Ami, Yumi, and Kaz have a strange experience when the soundtrack is completely wrong. She is so obsessed with Ami and Yumi that she will not leave them alone. After coming to life, Ami and Yumi's favorite manga characters battle each other. Yumi is tired of Ami always waking her up early, so Yumi sets Ami's clock backwards by 5 seconds. Not wanting to hurt each other's feelings, they hid every gift in Kaz's room. - 30.ハッピーバースデイ - 31.SWEET DROPS - 32.トモダチのわお!

Ami and Yumi meet a bunch of overzealous goths who turn out to be vampires. 『ハイ!ハイ! Ami and Yumi look for loose teeth when the tooth fairy is unable to do so, and they must do it before the sun rises. This is to ensure a smooth and fun experience on the wiki. Ami thinks her pen pal is an attractive guy. Ami and Yumi travel back in time to become disco stars. Chad, the Stu-Pi-Doh champion, comes back and has a new girlfriend named Janice. It isn’t until later that the girls realize that the cowboys are the infamous Burlap Boys. - 33.脱ディストピア - 34.パフィピポ山, 秘密のギミーキャット〜うふふ 本当よ〜 - COLORFUL WAVE SURFERS. On April 5th, 2018, a user named Lincar Rox uploaded the full pilot on Vimeo. Jeng Keng and Tekirai clone themselves to get rid of Domo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ami and Yumi plot to reveal Kaz for the fraud that he is. She has collected all of them except for the bunny one. Ami adopts a hunk of fungus that comes from their shower. Kaz has a party in a hotel room and doesn't invite Ami and Yumi, now the girls try to sneak into the party. The unaired pilot of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is exactly as the title implies; it was the pilot for the show but never aired. Register, who was a fan of the band, wished to spread its fame to other parts of the world and thus created the series. When Ami and Yumi come to the conclusion that Kaz is lonely, they decide to set him out on a date and give him a makeover. Let's Be Heroes episode, "Crossover Nexus". With the help of the girls, Kaz trains to become a sumo wrestler and has his first match. When Wall becomes too protective about his clients, Ami and Yumi plot to have him fired. Thanks to the Vimeo user – Lincar Rox and to show director and co-founder of Renegade Animation – Darrell van Citters, the pilot episode is now online for everyone to see. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ami wants her and Yumi to ski down a steep hill. The show’s creator – Sam Register is now the president of Warner Bros. Kaz thinks that after being together for so long, Yumi has become allergic to Ami.

