Note that you only need the base of the plant to fit in the box—they won’t be sealed in. Small plants can be boxed together. In addition to boxes, you’ll also want to make sure you have some extra packing peanuts or paper to fill in the gaps around each pot so that they don’t shift around.

Like your kids, plants should be one of the … Many professional moving companies won’t move live plants and doing it yourself ensures it gets done right. If you’ll be on the road for a few days, taking plants won’t be an issue. Tape or staple to keep the shape.

Collect proper materialsOld bed sheets protect leaves from the elements. Make sure that they have access to some sunlight (no packing plants in the trunk, though if it’s a plant that prefers low light or indirect light, position them so they’re not getting hit straight on by the sun). Take cuttingsIf you can’t take your whole garden, take some clippings for transplant. Talk to your local nursery. Use of Insurance Zebra Insurance Services (DBA is subject to our Terms of Service.Copyright © 2020 Insurance Zebra. Here’s a quick list of things to consider before you start shoving plants in boxes. You might be beet, but at least you’ll be ready to take root. Boxes are the best way to transport plants in a car since you don’t want dirt spilling everywhere. Packing and moving by car when some of your belongings are awfully sensitive about their surroundings is even harder. If you have more than two weeks of travel, you may want to reduce the number of plants moved as you’ll be taking them in and out at each overnight stop. Take your plants out of the car right away when you arrive at your destination. If your move is going to take multiple days and you’ll be making some overnight stops, always take your plants inside with you wherever you stay. Take stock of your packing materials, size up your plants, and determine which ones can safely make the trip.

(For what it’s worth, the orchid survived the trip… but died within about a month of being in my Miami apartment.).

The healthier your plants are pre-move, the better off they’ll be during transport. © 2020 Insurance Zebra. The key is to be patient and allow your plants plenty of room.

Much like packing your personal items for a small (or big) move, it takes a bit of shifting and ingenuity to get plants packed just right. Size of plants and potsTake inventory of your plants and which ones you can easily move. They safely move any plant of any size.

The better care you offer your plants during the big move, the more readily they will adjust to their new habitat. Cold and wet or hot and dry are bad combinations for plants. I’ve moved quite a few times since that car trip with my orchid, and I’ve moved a lot of plants, too. Smaller plants can be cooked in automobiles or SUV's, even with the air conditioner running. Digging and transplanting Plan ahead for removing garden-based plants. If you’re moving plants in the winter though, you’ll want the soil to be dry for the trip, so stop watering them a few days before you head out—moisture plus a shock of cold air are not a good mix for your plant’s roots.

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