Many words and phrases that Wodehouse used that we understand today may well be forgotten by the time our great-grandchildren pick up a copy of The Mating Season — which, my guess is, will still be in print somewhere. How many times Artie Shaw has been married. [NTPM] A harrow is an agricultural implement with spinelike teeth, drawn over plowed land to level it, break up clods, root up weeds, etc. On the table lay a long envelope and a crumpled manuscript. Tennyson’s 1854 poem, celebrating the British cavalry attack on the Russian position during the Crimean War: “Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.” "Forward the Light Brigade! Norman Murphy devotes two pages to him in A Wodehouse Handbook. Bertie’s old headmaster at Malvern House, mentioned throughout the Jeeves/Wooster canon, and remembered by Bertie mostly for the night: “I used to sneak down to (his) study at dead on night in quest of the biscuits he kept there in a tin on his desk, and there came back to me the memory of the occasion when...I had entered the sanctum in pyjamas and dressing gown, to find him seated in his chair, tucking into the biscuits himself. Lt: do not prosecute (1675–85) In law, it is used to indicate that one of the parties in a case does not intend to proceed—in other words, to drop the case. The sound that had escaped him had been more like a death rattle. The smallish ones can be a bit tricky because they are generally able to run one down after the removal of the helmet. To behave in a remorseful, abject, apologetic or cringing manner, (Facing the toughest aunt and making her) say Uncle, To concede defeat; a delicious Wodehousian pun, Thin, flimsy paper faced with a preparation of carbon or some other material used between two sheets of plain paper in order to reproduce on the lower sheet that which is written or typed on the upper. In November 1843, the Gettysburg newspaper The Republican Compiler printed a speech made to Republican forces by Joab Prout, on the eve of the Battle of Brandywine: “Soldiers — tomorrow morning we will go forth to battle ... need I exhort you to fight the good fight for your homesteads, and for your wives and children! “I have heard how well you behaved on that occasion. Have you not a stolen dinner-pail still in your hand?” “I only picked one of each,” she answered. This noise will start early in the morning at first light and continue until sunset. This of course means that you must stop laughing. Once an animal is ensnared in the web, the spiders cover them in silk and inject them with digestive enzymes that liquefy their bodies.

See also Ch. divulging or disclosing the true facts; to come clean, The character of an angelic child with ringlets appeared in 1885, from a story written by Mrs. Hodgson Burnett; his suit was of velvet with a lace collar (said to be based on her meeting with Oscar Wilde in 1882). R. Waterfield, O.U.P. In October 1829, Sam Patch jumped from a high tower into the gorge below the falls and survived; this began a long tradition of daredevils trying to go over the Falls. Soon he would discover a bicycle which he would ride...until piece by piece it fell apart.” [NTPM] Bertie’s self-consciousness alludes to his dress; tramps in circuses and entertainments wear exaggerated clothing with large mended patches, holes, oversize shoes, etc. It is the old oath ‘God blind me’, shortened nowadays to ‘Gawblimey’ or just ‘Blimey’.

A spoken remark of great truth, relevance, effectiveness.

In the wild, black widows can live for up to three years, although the males tend to have much shorter lives as a result of this bizarre mating behavior.

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4 days ago. 13.4 (1969), “Bertie,” he said in a hollow voice, skidding on the fourth crotchet from the left as you enter the second bar and producing a distressing sound like the death-rattle of a sand-eel, “I’ve seen her!”, “Fixing It for Freddie” (Carry On, Jeeves, 1925). ], The first paragraph says that they were combing (ktenizoménous) their hair, but the second says that they beautify their heads (tàs kephalàs kosméontai, translated “do their hair” above) without specifying how. Will humans be able to live up to 120 years of age? From the storage of food, where literally putting some perishable item on ice meant that you could indeed come back to it at a later stage. also: Nathaniel Hawhorne’s (1804–1864) gothic romance The Scarlet Letter (1850) perpetuated the association of the word “scarlet” as descriptive of a woman of loose morals. In an advantageous position. Indeed, black widows are considered to be the most venomous spiders in North America. There are several court records where gamblers were alleged to have swallowed dice to avoid arrest.

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