I think a lot of people are going to miss the point of this movie - it's one big homage to the old slasher/80's teen horror genre. The scariest thing about this movie is losing 90 minutes of your life watching this drivel. [13] Universal also released The Funhouse in a four-film set, including Phantasm II, Sssssss, and The Serpent and the Rainbow. The film's plot concerns four teenagers who become trapped in a dark ride at a local carnival and are stalked by a deformed killer inside. Avoid this, it's no fun at all! [9] Alex Keneas of Newsday also gave the film a positive review: "The Funhouse doesn't trade on gratuitous and graphic gore, but it doesn't have to. After the park closes, the teenagers settle down inside the funhouse, at which point they witness the ride assistant, a silent man in a Frankenstein's Monster mask, engage Zena as a prostitute. Kate returns to the crime scene at the motel and discovers that the room belonged to Dollface. That's it.

Conclusively, this film is trash; and not B-Movie 'funny bad' trash either.

Doyle shoots The Taxidermist.

An insane asylum and a horror funhouse in the same neighborhood. Laurie (Renee Dorian) is a virgin, so we know who is "The Final Girl' by formula. The film avoids the excessive blood squirting during the many death scenes you would expect from a bloodbath. The friends find themselves cornered when they discover the front gate to the park is chained shut. Rocco suddenly reappears and kills Morgan. Examples of this are: the token black character filming the violence, everyone saying how 'real' the gore looks, and one extra seen walking around the funhouse, staring at his phone, unaware to everything around him. Cinematography in this film is monotonous, as the director overuses flat mid-shots and closeups. "[7] Variety's review of the film was similarly mixed: "For all the elegance of photography, [the] pic has nothing in particular up its sleeves, and devotees of director Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be particularly disappointed with the almost total lack of shocks and mayhem.

The Funhouse Massacre is a comedy horror which actually manages to deliver on both fronts, not to groundbreaking levels but is regardless some real take your brain out fun. EMTs announce that they have another survivor and wheel Kate into the ambulance. This scene is in an asylum and some dangerous serial killers escape on Halloween. Action music and rock played over every scene with a killer in, stock sound effects where overused (even a Wilhelm scream), and the script was clunky, with lines often making no sense or void of any relevance. Other customers assume the gore is part of the entertainment. The Funhouse Massacre won't scare the socks off of you or have you on the edge of your seat, but it boasts a couple of good performances, some well-done set pieces, and a sprinkling of funny gags. It's not trying to be a serious or even scary horror film. Gerardo joins their group and together, the four of them return to Land of Illusions to rescue the others and take down the killers. Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most memorable — and disturbing — horror movie villains in the modern pantheon.

After taking a prank phone call, Deputy Doyle assumes all incoming calls concerning attacks at the funhouse are fake. For example, we don't want to see the extensive sorting of the recycling scene leading to a false scare or the awkwardly shot toilet sex scene which seems to go forever (ironic because one of the films protagonists mock that it was 'quick'). Upon its release on March 13, 1981, it grossed $7.8 million and received mixed to positive reviews from critics. I loved every second of this movie. and you even get to see a naked breast(!!) All night long, the killers murder unsuspecting patrons.

As the vehicle takes to the road, Laurie realizes Kate is actually Dollface wearing the sheriff’s skin. I love a good "switch your brain off and enjoy the fun" horror movie, EG: I really enjoyed Terrifier (which is criminally underrated on here BTW). Manny has Rocco attack Dennis and drag him away as the killers murder the actors playing them and take over their roles inside the maze. It's actually pretty damn funny. [citation needed] As the film production took longer than expected, the book was released before the film. I didn't know what to expect going in, but ultimately this surprised us with how fun, gory, cheesy, and funny it was. The Funhouse was written by Larry Block, and the script was purchased by Universal Pictures, who were looking to produce a teen-aimed horror film after the success of Paramount's Friday the 13th (1980). Plot.

As I mentioned before, there were even times in which no diegetic sound played at all, or music was cut off without any sound bridges between scenes. The plan was quite brilliant if you think about it. Manny then announces to the audience that all of the murders they have witnessed were real. That's probably the most scary thing there is in Funhouse Massacre , the cringe-worthy jokes. Favourite answer "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Pyscho" and Buffalo Bill from "Silence of the Lambs" are all based on Ed Gein. Against her father's wishes, Amy visits a sleazy traveling carnival with her new boyfriend Buzz, her best friend Liz, and Liz's irresponsible boyfriend Richie. Geared toward immature HS aged people at best. Director Andy Palmer delivers a very high quality product.

