They were legally hunted down and tortured or beheaded, often by Campbells. My great Grandfather 7 generations back was William Gregg who was born in Scotland and moved to America in 1680. 1635-1686 Donald Glas Steward MacGregor married Margaret Campbell

The MacGregor story is one of dogged survival and endurance in appalling conditions. It is made of 100% pure new wool, is water repellent and breathable. I even have an old family bible with about 7 generations names in the front. Very informative, iv been trying to research my family however i cant go past my fathers father because the guys seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth and all i know is his name. Im not too sure before that. I was wondering has anyone changed their name ba. Tartan Centre. (Note for Kirk Greer: I noticed you said you have done your tree and now are working on filling in with a paper trail. Whether the pamphlet is actually by Defoe is debatable. What you have done is incredibly foolish, how do know those people are your ancestors if you have not done the paper trail? Clan MacGregor had previously controlled the areas of Glenorchy, Glenlochy and Glenstrae in Argyll and Perthshire; now they only had Glenstrae. So with their allies from Clan MacFarlane, the MacGregors marched out to face Clan Colquhoun in the infamous Battle of Glen Fruin. (Paper trail). This same John McGregor was the piper at the Alamo.

Thank you for this article.

This is for enjoyment purposes only. I am a Nish, on my fathers side, which I believe is a sept of MacGregor.

I can trace back to William Petrie living in Nether Dysarthria in 1787. It’s so interesting to see how big the clan is in reality! I am delighted to find this site. . MacGregor despite them! 1599, and is wholly owned by the Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland, which is a charity registered in Guernsey, Charity Number CH444.

Anderson Ancient.

1165-1238 Sir Gillefealan MacGregor (Lord of Glenorcy) married Margaret Lindsay My Ggggrandmother was a Elizabeth McGregor married to John Hutton Whyte immigrated to Australia in the 1800 and settled ina town near Hay NSW. thank you. My wife is a McGregor.

On the following page it lists the 8 children born to Alexander & Ann, with one notable “Rob Roy”, who was born 12th Dec 1865. Exciting to find out that I am a Macgregor. There is no publication details/dates etc but there are photographs of the grave at Balquidder and of course the story of Rob Roy. Have been trying to find tree relating from Rob Roy MacGregor going to Scotland August 2017 and information would be helpful. I know the Castle is gone but at least see the area where they were. They were from Renfrewshire. But to be a member of a clan didn’t automatically mean you were related to the chief. This name means inhabitant of Flanders, many of whom emigrated from Flanders to Britain, settling on the Scottish borders, around the year 1200 . 1909 My dad Barry Blacklow spent around 8 years tracing information to write a wonderful book titled “The Tasmanian and Mainland Australian Descendants of John Blacklow 1st 1782-1812. Gregg County! Her father was called Trusty MacGregor according to the parish registers does anyone know what Trusty might be short for because I can’t find anything else for him. Photo by Georges Biard/ CC BY-SA 3.0. My line later moved to Warren county Tennessee, * Obtain a personal right to a souvenir plot of land. My 7th great grandmother was Rachel Alexander MacGregor. My great grandfather and his brother both studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin and joined the RAMC. The trouble seems to have started when Robert the Bruce gave the Barony of Loch Awe (in MacGregor territory) to his loyal supporter, Neil Campbell. My great great grandfather was Dugald MacGregor, his father was Gregor MacGregor. My 6th great grandfather Alexander Graeme MacGregor (used Graeme during proscription) was the nephew of Rob Roy MacGregor. Clan Gregor, also known as MacGregor, is one of the oldest clans in Scotland. I descended from William Gregg, ‘the immigrant ‘ who was part of William Penns Colony in Delaware. I had always been told that that our original name was MacGregor & that we were descended from three brothers that had come to America from Scotland in the mid 1700’s, one settled in North Carolina, one in South Carolina & one out west.

There were three Irish clans of the name located in Ulster, in the area on the borders of the modern counties of Donegal and Tyrone, around Islandmagee in Co. Antrim and in Co. Fermanagh.

Traditional Handmade Kilts, Leading Tartan Supplier, Kilt Hire. Alpin died in battle. Highland Titles OU is a company registered in Estonia, number 14943194. Today, Clan MacGregor still has a clan chief, and a strong heritage with descendants all over the world. Most respect.

Jock (John) McGregor was the son of John McGregor who was the son of Daniel and Janet McGregor. Direct descendant of King Alpin.

How did the Kirkwoods come to belong to the MacGregor clan? Despite Clan Colquhoun having twice the number of armed men, the MacGregors’ superior military tactics won the day. My Great-Great Grandfather was Peter McIntyre, his Grandmother was Mary MCGregor, there are McDonalds, McFarlanes, Campbells sprinkled through our tree, my Grandmother spoke of us being related to Rob Roy and I would like to find where our Mary McGregor (b1750?) Does anyone know why McGregors were in Germany? I have been to Australia three times. Complete Tartan Guide i. If this is true I am a decedent of a Gregg/Gragg Line.

Yes or no. I have been able to trace back to Scotland and a few generations beyond that. Happy to share info and photos if anyone would like to do the same. The ancient origins of the McGhees are uncertain, though they were probably Gaels from Ireland who took part in the conquest of Galloway (not then part of the Kingdom of Scotland) between the 9th and 11th ce…

The McGhee family (Scottish Gaelic: Clann Aoidh) is an ancient lowland family of Scotland, established as landowners in Galloway since at least the 13th century. The Blacklaws were descendants of MacGregor Clan. I am a proud McGregor.

They came from Ireland after being banished in Scottland. I have gotten a few connections with Ayrshire Scotland and would like to know which clan is in the Aryshire area of Scotland.

1405-1460 Dougal Clar (the Dusky) MacGregor I of Glenayle married UNK I did a genealogy with two different companies and both are telling me I am related to Rob Roy MacGregor and James Vi and Mary Stuart. There were three Irish clans of the name located in Ulster, in the area on the borders of the modern counties of Donegal and Tyrone, I’m trying to piece where they were before, during and after Culloden during the Clearences. Still looking more into the full linage.

Then we could have this giant sprawling tree that you could use to trace back your roots! The name can be either of Scottish or Irish origin. Alexander M. and Esther Magee McCullar had a son John M. McCullar who married Margaret Peggy Magee, (daughter of Patrick and Rosanna). One item that belonged to my Father was a small printed book ROB ROY MCGREGOR approx 5 inches x 6 inches and covered in a tartan made of threads, never seen anything like it. inquiring. My father’s sir name is Brian, my grandmother’s is Trainer and my great-grandmother’s was MacGregor. The story goes that Rob Roy was becoming a successful cattle trader.

I am history educated and and am well versed on Gregor clan history primarily through our strong oral tradition. Made in Scotland. 1330-1390 Gregor of The Golden Bridles Macgregor 1st Chief of Clan of MacGregor He came to Brussels to work for the European communities. I would like to know if you can provide me more information about my ancestry. This is a form of heritable property that you can pass on to future generations. I’m a McGregor,my family fled to Ireland during the banned of the surname McGregor and change their name to macgrew. My great great great great….. grandfather is Rob Roy Macgregor. . I am planning a trip to Scotland in the summer of 2020 and cannot wait to see where my roots are! I’m from Canada and my 4x great grandmother was Margaret McGregor from Balqhidder Perthshire. I have traced my blood line back to Lord Malcum D. Macgregor and further. 1575-1675 Malcolm Og Callum MacGregor married Catherine Ann MacDonald He Changed his name 1604 Stewart

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