I just didn’t imagine that people would even remember. Whilst you were in Grange Hill, you dated your co-star Simon Vaughan (Freddie Mainwaring). .css-8h1dth-Link{font-family:ReithSans,Helvetica,Arial,freesans,sans-serif;font-weight:700;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;color:#FFFFFF;}.css-8h1dth-Link:hover,.css-8h1dth-Link:focus{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}Read about our approach to external linking. Best Digital Micrometer, Video, 00:00:43, Royalist show of support for Thailand's monarchy, The big issue that could hurt Trump. Arthur O'connell Find A Grave, Curtiss Cook Jr Age, Video, 00:00:43Royalist show of support for Thailand's monarchy, The big issue that could hurt Trump. For Laura and Julia, they were looking for two girls who weren’t necessarily from London. How did you get your part in Grange Hill? It was great to spend time with her and her gorgeous son who was there.

Julia explains there is a governors meeting, where they'll be confirming Mrs McClusky to act as headteacher and Mr Baxter as the deputy, meaning he'll have to give up his PE job. White Noise Play Plot, Publika The Square,

I decided to still go to that and not carry on with the Just Say No campaign. 1984 Dance Song Electric, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the album – but it’s hilarious! Were you well behaved on the set of Grange Hill? Remarkably we didn’t get ill very often!

Togger trying to find buried treasure on the school grounds? It appears that the move to Liverpool happened the year I did my GCSEs. Acha Nationals 2020, 183-day Rule Usa, I also like the episode where it switches between the storyline of Zammo at his worst with heroin and Julia and Laura who are trying to go to some all-night party and getting caught.

Fiona Mogridge was born in 1972. Rubbing linseed oil into the school cormorant. I was really, really lucky to get the part in it. Paul "Hollo" Holloway is a student at Grange Hill from 1985 to 1987, played by Bradley Shepphard. We had a lot of fun doing that. Video, 00:04:51, Mongolians battle to keep culture alive in China, Unmasking The Pyramid Kings.

Montpellier University Research, Who could forget for example, when. Whether it's Tucker, Mrs McCluskey, Zammo, Bronson, Fay Lucas, Ziggy Greaves or Roland Browning, you'll find them here! For a long time that was a really big problem, because that’s where the demographic group of viewers were likely to be! He’s been in various bands.

She made her first appearance in episode 1 of series 9 and made her final appearance in episode 20 of series 11. Laura Reagan is a student at Grange Hill from 1986 to 1988, played by Fiona Mogridge (later credited as Fiona Lee-Fraser). Video, 00:03:41, Street kids changing their lives with guitars. Renee Morrison Wiki, Page created in 0.079 seconds with 20 queries.

In 1990, he joined EastEnders as Mark Fowler, and stayed for 13 years. Do you have any bad memories of your time there? I carried on doing that sort of thing until I got married.

laura regan grange hill. Laura Regan, Actress: Minority Report. He then asks Laura to stand up and says she is the daughter of the school's game teacher Mrs Reagan, who was quick to identify Imelda Davis, Georgina Hayes and Helen Kelly as the culprits for the frog in the crisp packet. I originally grew up in a village called Stoke Row in Oxfordshire, so I had a Home Counties accent. We stayed in the Warwick University halls of residence, so we were having fun in the evening as well. Luke "Gonch" Gardener and Paul "Hollo" Holloway approach Laura and Julia and ask if they want freshly buttered toast at break for 10p. It stayed with me for about six months then went away again.

Julia says he is a good teacher as he keeps the kids in order, but Laura says he isn't a likeable teacher, like Mr Kennedy or Mr King. Mrs Reagan is the mother of pupil, Laura Reagan. Video, 00:02:45, 'Lost' Beatles footage found in attic. Before their Social Studies lesson, Laura notices someone has been smoking in the classroom, which happens to be Danny and she asks why he can't smoke outside. Video, 00:01:39, Up Next, Surprise finish in US spelling bee contest. Julia says she feels sorry for him and is going to try with him. Laura thanks her mum before fetching a bowl for Julia incase she is sick. Lee MacDonald played a schoolboy who became hooked on heroin in the 1980s; it was a gritty storyline for a children's drama, and made a huge impression on a whole generation of viewers.

Todd Carty (Tucker) Tucker Jenkins was THE Grange Hill hero, and Todd was given his own spin-off called Tucker's Luck for three years in the early 1980s.. Video, 00:01:39When Grange Hill went to the White House, Up Next, Surprise finish in US spelling bee contest. Laura was the daughter of PE teacher Mrs Liz Reagan and during her time at Grange Hill faced normal teenage struggles under her mother’s watchful eye! I think the reputation had really built by the time we came in around series 9. They’ve always known about it, so I would say they just find it amusing to look back at the old videos. Going out in public was a little bit tricky. Fa Fa Delete,

How did you get on with the adults in the cast? Brian Hall Linkedin Amazon, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the album – but it’s hilarious! Did Simon Die On Quantico, Initially I was still living in Stoke Row.

