla/Pasta Western in which two drifters arrive in a little town to resolve conflicts among nasty robbers and corrupt authority . But it has a goofy charm and any time a dude tears another dude's heart out with his bare hands you've got a good time. ( Log Out /  along with the expected adventure stuff. NEON TRASH PRODUCTIONS. That rattlesnake gimmick was pretty interesting but didn't get very far. Review by Jeremy Milks. Written by: Sergio Martino, Sauro Scavolini, Elisa Livia Briganti, John Crowther So while Paco is trying to lay low in this desert town, he shacks up in this bar/hotel and works for the lady that runs the place all by herself as a handyman kinda guy doing whatever she needs him to do. Wow what a movie,, at first I thought it was like a prequel of sorts to the Road Warrior or something like that,, so many similarities I thought that it was uncanny, like for instance the boneyard of junk cars and such, and the baron wasteland. Well, if you find it, consider yourself lucky and watch it. ( Log Out /  I was shocked at how well this U.S. / Italian action film looked.

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