Finally, the Professor takes Sedusa's hand. Buttercup kicks her in the back, driving her to her knees. Eduardo: Senor Artie! The latter dodges, causing Mac to crash into the table and overturn the cake onto himself. Turn up to show it as part of a dress worn by a pretty woman with dark blond hair done up in a style similar to that of Donna Reed. You know I have valuable potential.

{laughs}. It would mean the world to him...and me! Artie: {overjoyed} You did all of this for me?

(Pull back from the house; it is still night.) {suddenly begins to worry} did see this coming.

After a few more steps, he bends over so far that his hands are almost dragging the ground. This isn't Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, it's Foster's Home for Crazy People!

{swings out laughing}, {in his office, Mr. Herriman is busy at the typewriter when the other party planners come in}.

FRANKIE: THANK YOU, MR. HERRIMAN. The figure has glowing red eyes and wildly overgrown hair.). Professor: I'm at your command, Ima. Blossom: (her fire returning) Sedusa?! Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. ), (Cut to ground level, looking out the door, to show a light blue skirt. Bloo: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Her shocked expression when she first heard the girls catch her and looked up is now replaced by one of contempt.). I guess I'm happy! {runs away, to Bloo's aggravation}, {Meanwhile, Goo and Coco are wrapping up gifts.

Mr. Herriman agrees, and Mac thinks everything is all right until he goes crazy thinking that everything his friends say or do is a trap. Once they begin to switch back and forth, there will be an indication of which tone is used in each new scene and when the changes occur. ), (Cut to a slow pan across the bed. It'll be a surprise.

Her outfit is almost completely red - long gloves and boots, leotard, fishnet stockings. {storms off}, Coco: {squawking, ab-libing the cuckoo noise}, {in the upstairs hall, Mac continues his search for the party}. {hands them to Bloo}.

Narrator: And (changing gears) just where the heck is she off to?

>> but why would you not want celebratory festivities? Professor: Girls, she's only looking out for your best interest. Mayor: Well, you picked a fine night to be grounded. I Only Have Surprise for You When he finishes, the shower curtains fly open revealing Bloo and his entire class there, shocking him. Mitch has his padded bonking stick.). There is a bomb in the house! {He goes up to her and snatches the bags from her.}. Bloo: How many times do I have to say it? (The scene opens up with an opening of the sky. Buttercup: No problem. (setting it on Professor's head) Oh, it looks so lovely, (Pull back; he is dressed in a tuxedo.

), (This catches them off guard; cut to the two adults.

People! {In a montage, the duo get to work making a new cake, setting up new decorations, wrapping new gifts, and getting the rest of Bloo's money at the bank. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You need a birthday cake! MR. HERRIMAN: MISS FRANCES, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU. Who knows why they do anything, it's crazy! And I for one am surprised that Mac has not decided to put Bloo up for adoption after his WORST trick ever!!!!! Narrator: Uh-oh.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bloo tries to stop him, but is trapped.

A-HA!! to be added.

Bubbles: And she grounded us so she could make off with the Mayor's jewels.

The Mayor's jewels.

Frankie is doing a head count of everyone.}. I'll get something to cut ya down! I never realized how awful this episode was, until I read the description. Maybe McKeon thought it would be funny to make Mac into a punching bag for that episode. Karen: What’s going on? Mac, however, wants no part of it, since Bloo’s surprise parties always humiliate him in some way, and he is determined to foil Bloo’s plans by any means necessary. The door opens slowly, and Ima tiptoes across. (The girls take off.). There there, there we are.

{runs off}.

Ima: Friday it is. I guess that looks good too.

She is quite put out at their late-night activities and having been out past the curfew she put down earlier. Frankie: Ugh, it was open all night, and now I have to throw out the milk, eggs, and butters, {takes out two bowls containing frozen batter} plus everything in these two bowls! Wait a momento!

Look at that ratty hair, faded nose, dumb hands and shirt.

Elderly Imaginary Friend: You can? Mac: Happy about what? {The episode begins with Mac arriving home from school. You will destroy each and every one, even if that means destroying lives in the process. I just couldn't face another party. Every time Bloo throws a party, he totally humiliates me! ), (Now we see that she has a bulging bag nestled in her arms. grounded!

All book-smarts, I can tell. Frankie: Like I didn't have enough to clean! Mr. Herriman: Indeed. Artie: Hi mailman! {he hears him laughing} Come on out buddy. (The girls dash away. Mac: It's party time! (The doorbell rings. IF THEY WANT ME GONE, THEN SO BE IT! ), Narrator: Looking sharp, Professor. Coco He walks out of the house in ballerina attire.}. I can be quite great for training. Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

(Back to Blossom.). Bloo!?

Goo: This? I like you, snowball!

(Back to the office, a long shot this time. Mr. Herriman: Is there anything you could salvage whatsoever? (She pounds Sedusa in the face and backs up for another attack, but the criminal lashes out with a hank of hair and catches her around the waist. Maybe Bloo isn't throwing me a party. Who, What, Where, When, Why, How...Who Cares? Madame Foster: Oh, no. And so after a tiring evening of crime-fighting, the girls quietly return home. Bloo: My curtains.

), (They are going up the stairs in a flash and hit the bathroom to brush their teeth; he looks in from the hallway. Suddenly, Mac bursts out of the gift with some tape in his hands. I'm here to give you the most flip flippty fantastic party ever! {he sees the ruined cake batter} MAC!! }, Bloo: What?

Imagination Companions, A Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Mac: You'll never stop me Bloo! Mac tells Bloo he's got to make it up to Artie, and they both re-decorate the party. Bloo tells him there's no party, and nothing is going on until Goo walks in the door and says, "Duh! Eduardo: A bomb! I'm here for the party!" Mac tells him the party is over, and runs off. They float sadly out of the room as he looks down at her unconscious form in his arms with deep concern.

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