Set against a former co-worker’s wedding—the season finale, not intended as a series finale, but forced to become one—left the characters in a place of open-endedness that nonetheless feels like closure. As head agent for the security firm Isis, Archer supposedly travels the world stealing briefcases and killing bad guys. (Tomorrow, we'll feature the standout episodes of 45 shows that didn’t make the list.

The show’s ability to find new permutations of the sweet, complex Liz-and-Jack friendship has really driven things this year.

In the world of Party Down, the mere act of trying again, of putting your hat back in the ring, is the bravest step anyone can take.Best episodes: “Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday,” “Party Down Company Picnic,” “Constance Carmell Wedding”, 5. Terriers (FX)In a network landscape cluttered with high-tech investigative masterminds, we need more shaggy private investigators who drive around in battered pickups and try to concentrate on solving other people’s problems, even as they can’t stop themselves from making their own problems worse. Saturday-morning cartoons became any-time-of-day cartoons as Netflix and other on-demand viewing services became the norm. Archer (FX) The world didn’t need another James Bond parody. We selected 10 of our absolute favorite kids' shows that came out between 2010 and 2019, listed here in order by age rating. General heartwarming ensues. Best episodes: “Galentine’s Day,” “Summer Catalog,” “The Master Plan”, 2. What to Watch, Read, and Play While Your Kids Are Stuck Indoors, Common Sense Selections for family entertainment, Stoke kids' love of reading with great summer stories, Check out new Common Sense Selections for games, Teachers: Find the best edtech tools for your classroom with in-depth expert reviews, 8 videos excelentes que describen el Día de los Muertos, 5 consejos para hablar con tus hijos sobre las elecciones, Which Side of History? Best episodes: “Mac’s Big Break,” “Mac And Charlie: White Trash,” “Mac’s Mom Burns Her House Down”, 20. Fringe (Fox)Though Fringe was often entertaining in its first season and a half, it was never essential. Along with Community, Childrens Hospital is as dense and clever as contemporary TV comedy gets.Best episodes: “I Am Not Afraid Of Any Ghost,” “Hot Enough For You?”, “The Sultan’s Finger: Live”, 17. Original, if nonsensical, hilarity; expect minor weapons. The jerk who dreams of heroism; the snob who wants to save the world; the Disney princess who yearns for three dimensions; the detached observer longing to be a real live boy; the goofball maturing into adulthood—these are familiar archetypes, but in the hands of television’s strongest comedic ensemble, given voice by a writing staff that hands out punchlines and heartbreak with equal panache, these parts add up to a warm, ridiculous, rewarding whole. Cougar Town (ABC)Cougar Town isn’t for everyone. With Justified, creator Graham Yost smartly chose a character from a couple of Leonard stories with a big enough hook to build a series around: a U.S. A tiny but passionate cadre of fans tuned in for great, mumbly dialogue and comic misadventures, then got hooked on wrenching plot twists that had them on the edge of their seats, begging these perennial screw-ups to hold it together for one more hour. Tubi offers streaming kids shows movies and tv you will love. But by the season finale, Peggy was back at arm’s length, as was the deliverer of this line: “I hope she knows you only like the beginning of things.” It captured Don perfectly, and suggested that the arc of his latest chapter—Don Draper as ordinary man—had already begun its decline.Best episodes: “Waldorf Stories,” “The Suitcase,” “The Beautiful Girls”, 4.

Marshal who operates like an Old West gunslinger and has simmering conflicts within himself and with various parties in his native Kentucky. Chasing away the ghosts of HBO’s Lucky Louie—C.K.’s overly aestheticized (but still underrated) attempt to update The Honeymooners for the darker world of modern domesticity—C.K.

Doctor Who (BBC America) Taking the reins of Russell T. Davies’ celebrated and popular run, ace veteran Steven Moffat pared away Davies’ more melodramatic tendencies and kept his focus on the Doctor and his new companion, Amy Pond, who explore the universe’s past and future in a season that lacked a truly weak episode. None, however, took as many big chances or succeeded as often as AMC’s Breaking Bad, which improbably topped its remarkable second season with 13 episodes full of men losing their souls, twin assassins, and a professional hitman able to take his victims out with a shoe and some balloons. Here are the shows we decided reached for and achieved greatness, week-in and week-out. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)2009 definitively silenced anyone who thought The Daily Show couldn’t be hilarious during the Obama administration. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX) Television’s most loveable sociopaths continued to give bad taste a good name in the hilarious sixth season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

But Archer works, often amazingly well. Best episodes: “Modern Warfare,” “Cooperative Calligraphy,” “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”, 1. The season got off to a bumpy start, but by the time the gang decided to film its own homemade version of a Lethal Weapon sequel in “Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth,” an episode that wryly referenced both the die-hard fans of Insane Clown Posse and the soft-focus love scenes of The Room, the series was firing on all cylinders. Set at a summer fat camp and starring a wonderful ensemble of kids whom viewers wouldn’t normally see on television, Huge was touching, brave, funny, and unfortunately too hard to market. 2010 saw the departure of scene-changing institutions like Lost, the maturation of in-progress shows like Mad Men, and the arrival of widely hyped newcomers like Boardwalk Empire. Best episodes: “Happily Ever After,” “Across the Sea,” “The End”, 7. Creator Vince Gilligan was open about the fact he and his writers made up much of the season as they went along, but when they can improvise as successfully as they did here, there’s no need for extensive planning.Best episodes: “One Minute,” “Fly,” “Full Measure”. Since the show was cancelled, we won’t even get that.Best episodes: “Fustercluck,” “Agua Caliente,” “Quid Pro Quo”, 6. MTV is an American cable television channel which was the first television channel dedicated to music, music industry and history in the United States upon its founding in 1981. The A.V.