I'm very into all types of horror films and am willing to give anything a chance. Richie dares the group to spend the night in "The Funhouse", which is actually a dark ride. 'The Funhouse Massacre' is one of the better efforts I've seen at actually achieving it. I was expecting a low-budget but entertaining little movie, but never did I think it would be such a great roller-coaster ride of ripped heads and gruesome gore , all served up in almost comic-book style.The practical make-up FX are great, if a little OTT (more 80's influence), the lighting is brilliant and the sets are really clever (very realistic fun-house type set up). A lot of unbelievably dumb jokes that might make you cringe or feeling uncomfortable , probably because they were trying so hard to be funny. Sound design in this film is what made me laugh the most (I guess it is listed as a comedy), because the choice of stock music and sound effects just completely removed me from any immersion I could have possibly held onto. [citation needed], January 30, 2012 also saw a UK release of The Funhouse by Arrowdrome DVD. It is simply poorly executed exposition to introduce the rest of the films antagonists, set in a maximum security prison which is literally held together with duct tape (you can see it on the prison doors). It was predictable. The film, like the films Psycho, Deranged, and The Silence of the Lambs, was loosely inspired by Ed Gein. And it's also surprisingly well made for a small film. Walter Harris is “The Taxidermist". As they attempt to escape, Richie secretly steals the money from the safe from which the masked assistant took Zena's fee. Nope, not much new there! Jeffrey Ramses was a chef who became known as "Animal the Cannibal" for serving victims to his customers. That's not to say that I can't enjoy my share of mindless gore and scares, but this movie just seems so much to be aimed at an uncultured and uninformed younger audience. Critical response.

Deputy Doyle, Morgan, and Gerardo regroup with Laurie and go on the offensive while Kate goes after Manny. This film is what it is. [2], Noel Nurray writing for the Los Angeles Times said the film "sports inventive gore effects and character design" but "nothing all that shocking or scary happens, as the minimal story quickly devolves into one methodical murder after another — their effect blunted by the jokey tone. And on that level, it succeeds tremendously. This film doesn't strike the balance of comedy horror that it reaches for, and I REALLY wanted to enjoy it, giving it many benefits of the doubt. For the novel, see, Original United States theatrical release poster; a parody of, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Slashback! I commend the film for using physical effects the majority of the time, but these effects were often poorly executed and came across as people wearing makeup in a funhouse. This is the first time I've seen Shout Factory actually distribute a film. Factory released the film on Blu-ray and DVD in October 2012 under their horror sub-label, Scream Factory. [6], John Corry of The New York Times gave the film a middling review, noting: "At times, in fact, Mr. Hooper almost persuades us that he is up to more than just gore, creepiness and trauma.

It earned $2,765,456 in its opening weekend and grossed $7,886,857 in total. I must say tho , not all the jokes are bad , there are about one or two jokes that not as bad as the other. Laurie kills Dr. Suave.

Poking fun at the younger generation all the way through the film is not a successful way of getting your message across. Having been tricked into doing so while romantically involved with Dollface, proprietor Dennis themes his Land of Illusions Haunted Scream Park at the Macon County Funhouse around the crimes of the Statesville Mental Hospital inmates. I wanted the gore to be a redeeming factor of the film, but it is in such high quantity that it does just come across as the whole thing has been set up by workers at a funhouse, giving it no impact on the audience. The Funhouse Massacre: Take your brain out fun. Like all of you might be expected , The Funhouse Massacre turns out to be as cheesy as you expect it to be. |

I've heard the character is based on serial killer, Ed Gein, but I've also heard this about the movie psycho. Metacritic Reviews.

The brains of the operation has arranged for them to be hidden in a carnival funhouse so they can continue their evil ways. Maybe a couple things they said made me chuckle but the majority of the dialogue was nothing short of irritating and cringe-worthy. During a showdown between Amy and Gunther in the funhouse's maintenance area, Gunther is electrocuted and crushed to death between two spinning gears. Halloween Night – Journalist Miss Quinn comes to the Statesville Mental Hospital to interview Warden Kane. It was released uncut on VHS in 1987 and later on DVD in 1999. We are then treated to a tour of the films other antagonists by Robert Englund, quite fitting because this scene nightmarishly bad.Foreshadowing the rest of the film, this scene has no suspense or dialogue of value. Its Halloween. | He murders her in a violent rage. The gore and practical FX are the only saving graces of the film and are the reason I haven't given zero stars! (Yes they went there with the puns.) The teenagers try to leave, but find themselves locked inside the funhouse.

Miss Quinn reveals herself to actually be "The Stitch Face Killer" when she murders Warden Kane and the guards before freeing the inmates.

Richie insists that he would have split the money with the others. Conrad stalks the funhouse to eliminate any witnesses and heckles Gunther into a murderous rage. This massacre was more fun than I thought it would be. Lines would be awkwardly cut away from as soon as they were delivered; in one case the line was just cut off mid way! The teens arm themselves with the various funhouse props as weapons. Directed by Andy Palmer, this 2016 Horror Comedy film has a runtime of 90 mins and is rated 18. The other friends realize what is actually happening at the funhouse after they find Christina’s dead body. Is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre based on a true story? The warden introduces Ms. Quinn to five of the asylum’s most notorious serial killer inmates.

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