Lincar apparently received the pilot from the series' director, Darrell Van Citters, at request. The pilot is an early concept of the show, the character and background designs have changed, and the band manager in the show – Kaz is absent from the pilot. Ami becomes obsessed in with collecting prizes from a cereal box. Unlike Ami and Kaz, Yumi has never won a trophy before. Unfortunately, during the contest, Ami is tripped by a competitor and stubs her toe. Surprisingly, the new manager treats them much better. Ami is tired about not having the group being very clean. Thinking their job is to eat as many as they can, Ami and Yumi do so and get fairly fat. パフィー・アミユミ』(英語: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi)は、PUFFYをモデルにしたアメリカのアニメ。アメリカ合衆国のアニメ専門局、カートゥーン ネットワーク制作。全3シリーズが制作され、全39回が製作された。, プロデューサーのサム・レジスター(英語版)が在米日本人向けのテレビ放送でPuffyを見たことがきっかけで、Puffyはカートゥーンネットワーク制作のヒーローアニメ『ティーン・タイタンズ』の主題歌を歌い、それが人気を得たことからPuffyを主役にしたアニメが作られることになった[1]。Puffyの2人はオープニングとエンディングに実写で登場し、主題歌・挿入歌も担当している。, 2004年11月19日に放送スタート[2]。2005年4月22日から第2シリーズが、2006年2月17日から第3シリーズが放送された。しかし2006年6月27日の新規放送分を持って打ち切りとなった[3]。, キッズ層(8~12歳)の女子をターゲットとしており、アメリカでの初回視聴率は2歳~11歳で3.9%、6歳~11歳で4.9%だった。カートゥーンネットワークの初回視聴率にしては最高の記録となっている[1]。, 世界を回る公演ツアー中(話の時代が中世や原始時代のときもある)、楽天家のアミ(大貫亜美)と皮肉屋のユミ(吉村由美)が、パフィーのファンやマネージャーらと繰り広げる珍道中を描く。なぜかユミはパンク・ロックやヘヴィメタル好きのギタリストという設定になっている。二人はジャンケンとテキライという二匹のネコを飼っていて、ネコとマネージャーのカズ(原田公一)とイヌのドーモしか出てこない回もある。英語版ではアミとユミのセリフの一部に日本語が含まれている事がある。, スカイパーフェクTV!他で放送されているカートゥーン ネットワークにおいて、2005年4月から先行的に日本語字幕版の放送が開始され、2006年1月から日本語吹き替え版が放送された。また、2006年6月中旬にオリジナル英語版が放送されたが、後に放送終了となった(オリジナル版の前は日本語吹き替えと字幕が分離されており、また一部のシーンがカットされていた)。, これとは別に、テレビ東京系列の「おはスタ」内で2005年10月から2006年3月まで日本語吹き替え版の放送が開始された。2006年7月からはテレビ朝日「Hi Hi PUFFY部」内で(おはスタ版の続きに当たる)別ストーリーの吹き替え版が放送開始した(なお番組は9月に終了した)。, 2005年後半頃から、日本でもアメリカから輸入されたキャラクター商品が、キディランドなどで販売されるようになった。, また、放送開始前には東京国際アニメフェア2005にて日本語吹き替え版が上映された。上映版ではパフィーの声は本人が演じている[5]。, ディースリー・パブリッシャーより、2005年にゲームボーイアドバンス版『Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped!』が、2006年にニンテンドーDS版『Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: The Genie and the Amp』が発売。日本ではゲームボーイアドバンス版が『ハイ! However, there are continuous bad reviews. Bits and pieces of it were shown in non-full version as a preview on Cartoon Network DVDs and VHS tapes,[1] and a full preview of the pilot was made available on the Teen Titans (2003) season 1 DVD, albeit as a short cut promo. In prehistoric times, Primitive Ami and Primitive Yumi create their own music, and Primitive Kaz tries to get the two to join together and form a band. Puffy gets booked on tour with Metalbreath – the most obnoxious, nastiest and least talented heavy metal band in the world. When Kaz books Ami and Yumi to play at a spoiled rich kid’s birthday party, they’re totally bummed – and it only gets worse when Kaz sells them to the child’s father for $10 million. After a freak doughnut sign accident, Yumi saves Kaz from being squished. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi follows the adventures of two female Japanese pop stars with completely different personalities: Yumi Yoshimura, a punk rocker and Ami Onuki, a cheerful girly-girl.

After breaking Yumi's new guitar, Ami tries to convince Yumi and Kaz that she saw a unicorn. Alone with the girls’ cats (Jang Keng and Tekirai), Kaz decides to get them out of his hair by putting them outside for the night.

Kaz accidentally knocks out a horse named Butterscotch, and Ami and Yumi dress up as the horse to help Kaz out at a rodeo. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi was a Cartoon Network series that ran from 2004 to 2006 and was about the adventures of two rockstars named Ami and Yumi who have misadventures around the world. [2] The entire pilot was found by series' director, Darrell Van Citters, and was uploaded to Vimeo on April 5, 2018. They find out that the man who sold them the bus had moved into its carburettor. Kaz enters Ami and Yumi's cats in a contest but turns out the cat contest isn't for a few months, so Kaz decides to enter the cats in a dog contest by pretending that they're dogs. Kaz is so grateful to Yumi that he starts doing favors for her. The girls then get trapped in his haunted mansion. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. you can watch it here:

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