Note the lines at the top of the image running horizontally- these are ziplines, as are the lines running at a diagonal just below those. In the last week on the job we had our chance to do the zipline course and found it pretty timid.

Spanning 360 feet makes Kapalua Bridge the longest suspension bridge in Hawaii, and its 200 foot height makes it the highest pedestrian-only bridge (of any kind) in the US. ", 2008 Kapalua - Kapalua Resort, Maui, Hawaii, USA, Kaopala Gulch - Kapalua Resort, Maui, Hawaii, USA. Patrick's comments accompany his photos. Setiap beban yang diterapkan ke jembatan berubah menjadi ketegangan dalam kabel utama. The double mainline pairs are unusual but an effective redundant design first used in a Sahale suspension bridge in 1995 (Tawkes-Foster). The many (rickety) suspension bridges of Shizuoka Prefecture’s Sumatakyo Gorge will give you the Indiana Jones-ey feeling that you haven’t had since childhood.

The double mainline pairs are unusual but an effective redundant design first used in a Sahale suspension bridge in 1995 (Tawkes-Foster).

Use these links to view Patrick's other photos from the construction of this bridge: Overall Construction, Main Cables and Suspenders, Floor Beams and Stringers, Deck and Fencing, Patrick Shots, and The Builders. Carroll from the south, with Gabe from the north. We were entertained throughout the day with their shrieks and screams. Gabe repelled from mid-span down into the gulch and hiked out.

View Attractions.

The project will provide new open space in this underserved community and high-quality facilities for bicycle and pedestrian travel to and from the rail station. "Looking down on the Kapalua resort from my island hopper flight. ", "On the lower slopes are the pineapple fields that we traverse every morning and evening. ", "From the crest of the fall looking down the Kaopala Gulch towards the coast and of Molokai Island across the channel.

The project will include waterfront promenades, gathering places, Complete Streets improvements to Kokea and Kohou Streets, green infrastructure and water quality improvements, connections to Honolulu Community College and future developments, a possible pedestrian bridge over the canal, and more.The project is a direct outcome of various community plans, including the Kalihi-Palama Action Plan and the Kalihi Neighborhood Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan.

It required three 40-foot shipping containers (well over 100,000 pounds in all) to transport all of the pre-fabricated bridge components and requisite tools from Seattle to Maui, and several trips with two flatbed trucks, a grade-all fork lift and two pickups to get it all up through the Maui Gold pineapple fields and onto the mountain.

"Looking down on the Kapalua resort from my island hopper flight. ", "Looking up mountain on the way to the job site. var addyf983d273e716130dad1b0333d32308fc = 'tod' + '@'; USE: PEDESTRIANSPAN: 360' TRAVEL WIDTH : 5' TOWERS: 52' TALL, A 588 WEATHERING STEEL LATTICE COLUMNANCHORS: 6' X 6' EARTH ANCHOR @ 18 FT SOIL BURIAL DEPTH EACH MAINLINE PAIRMAINLINES: TWIN PAIRS 1-1/4" GALVANIZED STRUCTURAL STRAND. Shot on the drive up to the job site one morning. Sebuah jembatan gantung biasanya memiliki kabel utama (kabel baja atau rantai yang lain) berlabuh di setiap ujung jembatan. With the bridge not quite completed 'gully runs' where a daily event.

The famous (and persistent) Pacific Trade Winds of 20-30 mph blew constantly, making rope work, rigging, and certain installation steps an interesting challenge. This bridge is the first Sahale bridge to include new construction lattice column towers, and to have a three pipe (handrail, grab rail and kick rail, see left) hand rail arrangement integrated with the cable railing system. Jembatan gantung (Suspension Bridge) adalah jenis jembatan yang menggunakan tumpuan ketegangan kabel daripada tumpuan samping. Since then the ropes have been replaced with cables strong enough to hold up a fully loaded 747 airliner! Glittering lights, towering heights and festive nights – Canyon Lights returns for its 15th season! A suspension bridge is a type of bridge in which the deck (the load-bearing portion) is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders. This email address is being protected from spambots. Carroll and Gabe making a 'gully run'. Our short YouTube video provides an update about the project, including renderings of the envisioned canal improvements. All photos by Patrick S. O'Donnell. Oh it was cool, but after working hundreds of feet up for several weeks we had all become acclimated to the heights. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The first modern examples of this type of bridge were built in the early 1800s. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; It’s an easy 2~3 kilometer round-trip walk from the Sumatakyo’s bus stop. The Kapalua Bridge soars over Kaopala Gulch in the West Maui Mountains, 1600 feet in elevation above the northwest Maui coastline. I just don't recall ever seeing a rainbow in the morning, nor looking westward. 650 South King Street, 7th Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813 Phone: (808) 768-8012 • Fax: (808) 768-6743 This email address is being protected from spambots. addyf983d273e716130dad1b0333d32308fc = addyf983d273e716130dad1b0333d32308fc + 'honolulu' + '.' + 'gov?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Honolulu%20TOD%20Website'; Its first cables were actually hemp ropes. ", "About fifty yards from the previous photo is where this was shot from. While I know where the bridge is, it's not readily visible here. The reason is simple, there are so many things to see and do! ", "Shot while I was in the bosuns chair adjusting suspenders at mid-span for plumb. document.getElementById('cloakf983d273e716130dad1b0333d32308fc').innerHTML = ''; The concrete abutments are anchored with helical piles that go down to bedrock 45 to 65 feet deep, and the concrete filled steel earth anchors are up to 18 feet deep.

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