Yes they can, and it is actually mandatory to do so in the area provided for this purpose at the entrance of each of our complexes. This crisis is evolving every day, and we are adapting accordingly. Michelle Fortin Salon Funéraire LFC 8005 Rue Notre Dame Est Montreal, H1L 3K9 . - CDN $102.00. Magnus Poirier thanks you for your trust. Nos conseillers sont en mesure de vous aider dans votre langue.

Delivery is available in most areas of the U.S and Canada on orders placed as late as 2 p.m.* in the recipient’s time zone Monday through Friday (earlier times may apply to some areas). Consult our list of useful resources in the. We inform each customer and their visitors of this protocol and ensure that it is followed at all times. Sometimes, our father was not able to give us all the love we might have wanted, because he himself did not receive it from his own father. Your new password must contain one or more uppercase and lowercase letters, and one or more numbers or special characters. It may also be the right time to explore ways to improve communication and develop our own parenting skills to avoid repeating maladaptive behaviors in our own lives. Your account has been locked for 30 minutes due to too many failed sign in attempts. We have set your language to If they are in other zones, the maximum is 250 people. Les taxes ne sont pas comprises dans les prix indiqués dans ce menu. For this reason, catering, bar and aquamation services will resume only after the pandemic. There may be occasional delays, but these are a matter of hours rather than days. Our rules are those prescribed by the Quebec government and public health authorities, namely keeping a distance of 2 metres between people at all times, including during meetings with our counsellors, visits to bereaved families and funeral ceremonies. - CDN $95.00, CDN $82.00 The ceremonies can be viewed live or as a recording. For funeral arrangements and prearrangements, we prefer that our counsellors arrange remote meetings by phone and/or email. As a result, the maximum number of people that can be gathered at the same time near a casket or urn has been reduced to 25. Certainly. Becoming a Find a Grave member is fast, easy and FREE. My condolences to the families ❤, COVID-19: Smaller-Scale Funerals (La Presse), Virtual Funerals, or Mourning the Dead in the Age of Social Distancing (Radio-Canada). Enter a valid email address and a feedback message. Enfin, il vous sera possible d’annuler votre contrat de préarrangements funéraires et de récupérer votre argent dans certaines situations prévues par la loi. To limit the risk of contagion, we recommend staying 2 metres away from the person you are talking to. Welcome to the newest clusterf**k in town! Thank you for your trust, and take good care of yourself! Reviews (514) 727-2847 Website. Yes. To find out more about this service, call. Drag images here or select from your computer, Oops, we were unable to send the email. Date. - CDN $95.00, CDN $95.00 - CDN $109.00, CDN $82.00 The changes concern the wearing of masks, the maximum number of people allowed on our premises and in places of worship, as well as the cancellation of lunches under tents at Laval Cemetery or Les Sentiers natural cemetery. Try again. You need a Find a Grave account to add things to this site. Magnus Poirier 10300 Boulevard Pie-IX Montreal, QC H1H 3Z1 . We must respect the 25 person limit and we must keep a register of visitors to our complexes. For this reason, catering, bar and aquamation services will resume only after the pandemic. Narrow your results to famous, Non-Cemetery Burials, memorials with or without grave photos and more. All Magnus Poirier employees wear a protective mask in the course of their duties. Most of our services are maintained, as the Quebec government has classified funeral homes as essential. We also recommend that all our customers and their guests or visitors wash their hands before coming to our funeral homes. Lastly, a visor cannot replace wearing a mask. This service is an excellent way to virtually gather relatives who cannot be invited to the funeral since, to prevent the spread of the virus, the number of people who can attend a ceremony is limited to 25. Our customers, their visitors and children aged 10 and older must, Visits to bereaved families at our funeral homes, with a, Funeral ceremonies, with a limit of 25 guests. The deceased is placed in a casket with a glass window that will allow close relatives to identify them. A small columbarium is located near the main entrance of the complex. CDN $82.00 © Copyright 1999-2020 All Rights Reserved, Sympathy Floor Basket - Pastel Pink & White, Starbucks® Coffee, Cocoa & Chocolate to Share. Your traditions, your values, our 97 years of experience.

based on information from your browser. Magnus Poirier is following the evolution of the pandemic by modifying some of its measures to prevent contagion. Founded in 1923 by Magnus Poirier, the location's primary function is as a funeral home and crematorium. For others, it stirs up all kinds of memories….

Finally, we have set a limit on the number of people in the same room: We disinfect all areas and surfaces that may be touched by our employees or our customers and their loved ones: tables, chairs, displays, caskets, urns, vases, toilets, switches, coffee makers and cups, funeral vehicles, etc. For visits to bereaved families, if one of our rooms already contains 25 people, other visitors must wait their turn at the room’s entrance.

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