How did leaving Grange Hill lead you to where you are now? I decided to convince my parents that I should leave the convent school in Reading and go to Sylvia Young, which I did! Canada Immigration Consultants In Sydney, He later starred as a regular in The Bill, and gave us the most hilarious Dancing on Ice moment ever. Yellow Scorpion Dream Meaning, Within a whole new, previously unseen, year-group was dynamic Laura Reagan, played by Fiona Lee Fraser. Well into the party, Julia has had a bit too much to drink and Laura checks to see if she is OK. Laura talks with Andrew and Ant about the upcoming swimming competition and Andrew reckons they will beat Grange Hill as they have a girl named Patty with strong legs and Laura asks if she was the girl who swam the channel at age 13. The only problem it ever caused, for Simon and I, was if the two of us went out for dinner together we were more likely to be recognised. I missed out on the USA trip, a lot of those interviews and being in the video and everything, but doing the record and everything was brilliant. Then after I had our daughter, our second child, I retrained as a photographer. Fiona Mogridge was born in 1972.

Video, 00:01:31Earthquake survivor in his 70s found after 33 hours, Royalist show of support for Thailand's monarchy. I went to a local dance school and really didn’t do any acting at all. Tickets can may be purchased at: ... Lucinda Curtis played Mrs Reagan, the PE teacher and mother of Laura Regan. December Funny Quotes, We didn’t know what was wrong with me, but it turned out to be some bizarre arthritis thing.

Sara (Laura Glover) had left after our second series. Someone else here must have been shaped by the Togger years, right? They were auditioning for Laura and Julia at the time. The actor who played Zammo in Grange Hill is back on TV screens this week, with a part in BBC soap EastEnders.

The kids they cast in it were great.

The webmaster said that she thought she was the most gorgeous person on TV. The only problem was, when you wanted to do a normal teenager thing like go to McDonalds!

Julia explains there is a governors meeting, where they'll be confirming Mrs McClusky to act as headteacher and Mr Baxter as the deputy, meaning he'll have to give up his PE job. Dead Time Jail,

Because we were in a position of responsibility and actually working for a living, that gave us a really good sense of identity and achievement. Rds Canale Tv, They already had Zammo, Jackie, Fay, Roland and all those iconic characters.

I remember that for some series those opening titles had a different kind of effect than in other series - like an added crash zoom or camera shake or something. Julia can't believe that Ant would go out with Georgina and Laura tells Julia that she thinks she is far more attractive than Georgina. What lead to you going into acting? It was brilliant. Pbs Passport On Roku, My daughter is now 17 and is at the Central School of Ballet in London, training to be a dancer. Laura told her mum that she was visiting her father, Tony, for the weekend with Julia.

How similar was Laura Reagan to Fiona Lee Fraser? Mrs Reagan enters Laura's bedroom and tells both her and Julia that she is going to swimming practice. None whatsoever. She is an actress, known for So This Is Romance? This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 23:33. Is December A Girl Name, As far as Simon and I went it was fine; we had a very amicable relationship.

After Mr Bronson calls the register, he asks Julia Glover to stand up and goes on about the statue that her father, who is chairman of the board of governors, donated to school. Laura and Julia wanted to go to an all night party, but they both knew their parents wouldn't let them. A few days work for very decent money! Julia then says it doesn't matter about the part as she feels it will be embarrassing with her and Laura's mum, but Laura says her mum isn't going to blame her.

At Laura's house, Julia and Laura are getting ready for the party and Laura asks Julia if she's going to get off with Ant Jones, but Julia is unsure as she doesn't know if he likes her and gets the feeling Ant never notices her. Most Popular Home Kit In Uk, Julia then apologises to Laura about her mum not getting the job and Laura says it wasn't her fault, but Julia means about her dad stopping Mrs Reagan getting appointed as he thought the Head of PE should be a man. A glance round the internet shows her to be under the names of Fiona Mogridge, Fiona Fraser and Fiona Lee-Fraser. Julia thought that Mr Baxter would know what for Laura is in with her mum being a teacher and in his department, but Laura is glad he doesn't as she wants to be treated like everyone else.

It’s very flattering. Laura Reagan (1986-1988) Fiona Lee-Fraser When Grange Hill moved to Elstree Studios, and added six extra episodes, for its biggest ever season in 1986, it also added a range of new characters. I think in some ways it was easier. I trained originally as a dancer.

Vintage Vogue Covers, Then leading up to our period its storylines were so controversial. What Is The Plant That Looks Like A Huge Rhubarb? Fiona Mogridge was born in 1972.

Surf Laundry Detergent 200 Loads, 40 Years of Grange Hill is designed to be an accessible event that is open to all.

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