But each standalone story offered different tones to enjoy, from the suspenseful return of the Weeping Angels to a melancholy visit with a suicidal Van Gogh to the Doctor rooming with an unlucky-in-love sad-sack.Best episodes: “The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone,” “Vincent And The Doctor,” “The Lodger”, 24. ), 25. All in all, Lost’s final season wasn’t perfect, but it sure was grand. Watch free kids shows movies and TV shows online in HD on any device. In the August 23 episode, for instance, Stewart noted that criticism of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” pointed to a shady financier—the same financier who owns the second-largest number of shares of Fox News. It’s the rare show that’s simultaneously rich and easy to digest. Mostly, he just screws the help, acts oblivious, and drinks too much. Parks And Recreation (NBC)Parks And Recreation’s first season radiated boundless potential. The series expanded a world that never felt insular to begin with, deepening characters like seemingly mild-mannered drug tycoon Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) and shady lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), while adding layers to characters who’d been there from the start, like Skyler (Anna Gunn), who spent the third season torn between doing the right thing and considering the big duffel bag of money her husband toted around, or DEA agent Hank (Dean Norris), who battled his demons and the men bent on killing him. Lost (ABC)Going into its final season, Lost had a lot of expectations to meet if it wanted to please all its fans.

And for more of the best media of the past 10 years, check out our list of the Best Kids' Movies of the Decade and the Best Kids' Books of the Decade. The second season has been a little subplot-heavy so far, but it’s largely maintained the momentum the show built up in the stellar back half of its first season, when nearly every episode tied a genuinely tricky case-of-the-week to Alicia Florrick’s (Julianna Margulies) growing awareness of the moral complexities of politics and law. Creator Diablo Cody, meanwhile, had other plans. Modern Family (ABC)Part of what makes Modern Family so charming and lovely is how mightily its characters strive to build and strengthen relationships with people they could easily keep at a respectful distance. Its in-progress fifth season, which will sadly be its last, shows no sign of faltering.Best episodes: “I Can’t,” “Thanksgiving,” “On The Outside Looking In”, 10. Instead, Lost delivered the broadest possible conclusions to its mythology, allowing plenty of room for interpretation and infuriating the portion of its audience who believed they had a right to something more satisfying than “Well, see, there’s this magic pool…” Given the way the series played with audience expectations, it’s hard not to sympathize with the disappointment, but for those less interested in the concrete, Lost’s final bow was thrilling, moving, and at times even transcendent. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. The A.V. Stewart also spent much of the year savagely mimicking Glenn Beck, while his band of correspondents, as always, argued over inanities. Martin Freeman, sporting a crown of gray hair as Watson, does what he does best, playing a likeable, exasperated everyman to Cumberbatch’s much more intelligent but just as antisocial superhero. Kids' big questions get answered by friendly, funny bots.

Watch full episodes of your favorite kids shows, including Danger Mouse, Inspector Gadget, Paddington Bear, Madeline, Bob the Builder, and more on CBS All Access. But while it never became the Prohibition-era Goodfellas that Martin Scorsese’s bombastic pilot suggested, Terence Winter’s portrait of 1920s Atlantic City has its own unique charms, plus a bevy of astonishing performances. The Good Wife (CBS)Proving that procedurals don’t have to begin and end with “ripped from today’s headlines,” The Good Wife delivered up-to-the-minute court cases—based on everything from newspapers that publish cartoons about Muhammad to a superstar liberal politician sexually assaulting his masseuse—along with some of the juiciest prime-time soap-opera plots around, involving infidelity, boardroom power-plays, and the bare-knuckle world of Chicago politics. But through polling and discussion, a consensus emerged. Sally, portrayed with precocious talent and nuance by Kiernan Shipka, became the ultimate foil for the adults around her.

God bless these horrible, horrible human beings and their complete lack of shame.

Race is tackled gently in fresh family friendly sitcom. Friday Night Lights (NBC/DirecTV)Never a highly rated show, Friday Night Lights enjoyed an unusual extended life, thanks to a deal between NBC and DirecTV. And as the season wound to a close, the many plot strands began to wind together in a manner reminiscent of the last show Winter worked on, that little cult favorite The Sopranos.Best episodes: “Anastasia,” “Nights In Ballygran,” “Home”, 15. But most of all, Cumberbatch and Freeman have real chemistry—sometimes bitchy, sometimes affectionate—that keeps the series from feeling like a retread.

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