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I've read several books on French-Canadian folklore (including the works of ethnologist JC Dupont, who has made the collection of French-Canadian and French-American myths his life work), and I have yet to encounter anything named La Carcagne, or indeed anything about a banshee-like flying monster. Rt3368 (talk) 06:23, 26 August 2015 (UTC),, Film articles with one associated task force, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 January 2018, at 10:46. La Carcagne, as the monster is sometimes called in the film, has a great degree of characterization for an American movie monster, with an iconic screech and a manic personality brought to life by its puppet.
My only gripe is that it feels like Raija doesn’t really have a motivation for going out to fight, though I’m sure all will be revealed in time. The movie also clearly desires a scope it lacks the budget to achieve. For at least the past fifty years, usually near the end of November, this gigantic winged creature has been sighted in the skies above North America (particularly where Canada borders the United States). Still, it’s a fun film, and one that is quite entertaining. The script for the film is fast paced, has a lot of creative spins on the typical kaiju movie formula, and is loaded with snarky one liners.

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The result is great humor, but bad horror. I will assume in lack of further evidence that it was an in-joke by the screen writer. Not many people are aware that the American holiday called Thanksgiving is often marked by the mysterious appearance of an elusive cryptozoological beast known only as "La Carcagne." If I've somehow missed these words, please tell us at what point they occur in the movie. While muons have corresponding anti-particles, neither muons nor mu mesic atoms are antimatter.

Happy Thanksgiving, La Carcagne Not many people are aware that the American holiday called Thanksgiving is often marked by the mysterious appearance of an elusive cryptozoological beast known only as "La Carcagne." I'm removing the following words until such a time as they can be substantiated: "(and then later from the year 17,000,000 B.C.)". --Naaman Brown (talk) 18:04, 6 December 2013 (UTC), It does appear that "La Carcagne" is mentioned in a short story by Samuel Hopkins Adams (1871-1958) "Grandfather and a Winter's Tale", short story, The New Yorker, 20 Jan 1951.

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It could be so good! 105697. Dozens of witnesses over the years have insisted that this legendary monster is "as big as a battleship." As it is, she’s held down by a movie that settled in an uncomfortable middle ground between two extremes. La recherche sur la famille CARCAGNE a permis de trouver 7 familles. Likewise, the Giant Claw itself has a lot of elements that could make for an interesting monster design – a hideous wrinkly neck, wicked fangs, claws, and greasy, fraying feathers, and hell, even those enormous bulging eyes. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The myth of La Carcagne appears to appear only in "The Giant Claw". Since this photograph had been seldom seen outside rare archives stored within hermetically sealed vaults located thousands of feet beneath Langley, Virginia, I have decided to reproduce the photograph here for your illumination: In Memoriam: Lee Harvey Oswald R.I.P. The special effects of the movie are just… off. CARCAGNE . It wants to show the bird menacing the entire world, flying from city to city within hours to terrorize the populace. The Giant Claw does not do that.

I trust we're not going to use a Hollywood B-movie as a credible source on what's actually in Fr-Canadian folklore.
If her movie went either a bit more surreal, or, alternatively, her design skewed a bit more realistic, she would be one of the better monsters of her era. Combining La Carcagne with the Ookondoru and the myth of the Thunderbird is also brilliant! I've just watched the movie and did not catch anything like that in the dialogue. However, there is a family and at least one registered yacht named Carcagne. The Giant Claw has become infamous for its numerous humor elements, both intentional – like the frequent joking comparisons to the bird and a battleship – and unintentional, i.e. Low budget 1950s movies were notorioius for advertising that did not match the movies.

However, there is a family and at least one registered yacht named Carcagne.

Sadly, both of these are killed by the execution.

La Carcagne Biography Information Species Vulture-like alien bird Sapience Non-Sapient Body Type Avianoid Height 600 feet Weight 5,000 tons (estimated) Hair Color Black Diet Carnivorous Status Deceased Behind the Scenes Universe The Giant Claw The puppet for the bird crosses the line between “horrifyingly ugly” to “hilariously ugly,” and even its expressive abilities can’t compensate for how goddamn goofy it looks. the giant claw / la carcagne The Giant Claw is a species of giant birds fo unknown origin and said by some to originate from an antimatter galaxy. It’s like a deranged muppet. In French Canadian folklore, its appearance is believed to be a harbinger of imminent death. Goofy can be horrifying in the right context, but only if you play up the surrealism. Aug 12, 2020. TWL, I've toned down the claims regarding "La Carcagne" being an actual monster from French-Canadian folklore made in the article; that's what the movie claims, not something verified by outside sources on French-Canadian folklore.

However, that is so typical of 1950s B movies, I wonder if it deserves mention in the article.

--Naaman Brown (talk) 02:33, 9 September 2015 (UTC), Most of this article excluding the plot, is written in a style that reflects more personal opinion than the required encyclopedic tone, also the whole article is poorly written and developed and should be rewritten entirely and expanded.--Paleface Jack (talk) 16:09, 22 June 2015 (UTC), My Saturday night Creature Features recollection is that characters make mention of "mu mesons" or "mu mesonic" matter. While I love snark (as anyone who’s read any story I’ve written ever knows too well), the movie doesn’t know when people should stop making quips and get serious – which results in them making quips IN EVERY SCENE.

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