When Martin Luther King Jr. was jailed for civil disobedience, unions and union members frequently came to his aid with the legal and financial help he needed. If it's your first time on the site, or you're looking for something specific, it can be difficult to know where to start.

President Grover Cleveland sends troops to Chicago to get the trains moving again, which infuriates the strikers, who react with violence.

For the next forty-five years, the steel industry will remain essentially non-union. Louis Stulberg, President. The first major U.S. protest against corporate globalization, it provokes a savage response by the Seattle police force and hostile treatment by the media. James B. Duke and Southern Company break strike by local streetcar motormen and conductors by calling in troops. Labor History Timeline: 1607 – 1999. in: Labor, Organizations. The violent repression of the strikes presages a decade of terrible setbacks for labor, which end only with the upsurge of popular protest in the Great Depression. Bureau of Labor Statistics Begins Collecting Employment Data June 27, 1884 Before there was a Labor Department, there was The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This was the first national organization, but at the time of its creation, some 200,000 local labor unions already existed.

Under the leadership of César Chávez, the UFW does what Saul Alinsky thought impossible: it organizes tens of thousands of farm workers and forces growers to sign union contracts. University of Arkansas at Little Rock—Institute for Economic Advancement, California Click here to register now. The bombing triggers a nationwide crackdown on the militant labor movement, dealing a tremendous blow to the Knights of Labor and the revolutionary hopes it symbolized. Title VII of this Act outlaws workplace discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, or national origin (age and disability being added later).

Wayne State University Labor Studies Center, Minnesota  The immediate target of OWS is the growing income inequality in the U.S., but more fundamentally it is directed against the very political economy of neoliberalism. July 2, 1964: Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act

None of our movement’s achievements would have happened without the effort, organization and advocacy of our brothers and sisters. Founding of the Allgemeine Deutsche Arbeiter-Verbrüderung (General German Workers-Brotherhood) [13].

In 1975 the Agricultural Labor Relations Act is passed in California, guaranteeing farm workers the right to organize, bargain with employers, and vote in state-supervised union elections.

This law bans “yellow-dog contracts,” which stipulate that an employee cannot join a union during the course of his employment, and forbids federal courts from issuing injunctions against nonviolent labor disputes such as strikes. The OSH Act establishes an infrastructure (the OSH Administration, or OSHA) to enforce health and safety regulations. Before it loses influence during the waves of government repression that follow World War I, it plays a major role in campaigns for free speech and in some of the era’s most important industrial conflicts. Originally part of the Department of Interior, the Bureau publishes its First Annual Report in 1886 containing a study on industrial depressions. These astonishing concessions are due to Taylor’s desire to avoid a strike at a time when Europe is preparing for war and needs to import steel. It is a great victory for organized labor, anticipating the more comprehensive Wagner Act of 1935. In the following years anti-union measures continue to pass in other states, as when Michigan and Indiana become “right-to-work” states in 2012. University of Massachusetts (Amherst) Labor Relations Research Center, Michigan  Civil rights leaders have always been labor leaders, too. Rejecting the paradigm of narrow “business unionism” and concessionary bargaining that most unions have followed in recent decades, the CTU embraces a militant, social-movement strategy to fight back against the national assault on public schools and teachers’ unions.

University of Wisconsin-Madison School for Workers, International Programs  The strike is finally defeated after the governor dispatches a militia against the workers, with the further result that the AA’s power in the industry is broken. Date. 1866: Founding of the National Labor Union. The bill passes and subsequently survives legal challenges. Another key force behind working people organizing is so that they can earn enough to support their families.

Adrian Paradis, The Labor Reference Book (Philadelphia: Chilton Book Co., 1972), 133–134. ▶ Start forum discussions, submit articles, and more... about | donate | help out | submitting content | other languages | a-z | contact us | site notes, 1866: Founding of the National Labor Union, Summer, 1877: the Great Railroad Strike, a.k.a. This law creates the foundation of the modern U.S. welfare state, by providing federal assistance for the elderly, unemployment insurance, and assistance to children whose families have low income. In one of the longest strikes of the 1980s (lasting ten months), Hormel workers in Austin, Minnesota take a stand against the epidemic of wage cuts occurring in the U.S. manufacturing and food industries. Union members marched in Washington in 1963 and in countless cities around the country. The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) goes on strike for better working conditions and higher pay. After having narrated the events leading to the coup, we return to Bolivia with the aim of analyzing what has been... A short account of General Leclerc's 9th Company, better known as La Nueve, who were the first allied soldiers to link with the resistance in the liberation of Paris. Later, under Lane Kirkland in the 1980s, it is largely ineffectual in defending workers and unions from conservative attacks. Luckily, there's a range of ways you can filter the library content to suit your needs, from casual browsing to researching a particular topic.

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