It was a good hike in. It has been rumored that after shooting of the love scene with Tristian and Susannah was completed and filming was wrapped for the day that both Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond were into the action so much that on top of the real sexual tension that had seemingly built between the two actors,that they waited around for all of the crew members to pack up everything and leave and once they were all alone they had decided to make love for real. The officer commanded them to stop and they knocked him aside in full gallop northward toward Calais reaching the forest by midnight. Sharing our work is encouraged, as long as credit is given. I too am a huge fan of this film, and found your post a few months back. OK, many of them seem corny now, but why do people think that every movie made has to be stark realism? It’s on the Stoney First Nation reserve, which requires permission to enter (which we had), and is only accessible by foot. Brokeback Mountain then and now - paving scene, Brokeback Mountain then and now - Riverton WY bar, Brokeback Mountain then and now – Elks Lodge and Ennis’ Apartment, Silver Streak movie then and now – walking the tracks,, Off the Beaten Path - with Chris & Connie,,, Robert S Pohl…photographs, travels and stuff.
Some places are are too well know for the "vague" approach to work in which case we'll speak of any known access restrictions in the post. It's a film set & if you're into the old west genre, you probably seen it before. July 10th, 2020: Say it loudly with has book deal!. I respectfully disagree with your evaluation that the movie is better than the book – that book knocked my socks clean the hell off – but great review. Awesome, that must have been quite the climb! There is no ranch, just a field where the set was. Co-stars include Aidan Quinn as the over-achieving oldest brother Alfred; Henry Thomas as the sweet youngest brother Samuel; Anthony Hopkins as Col. Ludlow, the father of these three brothers; Julia Ormond as Susannah (who serves as love interest to just about everyone); Tantoo Cardinal, Paul Desmond and Karina Lombard as the Decker family, who help out on the family’s ranch; and Gordon Tootoosis as Tristan’s Cree confidant and long-time friend of the family, One Stab. I live in NW Suburbs of Chicago, and am vacationing to Banff National Park next summer/fall 2019 with a few family & friends on a guy’s trip, and this would be the perfect opportunity for me to visit these locations (especially the Legends of the Fall) locations. The only death that really gets to the reader is that of Isabel Two, who is portrayed as a kind and innocent young girl, killed in a tragic and violent manner. I read somewhere that the ranch house was destroyed by vandals.

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